It Is a Different World and Yet I Am Cultivating Monsters – Volume 3 – Chapter 89

Chapter 89: The Preparation for the Decisive Battle

「Okay, for now, let’s go with this plan. Are all of you okay with your role? 」

After saying that, I confirmed with everyone present at this meeting about the division of roles that was organized earlier for the infiltration of the Emperor’s castle.

「Guh, guh, guh, there’s no problem with me. I can’t wait to see the emperor’s crying face.」

「Hmm, what are you saying? I’m brave warrior Amines. There’s no problem.」

「I have no objections either.」

「Me…me too…I’ll do my best.」

「I don’t have any objection. Leave it to me; I will not betray my bro’s expectations.」

After confirming the expressions of those who said so, I nodded quietly.

「Okay, then all that’s left is to prepare for the decisive battle.」

For the time being, the strategy and roles were decided. After that, we had to decide how to cooperate and match it.

The decisive battle was something of utmost importance. It all depended on whether or not I could make my preparations in time for a week from now.

「However, commanding the Four Heavenly Kings and demons like this makes me feel like a Demon King.」

When I said it jokingly, my sister responded with a serious face.

「What are you talking about? Brother is now practically in the position of a demon lord.」

「Eh? 」

I was a little surprised by that, but come to think of it.

I was the son of the current Demon King of this world, and I had the power to raise monsters.

In retrospect, this ability may also be because I was the son of my mother, the demon lord.

「As long as mother isn’t here, its fine to say that my brother is the Demon King. 」

「Ah, yes, I see. 」

To be honest, I was at a loss of words. I didn’t even know how to react.

I was not particularly interested in conquering the world, and even if I became a demon lord now, what should I do?

Or rather, what happened to the current demon lord?

「By the way, what happened to our mother and father? 」

I suddenly remembered that and asked that question.

If I remembered correctly, the two of them should have invaded the Emperor’s castle first and gone to release their compatriot Behemoth who was being held captive there.

However, it was strange that there had been no contact at all to date.

「The other day, I received a message from Demon King about it. Therefore, regarding this matter, we, the Four Heavenly Kings, and everyone in this castle, have been ordered by the Demon King to help Lord Kyou. 」

Ah, your cooperation with me was approved by my mother.

「Well, that’s what mother said. This time we have to do it on our own. It’ll be interesting. 」

Hell smiled after saying that.

On the other hand, Tsurugi waited for the meeting to settle down and played with Rock.

Before I knew it, those two became friends.

When I was looking at them like that, Dora-chan was sitting on my shoulder and looking at me with a worried face.

「Master…Intruding into the Emperor’s castle…As expected, can’t I follow you? 」

It was something that came up during the meeting earlier, but it was decided that Dora-chan and monsters with low combat power would not accompany us.

Of course, the battle at the Emperor’s castle would be a serious battle unlike anything we’ve seen before, so I couldn’t let Dora-chan and the others get involved and get hurt.

「Yes, but don’t worry. I promise to bring Lily and Fitis back and get back to spend time with everyone again.」

Dora-chan looked worried for a while, but as soon as she decided on something, she brought her face to my cheek and kissed me on the cheek.

「…!? Do…Dora-chan!? 」

「It…It’s a charm…I hope you’ll come back safely. 」

When Dora-chan smiled with her cheeks blushing, my heart started pounding unexpectedly.

No, no, Dora-chan was more like my daughter, and her size was so different to mine, so to see her as someone from the opposite sex was too unreasonable…

When I was thinking about something incomprehensible, Hell, who was watching it, screamed so high that made the castle noisy again.

「Ahhhh…!! Brother is kissing again…!!! I can’t watch it!! If you kiss like that, I will kiss you too…!!!」

My little sister was also confused and muttered something incomprehensible, hugging me and leaning her face in a weird pose. However, I thought that there would be various problems with being open like this, so I desperately wanted to step away from her. I pushed back Hell’s forehead with my palm.

「Ahahah, bro, it’s seems you’re popular no matter where you go. 」

「Hey, Jack, don’t look at me and laugh. Can you help me stop this madness!? 」

It seemed that the usual liveliness around me had returned, and at the same time, we once again made up our minds to regain the missing members, and our strategic meeting came to an end.

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