It Is a Different World and Yet I Am Cultivating Monsters – Volume 3 – Chapter 78

Chapter 78: Fellowship with the Witch

「No, I don’t want to! 」

I was in a little trouble right now.

「I will definitely follow my brother!! 」

Hell, one of the Four Heavenly Kings and also my sister, stuck to me and did not let me leave.

「But, Lady Hell. As your mother said, someone must rule the Demon King’s territory on behalf of the Demon King herself. And only you, as the daughter of the Demon King, can do that…」

「I refuse! I’ll definitely go with my brother! 」

Hell grabbed my arm without any signs of leaving, although Alucard, one of the Four Heavenly Kings, gently explained why she couldn’t go.

The story went back a little.

It was decided that me, Amines, Fitis and Dora-chan would go to the Alburs Empire.

I thought that my mother would go with us, but it was said that if we acted separately rather than acting together, it would be possible to do things faster in case of an emergency. It would also be better to act separately in order to gather information. Therefore, my mother and father would secretly invade the Alburs Empire.

In other words, while we acted as decoys and had a head-on meeting with the hero of the Empire, my mother and father would investigate the inner dealings of the Empire from the sidelines, and hopefully try to rescue the captured Lily and Behemoth.

However, if that happened, the territory of the Demon King would be vulnerable. There was a possibility that the Alburs Empire or another power could attack the Demon King’s territory during that time. It meant that someone had to remain in the Demon Castle and rule in my mother’s behalf. Nevertheless.

「I absolutely hate this!! 」

Hell, who was the first candidate, made a tantrum.

Or rather, her tone had returned to normal…

「Ahh, we’re in trouble…Lord Kyou, what should we do? 」

Alucard asked for my opinion.

By the way, I learned that Alucard seemed to be in a position of a butler, body guard, and tutor dedicated to Hell.

I heard that Hell often took care of her own surroundings, responding with selfishness since she was a child.

However, there were many things that could not be controlled, like this time.

「Hmm. I don’t think she will change her mind even if I tell her no…」

I mean, Hell grabbed one of my arms, and Fitis and Dora-chan grabbed my other arm for some reason. All of them did not let me go…

When I thought about my troublesome situation, I felt that someone pulled my clothes from behind.

Hey, hey, what’s up this time? When I turned around, I saw a girl dressed in a white robe and a witch hat. It was Isu-chan.

「…I will remain here…in her stead… 」

I thought she did her best to convey her intention. Although she looked down, she was desperately trying to speak out.

「Are you sure? Isu-chan. 」

I heard that Isu-chan was originally not good at fighting and tried not to get involved with the Demon King’s army as much as possible.

I was a little surprised that Isu-chan wanted to take on the defense of the Demon King’s territory. Even though it was a defensive approach, she answered with some firm resolve.

「….I also want to help…you. Dori-chan…often says…that we cannot…forget that you are…our friend too…」

The moment she said the word “friend”, her ears were dyed red because of embarrassment.

However, I was impressed by Isu-chan determined appearance and lovable feelings, and decided to boost her enthusiasm.

「I understand. I’ll leave this task to you, Isu-chan. 」

Isu-chan nodded to my words.

At the same time, Fitis, who was clinging to my arm, approached Isu-chan.

「…The other day’s dessert match was certainly great. 」

Speaking of which, after that confrontation, Isu-chan did not have a chance to talk properly with Fitis. But now, Fitis approached her and immediately made a declaration.

「But I can’t forgive myself for losing to you, more so since I hold the title of Gourmet Hero. I want to have a match with you someday. I won’t lose again.」

Fitis showed respect for Isu-chan and conveyed her feelings toward her rival, setting a future match as a goal to overcome.

Those feelings were probably stuck in Fitis’ heart since that match. She praised Isu-chan for defeating her and showed enthusiasm to challenge her again.

Fitis asked for a handshake as a refreshing way to finish their conversation.

Isu-chan felt a little confused and timid for a moment, but after a moment of hesitation, she also held her hand and declared.

「Me…Me too…I won’t lose… 」

It seemed that a shy girl who had never had the concept of competing with someone finally recognized someone as a rival for the first time. She felt both confused and happy at the same time.

Isu-chan looked surprised at herself for the competitive instinct that was sleeping in her, but Fitis smiled as if she was relieved and said, “Me too”.

The whole conversation was different from normal, but this was also a form of friendship. I noticed that Isu-chan’s smile, after getting a new friend and rival at the same time, looked brighter than before.

「Well then. The Snow Witch and I will protect the territory of the Demon King, so you should go and meet the Emperor Hero with Hell.」

One of the Four Heavenly Kings, Spin, stood next to Isu-chan and urged us to leave.

I mean, this guy was here too, huh. Yeah, I completely forgot about him.

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