A Wish To Grab Happiness – Volume 12 – Chapter 302

Chapter 302: Hear that Roar

Altius stared quietly at his own fingers, and as the lustrous fresh blood tainted his white skin. His eyes were as if they were looking at something unusual.

It was not a big wound, just a small laceration. However, for Altius, it was the first time in a long time that he felt physical pain.

Altius’ golden eyes blinked, thinking that although he was oppressed by magical power, it was probably the first time he felt like being torn apart as a human.

In addition, the fingers on his left hand weren’t satisfied with just tearing themselves apart. Of course, it was not like Altius was doing it consciously.

His fingers creaked and howled even when he tried to hold back. It was as if something was threatening him.

Altius looked at his temporary body and distorted his cheeks.

In other words, this body was…Ariene was rebelling.

It felt like her voice was right next to Altius’ ears.

No, there was in fact a voice. However, the voice that came from deep within this body was very strange.

Ariene’s voice, which seemed to crawl even closer, was quiet and cold everywhere.

…Among everything in the world, only he is my territory. Even if you entrap a piece of his soul, I won’t give him to you.

A piercing voice with a clear will echoed. The voice was strong and fierce. Hearing this, Altius wriggled his cheeks.

Saint Ariene’s rebellion was originally unacceptable to Altius.

She didn’t need a will or a desire to be martyred to the doctrine of the Great Holy Church. However, it was wonderful that she pursued peaceful salvation and happiness.

First, there was no god who would welcome a saint who defied the god she worshipped.

However, for some reason, Altius responded to Ariene’s words, who had thrust her fangs at him, with a look as if he had seen something splendid.

「I know, Ariene. You may not understand, but that’s the pain that squeezes my chest. 」

For the first time in a long time, Altius nodded, waving his lips.

Most of the body’s ownership still belonged to Ariene. If she opened her eyes, Altius’ soul would immediately close his. If so, it would make sense to show understanding to those words.

However, Altius nodded at Ariene’s words for no reason. Even if it was not a good circumstance for Altius, he didn’t feel like forcing her to do everything he wished.

Therefore, the reason why Altius obediently pulled his fingertips was nothing other than the fact that he liked the human being named Ariene.

Few people could throw everything else away to love and control one man. There were people who could speak with words that resembled dust, but there were not many who could speak by sacrificing their own body.

Besides, Altius disliked those who used strength to threaten him with a blade while borrowing his own power to accomplish things.

…After all, when he was a human, Altius himself had done something similar as Ariene just did. His soul still remembered the freshness of tearing down all his status for the sake of one man.

That’s why it felt so lovely. Altius also knew that Ariene would not surrender her body so easily.

Altius was sure she was lying down with shining eyes to cut off his neck.

With a small, yet terribly funny smile, Altius muttered a few words in a tone that sounded like he was talking to his own child. He looked ahead.

The curse of the elves and the aurora of magic power kept Altius’ presence on the spot. Even though Altius respected Ariene for doing something like this, he never wavered.

It was just that he couldn’t move. Even though the amount of heat was out of the standard, it was still not enough to blow away Altius’ mighty existence.

On the contrary, the black sphere that bound Altius began to rot little by little, as it could no longer withstand the force that was being showered upon it. A slight crack had formed from within.

Lugis was in front of the Divine Spirit. Around him, there were three shadows holding his back as if to support him.

No matter what time it was, it has been a humiliation to have a taste of your own powerlessness. Caria distorted her lips and pulled her right leg back as she put her hand on the silver longsword.

The hard sound of her molars creaking echoed in her brain. Caria’s white sigh spilled from her lips, and she said the following words.

「…Listen, don’t turn around. Take Lugis with you and run fast. 」

Caria turned to the two people behind her back and whispered.

Perhaps, due to the effect of emitting a light that exceeded the limits of magic, Filaret just raised and lowered her shoulders in response as she breathed deeply. She didn’t look like she had the stamina necessary to run away.

Indeed, she did her best for Lugis’ sake. Knowing that, Caria said, “Don’t turn around, run”.

Heading to the altar, which had lost its demonic light and returned to darkness, Caria tilted her silver longsword on her own.

The black sphere was still sitting there. It felt as if it was the owner of this place.

It didn’t matter if that was the only thing in here. The black sphere was just a curse. There was nothing to worry about if the person bound inside was dead.

But now Caria had seen it. From the black sphere, the bright golden eyes were blazing. It was staring at Caria’s way with a bitterly cold color.

With a deep breath, she got the cold air into her lungs. Her heartbeat raced through her legs, and her skull gave off a constricting pain.

Caria was fully aware that her own sword wouldn’t work on that being. But even so, she couldn’t mercilessly show her back and run away.

It was a foolish move, yes, very unreasonable.

To confront an opponent knowing that her own weapon would not work, that would be like acting as a beast with no wisdom. Caria smirked sightly.

“…But if this is the only way to save Lugis’ life. Then, I have to do it regardless of the consequences.”

That was enough. Caria didn’t need other reasons. Therefore, there were no obstacles at all.

The only thing that was a little frustrating was not knowing the kind of face Lugis would make when he heard she was dead. She just wanted to see it.

In her silver eyes, the brilliant glow of golden hue was reflected as if to dispel the cursed black sphere. Time was running out.

Caria repeatedly told the others to turn to their backs and leave. Looking at how exhausted Filaret and Eldith were, no matter how much she thought about it, she was the right person to help them leave. After all, her body was Lugis’ shield.

In order to attract even a little of the golden hue to herself, Caria lowered her body and prepared to put the longsword on her shoulder. A stance to give a single blow.

Then, she turned forward and ran with all her heart. The silver flashed rapidly and ran through the dim darkness.

She could hear them yelling something behind her back, but she couldn’t hear it anymore as she ran towards her enemy.

Then, Caria heard one thing.


She heard a roar that seemed to shake the whole world. That alone made Caria’s earlobes and throat tremble ceaselessly.

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