A Wish To Grab Happiness – Volume 13 – Chapter 324

Chapter 324: The Two-Horned Devil

The large white sword roared as it sliced through the hollow space. The jaw of the blade opened its mouth wide to swallow the demonic being.

At the same time, the demonic arm bent as if responding to the blade, and a fist was swung in a straight line.

As far as I could see, it was just a fist attack. It was just released normally. A blow that should have been nothing out of the ordinary.

…But that speed and physical strength were far from being human.

The sound ran through the air. It was a sound that resounded in my ears and seemed to crush the space itself. It was not the common sound that came from someone’s fist.

The demonic fist hit the blade of the white sword with great speed. It distorted the trajectory in the process. The tip of the sword, which was supposed to gouge out the heart, was pushed to the right.

As a result, the white blade ended only slightly tearing the shoulder of the demonic being. I saw that it bled a bit.

I see, it was such a strange feeling that I sensed when I repelled its blow earlier. It seemed as if my blade was swept away by a physical fist. It was natural to feel this way since I was not familiar with this sort of paradox. Rather, it was something I had to get used to and endure forcefully.

No, I shouldn’t think like this. Magical beasts always behaved outside of common sense. If I was surprised by its irregular traits, I would be very weak.

That’s why I must return this being into its original world.

The fist, while maintaining its initial momentum, pierced the hollow in order to eat my skull. It was exactly like an arrowhead after it had been released. Even if the opponent got crushed, it would not stop.

The moment I saw that fist in front of me, I had a clear intuition.

If I received that fist from the front, my skull would be pulverized immediately, and blood would stain the dark floor. In the middle of this quick attack, I easily imagined such a thing. From the tip of my feet, the embodied death crawled up.

I reflexively drove my ankles and twisted my waist, my spine, and my neck at the same time. I realized that part of its fist had gouged out the flesh of my cheek.

Blood spurt from my cheek, staining the air. I immediately held the white blade downward while taking some distance between its fists. As usual, there was no such thing as closing the gap.

I gritted my teeth. Then, I unknowingly narrowed my eyes. The trajectory of the fist I just saw was pretty nostalgic. I remembered seeing it once. Floating under my eyelids was the figure of a fighter in a southern country swinging his fist.

The ferocious fistfight wielded by this demonic being was closer to that person’s roots than what I saw in Gharast. Where did it exactly come from?

「You’ve come a long way from the south. Why don’t you go back to your hometown once in a while?」

The demonic being, who proudly wore two horns on its head, smiled deeply when it heard my words and began to speak.

The scene was really pleasant, like talking to a friend. Well, except for the clear killing intent emanating from those eyes.

The devilish voice echoed.

「Oh, oh, oh, oh, your intellect is remarkable. Well, there was some cause and effect, and I ended up coming to the north. No matter what era, there are always misfits.」

While shrugging its shoulders exaggeratedly, this demonic nature spoke cheerfully everywhere. Those words were incomprehensibly bright and had no weight at all. But on the contrary, it exuded a strange eeriness from within.

With that tone, the demonic being continued to speak.

「In the old days, even my existence was a topic worth talking about…Well, I guess no one remembers it now.」

The demonic being raised its eyes while professing those words. There was a sign that the enemy’s atmosphere had changed a little. Reflexively, I put strength into each finger that held the white blade.

The white sword had a much thicker blade than the treasure sword, and it behaved differently than usual. I had tried to improve my stance many times before, but to what extent could I behave selfishly with his sword? Well, well, the sun hero was able to swing this naturally, so why should I not do it as well?

I let out a deep sigh while holding the hero’s sword, and the joints all over my body creaked. My breathing was strangely rough.

In an instant, the magical shadow flickered before my eyes.

The sound gouged through the sky, as if to overtake even the slightest storm. The terrifying fist ran through the air, leaving a shadowy tail.

One strike, two strikes, three strikes. I tilted the white blade and brushed away the suffocating shock that inflicted my body. I couldn’t see the fist. Only sounds and shadows surrounded me.

It was a terrible sight. It was almost like being showered endlessly with well-focused bows and arrows from close range. Moreover, it was the worst because I had no chance to count the opponent’s arrows.

There was only one thing that was different from a bow and arrow.

I could survive if hit on a good spot by a bow and arrow. However, if this fist hit my head or a part of my body, my flesh would explode on the spot, my bones would shatter, and I would die.

Troublesome. Even so, the option to retreat was gone. Only one thing needed to be done.

I took a small breath. I drew the lines of the shadow into my sight, slashed them, and measured the distance as I brushed them off.

Not yet. But almost. Three more…two more…and then, one more. Its fearsome fist slightly gouged out my upper arm. Blood splashed in the air.

…This was the opportunity.

I titled my body and pushed my toes forward about half a step. When I aimed for the moment when that fist would return to its master, I drew a white line in the air.

The jaws of the great sword aimed at the demonic neck, roaring and wielding violence. The sound of tearing the sky was hitting my ears.

Would it work? In fact, its flesh-made body was a weakness. Even if our attacks were to intercept, a fatal blow would be unavoidable, for us both.

If so, it had no choice but to avoid it. Either front, left or right, or back.

If it rushed forward to avoid the blade, I would gouge out its dovetail with my leg. If it ran away to the left or right, it would be decapitated with the second swing.

Those scenes were already visible to my eyes. What a strange realization. I was sure it could see it too.

That’s probably why it jumped its body backwards. I believed so. So, I took another step forward.

I aimed at the neck that jumped back, and made the blade extend by pushing my steps forward. There was nothing to stop it anymore. I could clearly see those demonic eyes wide open.

…On that moment, there was a sound of blood being spilled as the iron blade ripped through the flesh and skin.

While the white tip of the sword was dyed red, it drew a semicircle and cut off the hollow. An unpleasant feeling resounded in my hand.

Then, while suppressing the pain at the extremities inside my body, I said.

「I tore your neck. Then, I want you to show me your lovely death…」

「…No, no way. That’s why I couldn’t let you through, how infuriating. Even demons and monsters feel pain when they’re hurt, you know? 」

While leaking a large amount of blood from the nape of its neck, the demonic nature said in a murky voice. A trail of blood was crawling down the corridor.

Pursuit…was useless. It was already well prepared. No, perhaps it already expected the fact that its neck would be cut and torn.

I moved the white sword, swiping away the entangled blood. If the neck was no good, then the heart or skull would be next. A magical beast could not die unless its magic core was gouged out.

Then I had no choice but to kill it until I die.

I said as if to swallow the feeling of fatigue clinging to my whole body. I needed time to catch my breath.

「It seems as if you don’t see a problem with Vestaline going to see your master. 」

The two-horned devil smiled in response while bathing its own cheeks in the blood that spurted out. The appearance of its cheerful smile with blood dripping from its neck was truly spooky.

Its lips moved.

「Yeah, it’s just like you say. I see no problem with the affairs of that young lady. My master is surprisingly strong-willed. He’s good for a human being, that’s why I like him.

The demonic nature spoke while leaving blood in the corridor as if it was doing on purpose. The symbolic twin horns were exuding something that resembled green light.

「That’s why…that young lady and you will die here. You will die without accomplishing a single thing. 」

The demonic being spoke while spitting out a devilish aura from its two horns and opening its menacing eyes wide.

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