It Is a Different World and Yet I Am Cultivating Monsters – Volume 3 – Chapter 81

Chapter 81: The Battle with the Emperor begins

I noticed that I was not on the battlefield when I opened my eyes.

I was in a dark space with nobody else. It felt as if I was the only one in the world.

There was no one else. I was alone.

At that time, he appeared in front of me.

「Did you wake up? Beast Hero Lily. 」

「…Emperor Hero Rostam. 」

This was the first time I met him, but I often heard rumors about him.

He looked like a man with a sense of intimidation and charisma that did not follow the rumors. At first glance, I could immediately understand that this was the case.

「It’s an honor that you know me. No wonder that you’re the Beast Hero. Do you know what I am going to do?」

「I heard that your ability is to re-creation of memories and emotions. So are you going to change my memories? 」

There were many rumors about the Emperor Hero, including good and evil.

Among them was the ability to control the memories and emotions of other people.

According to one theory, he used his abilities to make his brother a puppet in order to rob him the right to succeed to the throne.

Some rumors said that the majority of people around him were already dominated by him, while other rumors said that those people were only attracted to his “charisma”.

No matter which one was true, I knew that my situation wasn’t good, but Rostam laughed in front of me as if he saw something funny.

「What’s wrong? 」

「Oh, nothing at all. It’s funny how you’ve said “are you going to change my memories?” 」

The moment I tried to ask him again what was wrong with it, inexplicable words popped out of Rostam’s mouth.

「Don’t you realize the possibility that I already “changed your memories”? 」

「…Eh? 」

What was he talking about? What was wrong with this guy?

His words sounded so unrealistic that I couldn’t help but get confused…However.

「Why do people think that their existing memories are true? How can you come to realize that they’ve been “changed”? What does the truth of that memory mean? Whether I’ve changed a person’s memory or not, you can no longer distinguish which one is true. You are exactly like that now.」

「…What are you talking about…You…? 」

「Ah, that’s right. For example, why did you aim to be a hero? 」

It must have been a question that was too abrupt, but the moment I was asked that question, I faced a sense of discomfort within myself.

「When a person tries to aim for something, the motive and emotion should be remembered. So what was your first memory when you wanted to be a hero yourself? Or what do you remember when you became a hero? Let me say more. How long have you been “aware of the real you”? 」

It was too unlikely. No, it was a possibility that I shouldn’t admit.

If that was the case, it would lead to the denial of the “Lily, Myself” who was here now.

「Just say it, Beast Hero Lily. 」

However, that one word triggered me to “remember.”

「You have been controlling my memory “from the very beginning”. 」

It was a very unlikely sight. No, it was a possibility that I should have admitted already.

In front of us was Lily, who was our companion, standing next to the Emperor Hero and pointing her blade at us.

「…Well, I was expecting such a possibility, but I don’t think he would easily control your memory. I’m sad, Lily.」

Amines murmured regretfully, but Lily’s response to it was too ruthless.

「Not really. Actually, I was a fake all along. 」

「Fake? What are you saying! Lily! You are being controlled! Wake up! Remember us!」

Lily’s response to my shouting was an unbelievable line.

「You are the ones who are misunderstanding. It’s just that Lily, who was with you until now, was a fake person. The one who is here now is the real me. That’s enough.」

A fake? Lily was a fake? What were you talking about, Lily?

Was she really controlled and think all the memories she had with us were false?

Before asking that question, Lily attacked us like a beast, and Amines immediately greeted that attack with the sword she created.

However, the power relationship between the two was clear at first glance.

「Ugh…! 」

「Amines. Certainly, your creative ability would be unmatched among the Seven Great Heroes in the army. However, in such a small-sized room and close contact with each other, there is no chance of you winning anymore. You will lose if we clash closely like this.」

At that moment, Lily’s right foot immediately came at Amines’ flank, and Amines lost her posture. Lily’s elbow iron got swung down, but Amines managed to avoid it at the expense of the weapon in her left hand.

As Lily said, the difference in strength between the two in a closed space was too great.

It made me think that there was no hero could match Lily’s capabilities in a closed space.

「Well then, shall we change the topic? 」

Rostam, the Emperor Hero who had been sitting on the throne until then, stood up.

With just that much movement, I felt a sense of pressure and crisis that I had never felt before.

I did not only felt intimidation because he was an emperor, but also because of his ability as an overlord who won battles with his own hands.

「Don’t worry. This is not a full trump card, so to speak, there is no such thing as giving out our full power here. However, to put it the other way around, there is no competition unless you survive to a “certain degree”.」

Rostam slowly walked toward us with his sword in his hand. He even laughed.

As one could imagine, this guy was the type who dared to keep his favorite prey alive. There was no way that felt happy with that, though…

Amines, who was already the strongest force here, got her hands full against Lily.

Cold sweat ran down from my cheeks as I tried to think whether we could deal with one of the strongest of the Seven Great Heroes alone. However, someone stood in front of us to protect us.

「Fitis? 」

Fitis just turned her back to me and spoke.

「Lord Kyou, everyone. I will stop that man. Please escape during that time. That man’s purpose is me anyway.」

「What? 」

I was stunned for a moment after hearing Fitis’ statement.

「No, what are you talking about? Don’t be foolish…You can’t do that!!」

And when I noticed, I was screaming surprisingly emotionally after hearing that Fitis would sacrifice herself.

However, even if I screamed, Fitis showed a calm appearance.

「He said this wasn’t his trump card, so maybe until you’ve escaped from here, there won’t be any followers. The point is, you need someone to stall, and I’m the right person for that. Don’t worry. He won’t kill me, at least because he won’t kill anyone he likes.」

「I’m not talking about being the right person to stall, Fitis. I came here to get Lily back. There’s Lily in front of me, and she is not coming back to us, and now will you get caught too!? Don’t joke with me like that!!」

In theory, I could understand what Fitis was saying.

Still, I couldn’t hide my emotions. I couldn’t accept it.

For the first time, Fitis turned around and smiled slightly.

「Lord Kyou, I have always had one question. Why don’t the monsters raised by you attack other people? Why are they so friendly to people?」

I saw Jack standing next to me and Dora-chan on my shoulder.

「What are you saying…How is that related to this situation?」

「Yes, it is. They were influenced by Lord Kyou’s nature. You don’t abandon your friends just because of the situation; you do it because it’s deeper than you may think. You cherish your “family” dearly. That feeling also influenced the monsters that you’ve raised.」

It seemed that something came to mind upon hearing Fitis’ words.

However, before I reached out to stop Fitis’ actions, I saw Fitis smiling lonely at the end.

「I was fascinated by you, Lord Kyou, because you have such a kind heart with not only me…but with monsters too.」

The next moment she muttered those words, Fitis shouted at Hell, who was standing right next to me.

「…That’s why I’ll leave it to you. Hell-san. Please, take care of Lord Kyou. 」

「…Understood. 」

Hell immediately grabbed my body after nodding to the words of Fitis.

Her tiny body had so much power to the point of holding me down. I couldn’t do anything at all. I was put on my sister’s shoulders and tried to shout, but didn’t.

「Don’t get me wrong, Lord Kyou. I’m not being sacrificed. I believe Lord Kyou will come to pick me up again. So save yourself first.」

「Well, that’s right…I’m unwilling, but shall we suppress it here? Cultivation Hero, please beat this guy later on.」

I felt that Fitis and Amines’ voices had reached my ears, and at the next moment, a roaring sound from the place where the throne room was, followed by a huge vibration, echoed as I left with Hell. Together with Jack and the others, we escaped from the castle and joined Rock, who was waiting outside. We evacuated from the Alburs Empire, a place controlled by the Emperor Hero.

While riding on Hell’s shoulders, I kept screaming at my helplessness.

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