A Wish To Grab Happiness – Volume 12 – Chapter 301

Chapter 301: That Will and Soul

In the large temple, the brilliant magical power emitted by Filaret surged out. The aurora of magic poured into the black sphere made the surrounding space creak. Everyone stared at the scene with gritted teeth.

As the magical light cleared the darkness, the shadow changed its shape as it weaved through the gaps. The figure, which was blown away by the light, finally created an outline.

Ahead of that outline was the one who emitted a torrent of magical power while crushing her limbs. A wonderful power that kept away the darkness.

Filaret the Great Sorceress. Once upon a time, there was something unique that caused a magic revolution against Altius. It was just one time. A time when power broke away from the framework of magic.

And now, she was trying to cut off the domain of Great Spirit Altius. Literally, Filaret put her will and life on the line.

That will must have been something Lugis gave her.

The shadow distorted its body as if mocking itself. What would happen if it compared her power with the work of her relatives?

「Pity, I couldn’t help you anyway. Why have you avoided my salvation? What purpose has my voice? I am disappointed by your actions.」

It could have been a voice; it could have been a sound. In any case, the shadow’s self-deprecation disappeared into the darkness without reaching anyone at all.

The shadow changed its line of sight in front of Filaret. She kept emitting a torrent of magical power towards Altius, who was swallowed by its vast amount.

Altius, still covered in elven spell, had no way of dodging the bundle of magical power thrown at him.

Even though he spoke through his essence, that body still belonged to Ariene, a human being. Then, he had no power to escape the trap set by the curse of the elves.

Therefore, without regret. Exactly as implied, Altius accepted Filaret La Volgograd with all his might.

The violent magic was ready to destroy the temple. It had the power to accomplish that much destruction.

That power was ferocious enough to swallow not only humans, but even giant demon beasts.

However, the shadow trembled as if its lips were shaking. Its body was bathed in scorching light.

…Still not enough to push him away immediately.

Heroes had used swords, elves had used curses, and hateful beings had released demons, but it was still not enough. No great hero had the power and strength to overthrow the mighty Divine Spirit.

In the first place, the Great Divine Spirit was such an existence that none could overthrow. It was created in the world as an existence that humans should not be able to win against. Not only humans, but giants, dragons, and demons. No one won against this mighty existence.

Altius’ existence was peculiar. As the Lord of all spirits, he had made all kinds of great demons fall, sometimes crushing their skulls, and sometimes glaring victoriously at them.

It had not changed since the beginning of time. It seemed contradictory, but surely the only person who could kill him was himself.

That’s why Altius had to do one more job before leaving this place. However, a different shadowy person appeared out of nowhere, tilted its body, lifted its lips, and laughed.

「Altius. My former ally, the one whom I used to be together with. Don’t you think it’s great? Even if they’re not under you, they are so noble already.」

The brand-new shadow just dropped those words from its mouth and disappeared. No one knew there was a second shadow in there or that it had spoken to Altius.

Inside the black sphere composed of spells. As he received the flash of dazzling power, Altius did not distort his expression in agony or let out a sob. It simply narrowed his eyes.

It seemed strange, even if no one understood the meaning.

The golden hair wriggled as if it were swaying.

The doubts that had risen in his head until just a moment ago were still unresolved.

…Why was everyone trying to find meaning and value in Lugis? Why?

Altius couldn’t help but wonder. Heroes were also great and brave men.

For better or worse, Lugis’ soul was mediocre. He was not a hero, nor was he destined to become a hero.

Since ancient times, those who were worthy of being heroes were born with suitable souls. They were called genius. Altius knew that such amazingness was like roots in their souls.

If the soul was not worthy, the effort would be meaningless, the results would not be given, and the sun would not shine through.

The will of the man without a noble soul was worth less than a piece of paper. Even if such person advocated justice, that person would be easily crushed by evil. The good intentions of mediocre people were meant to be trampled on. It was common for sincere feelings to be destroyed as well.

That was the true world, and everyone understood that truth from the bottom of their hearts. They couldn’t help but live with their heads lowered down.

In such a world, who could tell the mediocre people to stop despairing and walk forward? It was cruel to step through the world with foolish hope.

That’s why Altius tolerated despair. He allowed the mediocre people to be shattered and bow their heads to give them happiness and salvation. May he not let the helpless fall asleep.

Altius believed in the supremacy for humans through despair. He was convinced that he was the one deserved to be humanity’s guide.

That’s why Altius didn’t understand. Why would anyone find value in that mediocre human being with nothing but a lowly soul, and pay homage to his will?

Caria Burdnick, Filaret La Volgograd, and Eldith. Once upon a time, everyone wanted to take the hand of the Divine Spirit, Altius. Then, he wholeheartedly provided salvation.

Altius believed that his salvation was justified and necessary for others to obey his will. Accepting the drowsiness, they obediently closed their eyes.

But what about now? It was the exact opposite. No matter what happened, the mediocre person kept shining brightly like a hero.

Altius couldn’t understand. If the one who led them was a great hero, it would be acceptable. A great hero’s soul was worth believing in.

But what did Lugis have? All he had was an irreverent ego.

What did he do to earn such respect? Was he not a worthless person?

…No, if one traced it back to its origins, Offal might have planted something on Lugis.

There were many possibilities. For a long time, Offal was the only being out of Altius’ sight. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that he was the only one who had argued against Altius since the beginning of time.

In that case, it wouldn’t be strange if there was some sort of mechanism involved in giving Lugis a chance.

A vivid demonic aurora leaked from Altius’ whole body. It no longer caused pain. A violent magic that shook the primal existence and erased the basic concepts. At least in the old days, Filaret could not wield such magic.

Altius’ cheeks distorted and Ariene’s golden eyes opened wide. What reflected in such eyes was the colour of bitter praise.

It was not good if he had external influence. Altius spoke in the tense atmosphere amid the torrent of magical power.

For the first time in a long time, Altius spoke with the most profound human voice.

「If something I don’t want tries to get in my way, why not paint it over with the previous paint? And all will be good again.」

On that very moment, Altius lightly bent his fingers against his will.

A tearing pain ran through his fingertips. Red blood dripped from them as if to reject Altius’ actions.

The golden eyes narrowed as if mocking themselves.

「…Come to think of it, you were the first person to be influenced by him, Saint Ariene. 」

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