A Wish To Grab Happiness – Volume 13 – Chapter 323

Chapter 323: Faith in One’s Back

I can’t do that, Lord Lugis.

Saying those words with a great momentum, Vestaline Geluah held the heavy battle-axe on her shoulder. It was probably because of her daily training that she could easily wield a heavy battle-axe that was normally difficult to handle.

However, Vestaline’s fingertips, which normally didn’t show any tremors, were strangely impatient today. A hot breath ran under the cold sky and disappeared in the air.

Vestaline had heard her heart beating strangely and ferociously.

「But why? Besides, do you know the serious situation we’re in? If you have a good idea to make this work, then in that case, I’d prefer that idea as well. 」

Lugis’ tone didn’t contain suspicion or disgust. It was just a pure question.

Their lifespans would be lost if their mischief made them lose time. After all, the guards could rush to this place with spears at any moment.

Time was nothing but an enemy in this place.

The evidence was right before their eyes. The two-horned demonic being sitting in the connecting corridor was taking an aggressive stance, but it wasn’t trying to attack first.

On the contrary, it just waited there to bite us with its big jaws once we approached it. Perhaps that being was expecting the prey, which couldn’t bear to waste time, to jump into its own mouth.

Despite having the appearance of a young child, that demonic being showed an ugly, devilish plan.

However, Vestaline didn’t reject Lugis’ idea because of the ongoing rivalry between the two. She also understood that Lugis’ idea was by no means a bad strategy.

Besides, be it foolish or not, it was much better than having the two of them stranded here together. Vestaline clearly knew that much. As far as she knew, there was no better idea.

However, Vestaline could not respond positively to Lugis’ proposal. Her legs didn’t move.

「…No. If you don’t go, I won’t go as well. I just told you; I can’t do it. Lord Lugis. 」

The words Vestaline spit out made her tremble to the point that she was surprised with herself. She never thought that such a feeble voice would come out of her own lips. It was pathetic.

Unknowingly, Vestaline’s eyes were sharp. Hot emotions swirled inside her lungs. She didn’t know if it was rage or self-blame.

Even so, Vestaline’s legs remained cold and still. It looked like a lump of iron exposed to the night sky. It was an indescribable feeling. Vestaline distorted her cheeks as if mocking herself, wishing there was no more disgrace.

No matter how hard she tried to move her legs, the evil named fear clung to her legs and didn’t let her go.

Yes, it was scary. Vestaline stood still while carrying an excessive amount of fear.

What she feared was not the ferocious demonic nature standing in front of her, nor was she fearing death by spitting out blood or by turning her body into a mass of flesh.

She was afraid of only one thing…if Lugis would abandon her.

Pushing forward by herself was nothing to be afraid about, since Lugis would stand behind her back. If Lugis totally abandoned her, her life would extinguish at some point.

Without knowing it, Vestaline asked in her heart. Would he abandon her? Would he betray her? Suspicions erupted one after another from the depths of Vestaline’s heart.

In her skull she understood. At least, from her point of view, Lugis was frivolous, but he didn’t have a mean nature.

Rather than taking it easy and slashing people’s backs, Lugis had the nature of being strangely obsessed by bearing direct hardships.

Even if Vestaline thought that such way of life was foolish, she did not despise it. After all, her older sister allowed her heart to open for such a human being. “Ah, but still.”

「Don’t you understand? There’s no guarantee that you won’t slash my back. That’s why I’m saying I can’t go.」

A still trembling voice escaped from Vestaline’s mouth.

Life was once wonderful for the woman named Vestaline Geluah.

Born into a prestigious family, she had a wonderful father, and devoted her life to manage the city of Belfein.

It was everything for the person named Vestaline, and it was pure happiness. She prayed for the prosperity of the Gon family, prayed for the prosperity of Belfein city, and continued to make every effort to achieve those goals.

She also endured hard training that almost broke her bones, while desperately dragging a battle-axe that was too heavy for her body.

While cutting down on food and sleep, she worked hard to fill her skull with the education of a distinguished family.

Even though she knew those aspects didn’t really fit her nature, she still managed to bring together the free-spirited mercenaries, and she even bore the name of Steel Princess.

It was all for Belfein and for her father, Mordeaux Gon.

“…Ah, yet they were all lies.”

Without knowing that her affection was nothing but a lie, she continued to admire her false father, Mordeaux Gon, who killed her biological father, for more than ten years.

This untruthful life was then exposed by her sister and Lugis, and Vestaline lost everything the moment she saw the truth.

Vestaline’s heart was empty when trying to see beyond that falsehood in order to take a new path. However, she only knew how to dedicate herself when it came to Belfein’s affairs.

She was foolish. Yes, what a foolish woman she was. Vestaline mocked herself. Her inner self was now an empty piece of junk. She clung to her sister’s hand because it was the only thing she could do.

“Please don’t abandon me. Please don’t let my sister be disappointed in me. Because this time there will be nothing left.”

From that day on, Vestaline looked unbearably frightening. The act of betraying, the act of being betrayed. She was now the subject of grotesque suspicion against all people, except her sister.

Of course, she usually suppressed those feelings with reason. In order to be human, she tried to show some trust.

Still, at the core of her heart, it was as if she couldn’t trust others.

The reason why she behaved like an iron princess was not to betray people’s expectations. She couldn’t accept her weak self. She didn’t want to be easily betrayed.

She kept the mercenaries outside the prison and worked with Lugis because she was more afraid of being betrayed by him out of her sight than her mercenaries.

She was scared, scared, scared. That fear almost gouged her eyes.

Vestaline’s skull shuddered above all at being abandoned by that man. Just thinking about it felt as if her heart was squeezing.

What should she believe and what should she doubt? Vestaline was not even able to make a proper judgment.

Therefore, Vestaline was unable to move forward no matter what. What if Lugis had taken the enemy’s hand the moment she stepped out of the connecting corridor? What if she were slashed by his sword on her back?

Such improbable thoughts welled up one after another in Vestaline’s chest.

Vestaline laughed at her own self. No matter how unsuitable her nickname was, as Steel Princess. Since that fateful day, she had been shivering inside her iron armor, afraid that someone would abandon or betray her.

Vestaline muttered involuntarily, “If I’m going to laugh at myself, I should just laugh.” She didn’t even know if Lugis heard that mutter.

During this moment. Vestaline didn’t move, and Lugis didn’t even try to refute Vestaline’s words.

On the other hand, the demonic nature kept staring in their direction with something that resembled a deep smile. There was an incomprehensible stiffness.


It was Lugis’ fingertips that made that sound.

Its long, frayed, angular fingers reached the sword at his waist. Then, just like he did before with his treasure sword, Lugis pulled out the sharp white sword on the spot.

That white sword with no decorations gave the impression of being indifferent. Vestaline couldn’t even see the inscription, and the power it showed to the surroundings was modest. But it was so beautiful.

Contrary to the white sword, Lugis said while placing the treasure sword into its scabbard.

「…I’m relieved. After all, I’m surrounded by people who are inhuman. I was relieved to hear such human words.」

After showing his sharp canine tooths that looked like a smile, Lugis threw the scabbard with his sword at Vestaline’s arm.

Vestaline involuntarily received it with her eyes flickering. As soon as she took the sword in her hand, she felt an incredible amount of heat emanating from the treasure blade. She thought something was howling inside the scabbard.

“It’s not like I’ve known him that long.” Even so, Vestaline saw Lugis’ intentions for the first time.

It seemed that she and his sword had to stick together and not separate.

No, originally, masters and weapons were like that. In particular, those who let their bodies and hearts lie on the battlefield never tried to distance themselves from their weapons. Because they knew those weapons would save their lives.

Then, why cast his precious sword aside?

Lugis took a step forward. His back no longer showed signs of retreating. A glorious majesty was hidden in his steps.

The treasure sword wriggled as if it were reacting to a demonic presence, and the white sword was also shining in the air. Vestaline opened her eyes. Lugis spoke over his back.

「Who is laughing? Only those who have never stood on their own feet laugh at those who are afraid. Look, Vestaline, I’ll entrust you with my sword. It’s more important than my life, so treat it with care.」

“What should I say? What should I think?” Vestaline rolled her eyes perplexedly and swallowed her saliva. She could feel her fingertips trembling violently.

However, Lugis raised his white sword without stopping his movement. His momentum roared and let out a menacing aura meant to crush the devil.

One chance. Lugis ran towards his enemy to swing the first big blow. Surely, at that time, the demonic being would turn only to him.

Therefore, that moment was crucial in order to run through the connecting corridor.

Subconsciously, Vestaline’s legs, which were heavier than steel, began to run forward.

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