Cheat Magic Swordsman – Volume 4 – Chapter 58 Part 2

Chapter 58: The Duel and The Execution (2)

I was about to end Radomkos’ life.

If I just wanted to behead him, then it was enough to swing the sword down.

「See you on the other side. 」

With that said, I held the sword high toward the skies.

Then, Radomkos screamed.

「Wait! Listen to me! 」

Hmm? He still got something to say?

Perhaps, it was a will. Should I listen to him?

「What? 」

「Please don’t kill me! …That’s right, money. I’ll give you money. I can give you 1 million. 」

He ended up begging for his life, huh…

Who was the noble he was talking about? Wasn’t he supposed to be a fearsome knight?

Even a female knight would’ve said to me, “I’ll…I’ll kill you!” Yet, this fella was saying something ridiculous…

Besides, money, he said? Was it “his” money? Wasn’t it the money of his House?

When I thought about it, I suddenly noticed that the surroundings were noisy.

Or rather, it was a unanimous kill call.

Even the escort knights participated in the riot.

Was that okay, knights?

Well, in such an atmosphere, I could not help but do it.

That’s all.

「I’m saying this with a good will, and I’m resenting my actions for bringing so much resentment to those around me, and the victory conditions I set.」

He said those words, but I bet it were to save his pitiful life. Besides, I noticed that almost all of the people didn’t buy his talk.

This time I held the sword down in order to chop Radomkos’ head.

The surroundings became quiet as they watched over my action.

「Wait please! 」

A voice echoed from the background.

Again, who was it this time?

「Lord!? 」

「Furza-sama!? 」

Several people in the crowd raised their voices.

Was he the Lord? Wasn’t he coming back in a month?

Contrary to the image of an aristocrat, the man with a trained body but with a tiring look moved forward with a knight from the distance.

What was he going to do with this?

「Hum, are you the Lord? Actually, the victory condition of this duel is to kill the opponent, what should I do?」

「I apologize for his rudeness and for the tax increase. I know this can’t be an excuse but I came here ahead of schedule to prevent the taxes from rising.」

「Well, then I don’t mind, but if this guy roams free, there are likely to be other problems…」

「Of course, I will take appropriate measures in dealing with Radomkos.」

After the Lord said those words…

「Father! You came to help me, right! 」

Radomkos clung to the Lord.

I wondered what the Lord would do to Radomkos.

Then, he kicked his own son.

As it was, the Lord ordered the knight who was waiting behind him.

「Shut up, you’re not my son. Capture him! 」

「Roger! 」

「Why…Why, Father! 」

「I said you weren’t my son! You’re just a criminal. Shut up or I’ll execute you right here!」

「What! 」

One of the knights took off Radomkos’ helmet and then hit him in the head. Radomkos fainted immediately.

「I’m sorry for all this, but I want you to listen to the story at my mansion, can you follow me? Ginta as well.」

The Lord spoke those words. He looked like a decent person.

I should reciprocate.

「I understand. 」

Immediately after I answered, Ginta-san came out from behind the crowd.

「I apologize. 」

The Lord apologized again.

After that, according to the story I heard at the mansion, it seemed that the servant hurriedly contacted the royal capital immediately after Radomkos said that he would raise taxes.

Due to the size of the incident, the deprivation Radomkos’ aristocratic status was immediately decided. The Lord left the royal capital straightaway with Furza-sama in order to execute Radomkos.

It was said that he arrived here as fast as he could, regardless of day and night, by swapping horses and carriages.

Fortunately, Radomkos’ way of doing things was so childish that he was the only one to blame. Furza-sama and the Lord escaped execution because of Radomkos apparent solo act. However, the Lord’s punishment was to execute his own son. By doing so, the Lord and his family were allowed to continue serving the city.

He seemed to have been a good lord, probably because of the trust he had accumulated so far.

Of course, it was okay.

Radomkos’ execution would take place tomorrow, and he would be beheaded by his father, but it was not worth looking at.

I had not requested anything in return nor even a compensation, but at least to this extent, the Lord had decided to provide support to the Coal Mining Association in terms of procedures.

It seemed that the authority of one lord could not move the reduction and increase of taxes. It was something for higher-ups to do.

Some people tried to do it but to no avail.

Thus, the tax increase case by the immature son of a noble had finally come to an end.

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Note: Per the author, Furza-sama is the master of the escort knights.


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