It Is a Different World and Yet I Am Cultivating Monsters – Volume 2 – Chapter 77

Chapter 77: The Emperor Hero

There was an Empire ruled by a special Emperor. That same Emperor sat at the center of the throne room.

A small person dressed in a white robe appeared there in a blink of an eye.

「I’m home, Your Majesty the Emperor. I’ve handed over the letter to the other side.」

Tsurugi, a mysterious hero, bowed his head a little.

On the other hand, the person sitting on the throne just muttered the word “Yes” upon hearing Tsurugi’s statement. That person did not even thanked Tsurugi for finishing his duties.

「Even so, with your power, Emperor, it would be possible to overtake the other countries without having that troublesome discussion.」

「It won’t be interesting if I do that. 」

The Emperor, who sat on his throne, smiled with joy for the first time and spoke as if he admonished the person in front of him like a clown.

「I want to show the essence of supremacy to the whole world, but there is no point in doing it with power alone. First and foremost, I would like to meet the “Cultivation Hero” in person. It also sets the policy of how to refine the taste.」

The Emperor felt an absolute confidence in himself and showed expectations and interests for the Cultivation Hero that nobody had seen before.

「And my plan is to confront him. I have to meet him in person and declare war.」

The Emperor showed unwavering feelings with his resolve, and Tsurugi hanged his head in great admiration while looking at the Emperor.

「As expected of Your Majesty the Emperor. Let’s say that you’re going to deal with every single one of them with a playful spirit.」

「As usual, the only clown is the mouth. You can fulfill your purpose as you’d like. Are you sure you want to follow us that badly?」

「Well, I think so. It wouldn’t be that bad. 」

In response to the clown’s response, the Emperor smiled back.

「The same is true for you guys. Right now, we are just playing a joint battle because we have the same purpose. If your personal purpose is incompatible with my purpose, you can do whatever you want.」

The Emperor spoke to the two heroes who were waiting in front of him.

「…I’m here because your goals overlap with my ideals. I’ll act together with you until my goals are achieved.」

The hero among the heroes, the “Brave Hero” Ferid of the Seven Great Heroes spoke those words as he followed the Emperor quietly. And…

「…You can do whatever you want… I just follow your will… 」

At the opposite side. A different person stood next to the Emperor like an aide.

A shadow-like person whose body was wrapped in a black costume. The Emperor spoke to that person, whose face was lifeless like a shadow. The whole persona even gave the impression of a puppet.

「Then, I will be in charge of it like before, older brother. 」

Zahack, one of the Seven Great Heroes and the older brother of the “Emperor Hero”, nodded quietly with an empty expression.

Eventually, the Emperor himself stood up from the throne, while muttering the names of the expected guests, whom he invited to his own realm.

「Similar to the Cultivation Hero… I’m looking forward to seeing you again, Fitis. 」

The hero who bore the name of “Emperor”. The hero who also had an alliance with three great heroes.

The name of the girl he muttered was the name of one of the heroes accompanying the Cultivation Hero Kyou.

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