It Is a Different World and Yet I Am Cultivating Monsters – Volume 3 – Chapter 85

Chapter 85: The Role of the Demon King

「Hey, is it really here? 」

「No doubt. At least, somewhere in this castle there is Behemoth*. I can feel it, so there’s no doubt about it.」

「I see. Well, if you say so, but you often make a mistake. 」

「Tha…That’s because the city of Tokyo is so cluttered that it’s easy to get lost! Don’t bring up unnecessary old stories about me! 」

Meanwhile, time went back, and it shifted to the behind-the-scenes situation when Kyou and his comrades had a meeting with the Emperor Hero.

There, Fafnir, the Demon King who invaded the inside of the castle of the Empire along with Himuro Keiji, was walking in the passage deep inside the castle.

「Even so, it’s a very complicated place that looks like a maze. There were also quite a few soldiers guarding this passage. 」

「It’s a place where SS-rank monsters are captured. This is natural. However, no matter how tight the security is, it’s like scrap paper for me. 」

Keiji remembered the overrun battle, which could not be called a battle per se, between the Demon King and the soldiers.

「You’re as strong as ever, aren’t you? 」

「Of course, I may look like this, but I’m the Demon King and an SS-rank monster. Even if the opponent is one of the Seven Great Heroes, the difference in ability is overwhelming. 」

Keiji nodded obediently to the words of the Demon King who walked in front of him.

In fact, with her hands, she would win against the Seven Great Heroes, let alone the Emperor who ruled the castle.

「Hey, listen. Since you’re so strong, why did you have that long fight against the Kingdom of Valkyria, because if you went directly, you could have destroyed it immediately and ruled? No, not only that, but also ruling the continent including this Empire. If you truly wanted to achieve that, you would’ve done by now. 」

「You see, I play the role of demons. Ruling all has no meaning to the world’s contribution. I’m just engaged in the role of the Demon King. 」

Keiji nodded obediently to the words of the Demon King.

Certainly, that was the original role of the Demon King in this world. However.

「But if you say that, that cooking match with Kyou and the others the other day, and the ceasefire with the Kingdom of Valkyria, isn’t it all too mild for the Demon King’s job? 」

「…Well, I’ve done too much of the Demon King role for a long time. That’s why my affection for it has changed a little bit. More than anything… 」

「You mean Kyou? 」

Keiji smiled because it couldn’t be helped.

「You’re as sweet as ever when it comes to our children. 」

「I can’t help it. I never thought that Kyou would be in charge of the seeds of the world tree, and I can’t really compete against my son. Moreover, if I go too far, I may involve our daughter in it too. I don’t want that to happen, you know. Our girl has been longing for her brother, so it would be terrible to have them fight one another. 」

「So, that’s why a cooking competition was held, am I right? Well, I understand. At least, that competition was an addition to their growth to some extent. 」

However, someone needed to become a clear enemy of Kyou and the others, and stand up as an obstacle.

That was what led to the achievement of Kyou’s goals.

With that in mind, Keiji answered the question about the actions of his wife, the Demon King.

「Is that the reason why you decided to stay behind the scenes this time? 」

「Yes. Actually, I think this is a good opportunity for Kyou to stand up against the Emperor Hero. I’m not going to help him. Well, only if this doesn’t get out of hand. However, if the contrary happens, I’ll take care of it. Even if I deal with all of the Seven Great Heroes at the same time, I’m confident that I’ll be able to suppress them by myself. 」

「You’re really serious when you say it that way. 」

With a bitter smile, Keiji thought about the Emperor Hero, who was the principal culprit of this mess.

That was why he clearly called Kyou and his friends at this particular time. That was the first question that Keiji felt in the first place.

「…Maybe the Emperor’s aim is the same as ours. 」

「Ah? Do you think so? No matter how grand are his aims, I don’t think he would have the guts for that. You know, all of the SS-rank monsters like me know the truth of this world… 」

After saying those words, the Demon King realized there was such a possibility and stopped moving her mouth.

Oh no, if that was the case.

Before reaching the answer of that question, they reached the front of the door at the back of the aisle.

The two nodded together as they slowly opened the door.

In the dark room, both expected to see the appearance of the SS-Rank Behemoth, a relative of the Demon King who should have been held in there, but they saw an unexpected sight instead.

「That’s… 」

「Hey, hey, what the hell is that? 」

The two of them were confused by that scene. However, the Demon King had a sense of reality about a possibility she had been thinking about until just before.

「I see…That’s how it is. 」

「Did you realize something? 」

「Yes, maybe… 」

「It’s exactly as you think, Demon King. 」

The two instantly turned their faces to the voice that suddenly sprung up from behind.

The person who stood there was an unexpected person for both of them.

「You are… 」

「I apologize, but I want you to just keep an eye on what’s going on here for a while. Above all, it’s the parent’s job to keep an eye on the growth of their child. 」

That person spoke with meaning and boldness. The Demon King, who understood it instantly, grasped the whole picture of this matter, and unexpectedly shook her tongue.

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*Meaning found on chapter 75 of volume 2.


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