A Wish To Grab Happiness – Volume 9 – Chapter 219

Chapter 219: Both Wings

There were more and more people.

No matter where you were, a crowd of people was looking at you with their weapons. The color of their eyes, which had a mixture of anger, fear and hostility, was very indescribable.

Caria wielded the silver longsword at the forefront of the battlefield, while dripping sweat off her cheeks.

The spears stretched without knowing the taste of the intestines. The iron arrowheads smashed the soldiers’ chest as they approached like rain. Even if just one of those weapons inflicted a wound, a person would easily die. The first thing Caria thought about on the battlefield was how fragile humans were.

People who gathered everyday to lick the ground in search of food as if they feared death, naturally welcomed death in this place called battlefield.

That fragile condition shook Caria’s heart. The claws scratched the back of her chest with a crunching sound. She wondered if he was safe.

「Lugis, damn you. How can you do such a dirty thing to me? 」

Caria muttered at the forefront of the right wing of the Heraldic army. She groaned angrily, while the horse straddling responded to Caria’s words. Apparently, this horse, like herself, had some resentment in his heart. Caria squeezed her sword tight and shook her lips in a disgruntled manner.

She had to focus on the right wing of the army in order to hold the enemy down, and then attack. That was the role given to Caria.

So far, it was working to some extent, most probably because the soldiers were also fighting. There was no sign of great damage. Of course, they would be pushed by numbers over time, but at least they were keeping it now.

However, even so, Caria’s chest never cleared up. She felt annoyed as she gritted her teeth.

“I said that if Lugis asked for my help directly, I’d be willing to accept it. However, I often wondered if that request would include me too. But, that man…”

Unknowingly, Caria wielded the longsword with her strong arms, while frowning loudly. Her sword tip looked delicate, as if she was swayed by her power.

The silver line drew a semicircle in the air, and on that moment, the helmets and necks of the enemy soldiers flew in sky in a harmonious way. The smell of iron struck Caria’s nostrils.

“To be honest, I feel so dissatisfied. If I was going to the battlefield anyway, then it would’ve been better to run on the battlefield with Lugis. If he is far away from me, I won’t be able save him from the grasp of the death god.”

Caria gazed at the center of her army for a moment, and again, she heard a scratching sound on her chest. The invisible anxiety shook her brain, wondering if he was injured now.

“Should I have forced my presence to be by his side instead?”

Nevertheless, every time she thought so, Caria reminded of the time when Lugis asked herself. She recalled the voice telling her what to do, while staring straight at her with resolute eyes.

“Ah no, I’m really no good. I can’t imagine myself refusing that request.”

“Is this a weakness or is it strength? Is it because of my pride or because of my obsession?”

“…But, that bastard. Even though I was deprived of my life, I think it would’ve been good to act a little more respectful and rewarding to me.”

Caria shook the silver longsword on the battlefield, still sighing with a dissatisfaction look on her face after remembering the man that almost lost his life at Belfein.

Every time that swing ran through the battlefield, blood stained the earth, and the death of the enemy soldiers reached the sky.

On the Heraldic army’s left wing. The elves’ army grabbed the bows, albeit slightly, and shot the arrows with spiritual power to penetrate the bodies of the enemy soldiers. Every time the iron bit into the flesh of the humans, the soldiers of the Great Holy Church collapsed on the battlefield one after another, as if they lost their heads.

Their deaths were the proof that the curse of the spirits broke through their skin and bit into their souls.

While the existence of spirits protected the elves, it often harmed the humans. It was like curse itself, meaning that humans with a faint energy of the spirits could only live on the spirits’ territory, or it would hurt the souls of the people with irreversible harm. The spirits were that kind of thing by nature. For humans, the spirits were closer to the devil than God.

Yet, that couldn’t be helped either. Why? It was the humans’ fault since they decided to pray to God and keep the ancient spirits away.

「…No matter how much spiritual arts we have, it’s like confronting a giant with a knife. I can’t imagine lying down in a place like this with just some scratches.」

Despite the fact that the elves had fired as many bows and arrows as possible, the battlefield hardly even shook. Eldith thought whether this action really made sense.

“Still, I can’t stop now. If I don’t attract the enemy soldiers here, even if only a little, he won’t be able to move because of the blocked path.”

Eldith’s line of sight overlooking the battlefield in the rearguard turned to the center of the plains. The flag was swaying and tearing through the wind. That scene looked as if the world was raging like fire.

“Undoubtedly, Lugis is right there. He hasn’t embedded his fangs into the enemy army standing in the middle yet, but he’s still stretching his sword forward.”

“Only then can we imitate that intrusiveness. He is my knight and I am his lord. Is there a lord who is not happy to see the knight struggling to do his best for his master? What a lovely thing, what a worthwhile thing.”

Eldith believed that if the knight ran without turning his back, then the lord had to give a little help too.

Again, the elves’ arrows cut through the hollow. The arrows that knocked people down with a single strike were just burying themselves in the ocean of people. The bottom of the enemy army was still invisible, and the Great Holy Church army was like a giant who behaved freely on the battlefield.

The only way to kill this giant was to decapitate it. Eldith’s blue eyes were slightly distorted.

「Lady Eldith, please back down a little. You being this way doesn’t necessarily mean that the arrows will increase. Don’t forget that your life is important.」

Valet, the personal maid, shook her limbs and spoke aloud to Eldith. Her position was not to be a shield for Eldith no matter what happened.

However, her legs and even her voice were clearly frightened and shivering. She wasn’t originally an elf meant to stand on the battlefield.

Eldith quietly moved her cheeks and leaked some words, even though she said to Valet that she didn’t have to follow her to the battlefield because she was a maid.

「I won’t back down now. My knight is on the battlefield. I can’t afford to miss that majestic figure.」

You can go down, Valet. She replied, I can’t do that. Was it a stubborn personality? Eldith shook her shoulders, saying that this girl might be like her in that respect.

“Even though Lugis and his soldiers are fighting on the battlefield, as their master, I, cannot stay hidden in the tent. I am responsible. Yes, I am responsible for taking care of this side, and I must witness everything with my blue eyes. I have a duty to carry their souls on my back.”

“It hasn’t changed since the day of the civil war in Ghazalia. I have to shoulder them because they went to their death because of my own words.”

“Besides, some things are a little worrisome. It’s such a strange feeling.”

Eldith noticed that she began to hold down the enemy soldiers on her side as expected, which was good. She had to do her best here, because if it didn’t go well, Lugis wouldn’t even reach his target in the first place.

Therefore, it was very good. However, was it not going too well beyond our aim? It was as if the enemy was moving to suppress this.

“…Am I thinking too much or am I being swayed by the heavy air of the battle?”

Eldith’s little lips crumbled slightly.

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