It Is a Different World and Yet I Am Cultivating Monsters – Volume 3 – Chapter 84

Chapter 84: The Girl’s Tomb

「You guys escaped unharmed. Good, I’m glad you’re all well. 」

With that said, I took a deep breath of relief while stroking the monsters that were flirting at my feet.

The soldiers either fainted or scattered around.

Since they couldn’t chase me for now, I took the opportunity to deepen my friendship with the monsters that were able to join me safely.

「Even so, Ogre-san, I’m sorry that I made you come all the way here to help me. 」

「What are you saying, Kyou-dono? We owe you. So, we’ve decided to help you this time. 」

With that said, I extended my hand to the Ogre and shook hands powerfully. Around us stood the Bahanero who grew up in the village of the Ogres. I noticed that those Bahanero and the Bahanero who grew up in my garden were flirting while holding hands.

「Hohoho, then I’m going back to the depths of the forest. I can only fight if it is to protect the forest. 」

「Oh, thank you! You’ve saved us! 」

With that said, I thought deeply about my future while seeing off the elderly Ent* returning to the depths of the forest.

Okay then, what should I do first?

Maybe I needed a light force to start things. However, small strength would be insufficient if I wanted to rescue Lily and the others from the Empire.

Then, I must prepare a strong force first and foremost. For that to happen, I had to…

「Big brother, it looks like someone is coming over here. 」

Hell’s voice interrupted my thoughts and shifted my gaze to the soldier who was heading here.

The person did not seem to be hostile, and slowly walked up to us, holding the sword on his waist and showing a pose for surrender.

The monsters around me were also alert. When the person approached a certain distance, he stopped walking.

「Don’t worry. I have no hostility towards you. 」

He spoke those words and took off the helmet he was wearing. The real face of that man was revealed from underneath.

「It’s been a long time, Kyou-kun. 」

…Ah, hmm, who was he?

Have we met before?

When I was thinking about such things, he cleared his throat and said his name.

「It’s the captain of the guard, Kurogane. It will be easier for you if I say I’m Lily’s brother. 」

「Ah! You’re the fountain soldier! 」

Few people remembered him, but I did remember. He was certainly Lily’s brother.

When I was thinking that he would not appear anymore, he showed up after all.

When I was thinking about such a weird game thing, the soldier who called himself Kurogane looked around and asked.

「…Isn’t Lily with you? 」

「Ah, well, she’s under the Emperor Hero… 」

I briefly explained to Kurogane-san who asked me about Lily.

Upon hearing that, Kurogane-san looked worried with a mysterious expression on his face.

「It will be okay, Kurogane-san. Lily will definitely return back… 」

「Come with me for a moment. 」

Kurogane-san grabbed my hand and took me to the depths of the forest. What was this flow!?

In the back, Hell said, 「Hey! How dare you take my brother away!? Hey!! 」She was making a fuss, but I didn’t think there was a reason to worry about. Even so, she and the other monsters came along as well.

After going deep into the forest for a while, the path became narrower, but I found a place that was a little open.

There was a tomb in the center of that place.

「…? What is this place? 」

The tomb was carefully buried, and the wooden cross leaning against it was in good condition, and above all, there were flowers that had been put there recently.

Kurogane-san, who had been silent for a while in front of the grave, suddenly opened his mouth.

「This is Lily’s grave. 」

「Eh? 」

That was an unbelievable line.

No, it was a line that I couldn’t understand.

It was Lily’s grave? What was he talking about? Lily was alive. How could she be dead? What on earth was going on?

On that moment, Kurogane-san looked back at the confused me with sincere eyes.

「…I think I can talk to you now. About Lily. 」

There was a sense of regret, anguish, and an apology.

「I beg you…Please save Lily. 」

Kurogane-san bowed his head and confided to me everything about Lily…

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*Meaning found on chapter 14 of volume 1.;)


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