It Is a Different World and Yet I Am Cultivating Monsters – Volume 3 – Chapter 91

Chapter 91: Decisive Battle! Imperial Castle

「Well…Everyone, are you ready? 」

Everyone, who gathered here before the final confrontation, quietly nodded.

There was an unwavering determination in their eyes.

Okay, then let’s go.

After saying those words, I held Rock that was at my feet and put her on my shoulders as if I was impersonating the times when I rode on her shoulders.

「Of course, Rock is also with us. Let’s get Lily back together. 」

「Yes! 」

Looking at Dora-chan, I noticed that she was mumbling angrily.

I was sorry, but Dora-chan and other low-fighting monsters were to stay at home this time.

But they also had their roles. The instructions to protect this Demon King’s Castle, and above all, to protect the place we were to return to.

Now that I knew the pain of being deprived of a place to return to, I understood the importance of it.

「Dora-chan, I will be back soon, so please wait for me. I’ll have a celebration party with everyone when I get back, so please prepare for that. 」

Dora-chan nodded at my words and gave a big reply.

Then, when everyone was ready, Tsurugi stepped forward.

「Then, I will go to the Imperial Castle now. As I said previously, the place where you can go now is the first-floor hall of the Imperial Castle. The road to the detached palace is also next to the large staircase. After moving in, each one should head to their own place. The placement of the heroes who will protect it is as I told you.」

We all nodded at Tsurugi’s confirmation.

It was a one-shot game from here. Neither losing nor retreating was allowed.

Defeat them all and keep winning until we got our friends back.

For that reason…

「Let’s go, everyone! Let’s do it! 」

In order to cheer them up, I shouted so loudly that everyone in this place agreed with it.

And then, with Tsurugi at the center, the space we were in got distorted, and finally the decisive battle for the Imperial Castle began.

「Everyone is here. 」

About 100,000 of the empire’s army gathered in front of the Demon King’s Castle.

Almost all of the army forces were here, and it was certain that they were trying to settle the war against the Demon King’s army with this battle.

「Now is the time for us humans to destroy the Demon King of this continent! After the Demon King’s army is gone, there will no longer be monsters that threaten us! This continent will be governed peacefully by us humans! Now is the time for the decisive battle. Are you ready?」

The imperial army’s morale rose at once with the shout of the general commanding the corps.

Above all, according to the words of the emperor, who commanded them far away, there were currently few forces in the Demon King’s Castle, and there were few people who could command the monsters.

By thinning the defense of the imperial castle, the main body of the enemy tried to invade this place. However, on the contrary, it was a natural result that even the defense of the enemy’s home base would get weakened.

The emperor used himself as bait to give the imperial army victory in this battle.

In order to respond to that opportunity, the imperial soldiers who gathered here all took up their swords and raised them towards the Demon King’s castle.

「Let’s go! Now is the time to destroy the castle of the evil demon king! 」

A great war began with their shouts.

Surrounding the Demon King’s Castle were A-rank to B-rank monsters.

Even seasoned soldiers had a hard time dealing with those monsters, but the number of soldiers on the empire’s side made up for it.

Eventually, the imperial army’s invasion was about to reach the Demon King’s Castle.

「Okay, let’s start according to the plan! 」

A dignified voice resounded on the battlefield.

At the same time, an unfamiliar army appeared from the left and right side of the empire army.

「Wha…what are these reinforcements?! No way, there shouldn’t be any forces that serve as reinforcements for the Demon King’s army?!」

「Report! A mysterious army of monsters centered on ogres appeared on the right wing! Among them, three S-rank monster Hydras have been confirmed!」

「What?! Hydra?! And Ogres are supposed to be a fighting race that only exists in the eastern continent! Why are they here!?」

Despite the soldiers’ panicking, the monsters raised by Kyou became an avalanche and hit the flank of the imperial army.

The Hydra’s countless heads blew away dozens of soldiers at once, the Cockatrice’s feet trampled the soldiers, and the Ogre’s blow blew away the counterattacking soldiers.

「Don’t worry, we’ll strike with a full power! 」

An army of Ogres who came across the continent to fulfill their promise to Kyou for help.

They weren’t the only ones who were Kyou’s reinforcements.

「Well, I’ve been fed up with the people of the Albrus Empire for a long time, but I have to thank him for the opportunity to exchange swords like this.」

「That’s…! The army coming from the left flank is…it can’t be! A soldier from the Kingdom of Arabia led by the genius hero Shin Bird!?」

The soldiers of the Kingdom of Arabia, a large country that rivalled Albrus and Valkyria on this continent, also came to help.

And commanding it was the young genius hero Shin Bird, who had the blood of the Arabian royal family coursing through his veins.

He was also one of the people who responded to Kyou’s request for help.

「However, that’s a bold act, Your Highness. You moved the army without permission.」

「I don’t care. Originally, these guys are my private army. It’s up to me to decide how to use them.」

「Ha, good if that’s the case. 」

「Besides…I’ve done a lot of bad things to him before, and I want to pay back at least what I owe him.」

「What? Did you say something? 」

The strategist who was next to Shin muttered shockingly and asked what he said, but Shin denied it in a hurry.

「It…it’s nothing! More importantly, don’t miss my instructions. 」

「Ha, I understand. 」

With that said, further orders were given from the communication device held by the strategist.

「Your Highness, it looks like we have a chance to go on the offensive. What do you think? 」

「Of course…Let’s go! 」

With a sword in one hand, the genius hero also rushed to the battlefield.

And on the other hand, in the midst of the battlefield, the generals of the empire also began to notice that the monsters and the Arabian Kingdom were cooperating at a level that was not a mere coincidence.

「This is…! There is no doubt that the enemy army has excellent strategists! We launched an offensive, and when we let our guard down, they’ve sent in reinforcements from both flanks. Furthermore, this siege and annihilation formation…Is tactics something that monsters can do…? Who on earth has such advanced tactics?!」

「Me. 」

A woman appeared in front of the general with a phrase that seemed to have been heard somewhere.

With her beautiful, nice body and black hair wearing foreign clothes, she was the wisest hero known to those in the area.

「The sage hero, Katherine?! Why are you on the side of the Demon King’s Army?! 」

Katherine smiled upon hearing that funny question.

She replied with an exasperated voice.

「Demon King’s Army? No. I’m lending a hand for my friend Kyou. 」

「A friend? That’s stupid. Are you going to fight us the Imperial Army just for that reason?!」

Those were words not only by Katherine, but also by the Arabian army led by Shin.

「Don’t you know? Popularity is one of the powers he possesses. He may be a weak existence on his own, but the bonds he has created so far, and the monsters he has raised, that’s his power. Then, I am one of his powers. I don’t need a reason to wield it.」

That one word was shared by everyone who had gathered on the battlefield to fight for Kyou’s behalf.

The empire’s general simply nodded quietly without ridiculing.

「…Is that so? My emperor approves of him as well. I’m also interested in that Kyou you trust. Then, let’s fight with all our might for those whom we believe.」

「Oh, I don’t know why you guys are under that emperor. You were not brainwashed, were you?」

「Of course not. Just as you trust Kyou and lend your strength, we also believe in the emperor’s ideals and fight until the end. 」

「I see. Well, if that’s the case, I won’t hold back. It’s been a long time since I’ve had a real battle, so forgive me if I can’t moderate it. 」

「I don’t mind. Say to your partners to attack with all their might too! 」

The sage hero’s sword glittered, and the imperial general’s spear ran through.

The battle that started at Demon King’s Castle became a fierce battle in a short amount of time.

On the other hand.

Kyou, Four Heavenly Kings, Amines, Jack, and others instantly moved to the Imperial Castle due to Tsurugi’s teleportation.

At the same time as they teleported, they ran without hesitation to their respective destinations.

That was the formation that had been hammered into their heads before this operation was carried out.

It was a combination that they imagined many times in their eyes about the layout of the castle that Tsurugi had brought.

The moment when the Four Heavenly Kings led by Kyou were about to pass through the hall on the first floor.

「…I’ve been waiting for you. I can’t let you pass from here. 」

There was an unjust hero. Currently, the strongest force possessed by the emperor. The Brave Hero Ferid.

As soon as Kyou saw him, he smiled as if relieved.

「Hey, Ferid-san. It’s been a long time. To be honest, I wanted to talk slowly over tea with you, but I’m sorry. I have to go pick up my friends. That’s why I’ll leave you to my buddy.」

At the same time as I declared those words, multiple people jumped out from behind me and attacked Ferid at once.

A momentary gap. Without overlooking it, I and the other members pass by Ferid and headed towards the large staircase in the back.

Ferid repelled the swords of those who attacked him and confronted them once again.

However, there was a slight doubt in his eyes.

「…I knew that Kyou and the others were coming, and I had read that they would prepare a main force. It can’t be helped if you brought discarded pieces. 」

The Four Heavenly Kings were there. Vampire Alucard, Sacred Lion Spin, and…

「A discarded piece, huh? That might be true. 」

Kyou’s partner, Jack, was standing there.

Ferid had already grasped the strengths of each of them, and although the two of the Four Heavenly Kings were at a good level, the pumpkin standing in front of them was a C-rank monster.

What kind of strength would a weak pumpkin bring? Ferid’s question was in his mind. But.

「I’m sorry if you underestimate me. I am the first monster my brother gave birth to. Big bro’s buddy who was by his side more than anyone else.」

Saying this, Jack quietly raised the rapier in his hand.

It exuded an intimidating force that far surpasses Jack’s former ability.

「Brave hero Ferid. I will defeat you…that’s my role, has a monster. 」

「…Interesting. Can a monster defeat a hero? Try it. 」

Ferid nodded in response to Jack’s declaration of war.

A fierce battle between heroes and monsters began here.


「I saw it! The big staircase to the second floor! 」

Passing through the aisle and confirming the gigantic grand staircase ahead, Kyou looked back once and nodded to a person who was waiting there.

「Well then, let’s focus on each other’s goals from now on! We’ll take our comrades back! For sure!」

「…Yes! 」

In response to Kyou’s confirmation, he received a reply filled with unprecedented spirit from behind, and before he had finished listening, Kyou was already facing forward.

The members led by Kyou climbed the grand staircase, and a person who had left from there ran towards the detached palace.

In the dark passage, the girl who ran toward her destination was finally at a detached palace. She made her way to the door.

There was a captured friend there, which was also the girl’s purpose.

However, the person placed in front of them had the same title as the Seven Great Heroes as the heroes on the first floor.

「…How surprising…alone…」

The person appeared as if assimilating into the dark passageway.

With jet-black clothes and jet-black hair, he was truly a jet-black hero.

However, even in front of that person, the girl bit her lips strongly, and for the first time, she prepared to attack in order to challenge the fight that should have been her weak point.

「…First, I want you to tell me your name. Yes, you, the one who is trying to recover the captive Fitis…」

A black warrior. Zahak, who was also the real brother of the Emperor Hero who ruled this empire, asked the girl in front of him, and the girl answered without hesitation.

「Snow Witch, Isu. I’m here to…save my friend! 」

Isu didn’t know, but for the first time in years, Zahak showed a smile he hadn’t shown before.

And then…in the second-floor hall through the grand staircase.

「Hey, I’m here to pick you up. Lily. 」

The Beast Hero Lily and Kyou led by Hell and Amines were confronting each other.

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