Cheat Magic Swordsman – Volume 5 – Chapter 65 Part 2

Chapter 65: The Zunana and The Wakame (2)

I took out the prepared magic tool for mowing Zunana grass and let my employees test it.

From what I heard, it had embedded a kind of Earth Magic, but it seemed to be usable.

Apparently, it could be reusable, so it would be good to use the surplus of the MP of the employees.

The magic tools for transporting grass on the island were also perfect.

Then, it turned out that the pond on the island was surrounded by edible plants.

Thanks to the pond, the plants were able to escape the violence of land leveling.

They looked like wakame* seaweed that grew in fresh water and it looked delicious, so I collected it properly.

It would be an addition to the food for the employees as well.

30 minutes later.

We left food, anchors, and other necessary items at home, and we were gathered on the ship again.

「Well then, I guess this is it. Did you forget something? 」

「I think everything is okay. 」

「Well, let’s go then. You guys should do your best. 」

「Yes! 」

Five of the employees remained on the island to harvest.

We had to do our best to ensure a stable supply of Zunana grass.

To raise the salary, I planned to change the system by increasing the number of people to take turns.

「Okay, then. Departure! 」

「Roger that! 」

The landing craft used when coming here floated up again.

Then, it flew to the top of the ship without much hassle and landed quietly.

The ship turned back the way it came and carried us to the city.

By the way, a stupid Boat Killer monster hit its head against the sturdy ship and floated on the water, so I collected it.

I still had enough to eat, so should I sell it at the store?

It might be a good idea to do some fishing of Boat Killers.

After a week.

The first ship to the island (named after Zunana grass and its pioneer purpose) departed for the first time to First Zunana Island since the settlement.

I was on board along with the sailors, Mercia and three new settlers.

The ship arrived at the First Zunana Island without incident.

The purpose was to transport additional personnel, collect the Zunana grass, and collect that wakame seaweed (it seemed to be called Numesa in this world, but in short, it was a wakame seaweed).

That wakame seaweed was quite delicious.

I arrived at the island with the landing ship and looked at the scenery of the island, but Zunana grass was still a vital force.

The island, which had almost no grass due to leveling, was now lush grassland.

It seemed that the mowing team was also working hard, and the height of the grassland had dropped by about a quarter of the island. However, the height had increased around other areas, and it seemed that about half of the island was untouched.

「The ship has arrived! Gather! 」

Convocation took place, and a mowing team with Mithril mowing sickles returned to the ship.

They seemed to be mowing the unspoiled part on the other side of the island.

「Okay, you’re all gathered. It seems that only about half of the island I saw was mowed. Was there a delay with work? 」

With this number of people, I expected it would take less than three days to harvest the island.

Half of it was untouched.

「No, we’ve already cut many times…over there. 」

Looking at the area pointed by one of the mowing teams, the Zunana grass looked high.

「So, what happened to that area? 」

I pointed to the lush meadows that appeared to be completely untouched.

…No way.

「Even if we mow all day, it will come back. The place we mowed in the morning will come back in the evening. 」

「I do not understand… 」

What a crazy occurrence that happened here. The employees must think they were hallucinating or something.

Ecological destruction bio-weapons may be seen to be defeated by medicinal plants.

「Well, it’s good that there are many resources. It’s somewhat bad from my side, but I’ll ask you to continue the work from now on. 」

「We understand! We’ll do our best! 」

「These guys are additional personnel. To be honest, we don’t have enough Zunana grass in the city, so I plan to increase the number of people in the future. 」

「Oh, are you increasing the number of employees? One day I would like to see the Zunana grass on this island totally mowed down. 」

「Well, maybe it will come back in two days. If there isn’t enough Zunana grass to grow, I’ll use another island…Is there anything else you’re having trouble with? 」

No matter how physically strong the inhabitants of this world were, it was too much to mow the grass all day long.

I had potions, but there may be other problems.

「Ah, there is one. It’s about that pond… 」

「What happened to the pond? Did it dry out? 」

「No, the pond itself is okay, but the fish ate most of the Numesa and the number of fish increased…I wonder if the number of fish increased because of the sudden change in the environment. Anyway, our dining table is in a pinch. 」


The amount was surprisingly large, and they were eating all the wakame seaweed.

It was fish and they were a troublesome bunch. I couldn’t keep them alive.

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*Species of edible brown seaweed. It has a subtly sweet, but distinctive and strong flavor and texture. It is most often served in soups and salads.


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