It Is a Different World and Yet I Am Cultivating Monsters – Volume 3 – Chapter 86

Chapter 86: The Roar of the Counterattack

Hi, it’s Kyou speaking.

I’m lightly irritated now.

Ah, no, I must be calm about the previous events. That’s why I’m already starting to strategize how to get back at that Emperor with quiet anger, so there’s no problem.

The problem was another one.

Just now, the truth was revealed by Lily’s older brother, Kurogane-san.

After hearing Lily’s secret, I felt indescribable anger.

If this was true, then I knew what that man was trying to do.

This was no good. The emotional part of me was too strong even when trying to cope calmly.

Anyway, I had to meet him to say a word or two.

「I won’t forgive him. 」

When I said that, I clenched my fists to suppress my anger, but I was worried about it because it seemed like I was too emotional.

「It’s okay, brother. For the time being, I’ll go back to the Demon Castle and move the remaining Four Heavenly Kings and the Demon King’s army in order to invade the empire, and I’ll chop on that emperor’s head ♪.」

My sister smiled and said something scary. She was the daughter of the Demon King and one of the Four Heavenly Kings.

However, it may be best for her to return to the Demon Castle. Before that, I was planning to stop at several places.

「That’s right. Let’s move while aiming for the Demon Castle as our destination. Are you ready, Rock?」

「Yes! 」

Rock replied cheerfully and changed into the appearance of Semulg. We get on his back, and the other monsters that joined us also get on.

At that time, Esth was calling out to Jack, who was getting into Rock’s back.

「Jack-san…Be careful. 」

「Don’t worry. Miss Esth. I’ll be back soon. At that time, please let me eat your food again, Miss Esth.」

Jack said goodbye, but it felt like a death flag.

「Kyou, save Lily please. 」

And finally, Kurogane-san talked to me to save Lily, and I nodded to it.

「Leave it to me. I’ll definitely bring her back. 」

With this, we left this land and headed towards the Demon Castle.

「Even so, bro. Don’t be afraid to use the depth of your network again. 」

「Hmm? What are you talking about all of a sudden, Jack? 」

「Because, bro has such a deep bond not only with humans but also with monsters, your network is also wide. Perhaps, speaking of the world, it is only you who has such a wide bond between humans and demons, those two races.」

That was what Jack told me, and I thought it might be true.

The monsters in this world were as if they were prepared to be hunted by humans.

As evidenced by this, there were no vegetables in this world, and every monster could be used as food, weapons, and even as daily necessities.

In other words, it was a world where people could not live without hunting monsters.

I still thought that it was a strange thing that there should be no bond between both humans and monsters in this world.

「…Hmm? 」

However, at that moment I realized something.

It was so obvious that I didn’t even wonder about it.

There were no vegetables in this world. However, if you defeated monsters, you could secure food and even improve your life.

It was as if the reason why a person defeated a monster was defined like a rule.

It felt as if there was something hidden in the roots of this world.

「Bro…Brother! There seems to be something wrong with the Demon Castle. 」

But my thoughts were interrupted by Hell’s voice.

When I looked at it, I saw a human army attacking the Demon Castle.

「That flag…Those are apparently the soldiers of the Alburs Empire. 」

It was the army of the empire ruled by the Emperor Hero.

I saw that the unit, which was probably the advance unit, had already begun to engage in battle.

The fact that they were here meant that they had passed through the Kingdom of Valkyria in the absence of Amines and had advanced here.

It was possible that the Kingdom of Valkyria had fallen, but it was unlikely that one country would fall that easily in a few days even amidst Amines’ absence.

Perhaps, he had bypassed the place where he was stuck, but considering the ability of the Emperor Hero, it was necessary to consider the worst case.

We hurriedly reached the sky above the Demon Castle, entered the inside of the castle, and joined Isu-chan who had taken the command in the courtyard.

Isu-chan looked surprised for a moment when she saw us coming back, but she immediately smiled as if she was relieved, but when she saw that Fitis was not around us, she felt hesitant. She even made an uneasy look. Hmmm, she changed expressions too quick.

「Ex…Excuse me…But where is…Fitis…? 」

「…She was caught by the Emperor Hero, but I’m going to save her soon. To that end, let’s start by intercepting those who are attacking the castle.」

After all, I checked the battle situation outside from the outer wall of the castle.

There, the ice barrier that Isu-chan had created closed the area around the castle, and the soldiers were stuck in front of the ice wall.

「I’d like to ask you, all of the Four Heavenly Kings. How long will you need to win against such an opponent?」

I asked Hell, Isu-chan, Alucard, and Spin, who were all behind me.

「Guh, guh, guh, who are you talking to, brother? I’ll kill them all in 30 minutes.」

「Well, it’s okay if even one of us goes. After all, the enemy seems to be weak corps. 」

「If we go there together, it probably won’t take 10 minutes. 」

「So…Sorry…I’m not good with…direct…conflicts… 」

「Yeah, I know. It’s enough for Isu-chan to devote to defense. 」

I was probably the same as Isu-chan. She was rather the type that showed her true value only by devoting herself to defense.

Then, there was no problem. First, after driving them away, we would declare war on the empire and start invading again.

The moment I tried to take command with that in mind, I saw someone appear instantly between the advance team and this castle.

「That’s…! 」

It was undeniable. It was a hero who called himself Tsurugi, a messenger from the emperor who appeared in the conference room of this Demon King Castle.

War Hero Amines stood right next to Tsurugi.

「Hey, Kyou-san. It’s been a long time. 」

Mysteriously, Tsurugi’s voice reached my ears even though it was far away.

Amines, which stood next to him, slowly turned around as if to react to it.

This was bad. Amines probably fell into the hands of the Emperor Hero…!

It was the worst reinforcement after I thought I could manage in this situation.

The moment Amines raised one hand and hit the ground; countless weapons were born from the earth and released toward the advance of the Empire that spread behind her. The Emperor’s army was destroyed in an instant with that blow.

「Eh? 」

I raised my voice unintentionally in such a situation.

Amines made a big declaration with a well-received voice.

「You made me wait! Cultivation Hero! I’m War Hero Amines! Look here! Right now! I won’t step away now!!」

Amines looked proud as she said those words.

Ah, yeah, that’s definitely the real Amines.

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