A Wish To Grab Happiness – Volume 11 – Chapter 285

Chapter 285: The Elves’ Calamity and the Black Hair’s Hesitation

“A chilling air runs down my spine. It feels like a block of ice has been smeared onto my skin.”

Eldith’s throat felt bruised and hurt. She opened her eyes and carefully analyzed the surroundings while invoking a spell. What was manifested before her eyes was a black vortex of mist, yet heavy enough to sink into the ground.

The Great Temple of Flimslat gave a solemn and tranquil aura. The black spell of the elf covered the white wall and forcibly trampled on it. It was almost like saying that the momentum was going to reupholster the space itself.

It was a curse. A cursed mist that brought humans to their knees.

Therefore, no one could escape the curse. As long as the target was a human, the elf’s magic would shake off all causes and effects and would definitely capture that person with its fangs.

It was a technique for capturing humans and harm them.

The magic of the spirits had come a long way from where it originally belonged. However, now it was called the Spirited Arts. This curse was nothing but the grace of the spirits. Eldith’s blue eyes looked down at the grand corridor. Her long, thin eyelashes fluttered in response.

Under her eyes, the knights of the Great Holy Church dressed in white were swallowed by black mist one by one and disappeared. It didn’t kill them. The fog just stole their consciousness and made their body succumb.

The name “Cathedral Knights” sounded like a grand name, but there was no difference since they were still human beings. If they were human, they were common soldiers to Eldith. They were too incompatible and fragile.

Eldith’s lips got slightly wet. The control of the field was reasonably smooth. Her Spirited Arts were undoubtedly chewing and swallowing her enemies.

It was worrying that Caria flew out of sight with the person named Garras, but still it did not affect the plan. As long as Caria could attract the enemy’s commander’s attention, Eldith would eventually be able to swallow all of the Knights.

So there shouldn’t be any problems.

Even though it was supposed to be, Eldith’s internal organs were uncomfortably tight and heavy. It was as if the insides of her body had turned to solid stones. Her molars crackled.

From the tips of her hair down to her toes, Eldith’s body was so cold that it seemed as if she was frozen. She could feel that her own breath was gradually getting rougher. There was no heat in her breath.

Of course, she understood all too well that this frigid land was unsuitable for an elf’s body, and if she summoned the spirits in such a place, some distortion would likely appear.

Yet, Eldith didn’t care about such things.

Nonetheless, something that stuck to Eldith’s mind didn’t seem to disappear. It was the violent throbbing of her heart.

The heart was not just screaming and twisting due to excitement or due to the cold weather. Rather, the cause was of the opposite nature.

“…The existence called fear or terror is making my heart beat violently.”

She didn’t know what it was at first. She didn’t even know why she was trembling so much when she stepped in this land. However, Eldith knew in her heart that was covering her entire body was the feeling of fear.

There was something consuming her. Vaguely speaking, that was the true identity of fear.

It was something that Eldith had sensed since she stepped into this temple. A feeling of oppression, as if it was looking down from far above her head.

Eldith’s cheeks seemed to twitch just by receiving that gaze. It felt like a heavy weight was attached to her limbs. It felt unbearable.

The heavy presence grew deeper and thicker from around the time Eldith invoked the Spirited Arts.

It came as if it resonated, as if it were familiar.

What was it really? Eldith didn’t understand. But she desperately averted her eyes as if she was scared. “This is horrible, extremely horrible.”

Such thoughts pierced Eldith’s heart. Feelings she had never felt before, never thought of. She even felt that she wanted to get on her knees and embrace her body right now.

Suddenly, sweat fell from Eldith’s forehead, even though her skin wasn’t hot at all. Her vision was utterly void. This pressure wanted to make her body crouch down in the presence of the master, who was her former ancestor.

“Ah, but even so, is it really possible for me to expose such a state here?”

Caria Burdnick swung her blade at the enemy, regardless of danger, in order to attract the enemy’s leader. Filaret La Volgograd was also working with Lugis.

Both of them showed her a strong behavior in no small way.

“If so, how can I get down on my knees? How can I be the only one to expose such disgrace?”

For Eldith, it could be said that both Caria and Filaret were existences that gave a certain degree of friendship through Lugis. It could be said that the feeling Eldith had for them were incomparable to what elves originally had for humans.

However, that didn’t mean that they were on friendly terms with each other. Everyone had fangs, at least when it came to him. Fangs that could cut the opponents apart.

The blue eyes glowed with a blazing flame.

“…I have no intention of giving up even a fragment of that person, Caria and Filaret. I don’t even mind killing the founding giant with my own hands.”

The black eyes of Filaret La Volgograd were capturing the scene with a stunned look.

The Calamity of the Elves. It was said to be a curse of the age of the gods, and it was now unfolding before Filaret’s eyes. She could see the Cathedral Knights, who were the pride of the Great Holy Church, collapsing while trying to hold down their chests.

This was exactly what it meant to say there was nothing they could do about it. They probably weren’t dead yet, but they fell down without being able to pull out even the edge of their swords.

It was marvelous. The Spirited Arts were called a prototype of magic. Even though its roots had already been separated from common magic, it was now manifesting its essence here.

Wisdom and reason were what Filaret accepted and desired. All the spectacles beyond her eyes fascinated Filaret, drawing her black eyes everywhere. As a Sorceress, she was undeniably lucky to come across this scene.

But, at the same time, Filaret sensed something floating in her chest with a trembling feeling. It was too ugly. Yes, it was a muddy feeling that couldn’t be expressed in words.

It was jealousy. It bound her chest and burned her eyes. Filaret swallowed her saliva while shaking her black hair.

So naturally, she thought.

“Can my magic be able to do this much? Is it possible to control the enemy with such strong power? Is it possible to make an opponent surrender so easily?”

The depths of her brain hardened with such thoughts, and her eyes narrowed. Actually, her thinking was quite clear.

“The solution is simple. Why didn’t Lugis take my own hand on this occasion? If I think about it, I can understand why he didn’t rely on my own magic that often.”

That was probably because Lugis thought that Filaret couldn’t do something like this. He thought it was a burden too heavy to carry.

It was regrettable.

“Even if it is difficult, if he asked me to do it, I would have done it all. This was the case with the civil war in Ghazalia and the chaos in Belfein.”

“Even this time, yes. It’s true that I would have to endure a little bit of trouble, but even so, I’ve always accomplished what Lugis wanted me to do.” Filaret’s fingers were quite stiff.

If Eldith asked Lugis to do something like an attendant, Lugis would easily respond to it.

Filaret saw a relationship that she didn’t see before with her eyes, and her heart felt very complicated. It was no exaggeration to say that she even felt something moisten her eyes.

If someone asked Filaret to clearly state the relationship between her and Lugis, she would close her small lips for a moment because of her doubts.

At first, it was an employer and an adventurer relationship, and now he was her companion.

Still, what about a special relationship? The pledge was still alive. There was no doubt that the magic power that had bitten into his soul was still sticking a wedge in there.

However, it would be wrong to say there was a relationship that could be expressed in words. Unlike Caria, she did not become his shield, and unlike Eldith, she did not make him a knight.

When Filaret thought about it, the feeling of being terribly miserable and being left behind burst out from her viscera.

Even though she were not in that kind of place right now, the more she tried to dismiss that feeling, the more it sprung up from the depths of her heart.

“…I vowed to make him look like gold. But will I be worth something after turning him into gold?”

Filaret clenched her teeth at the indescribable thought. Lugis stood beside her and she could see his eyes shining brightly.

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