It Is a Different World and Yet I Am Cultivating Monsters – Volume 2 – Chapter 71

Chapter 71: Cultivation Hero VS Dark Princess

「I am sorry, Lord Kyou, and everyone too…I showed you a miserable result after speaking big words…」

「Don’t worry, Fitis. You did your best. 」

Fitis bragged about winning but ended up losing. She apologized to us. I told her not to worry about it, but Fitis seemed unconvinced.

「No, I wanted to participate in the cooking battle so much that I took away my Master’s seat…I was a failure in the end…I am probably cursed.」

Oh gosh. It seemed that Fitis’ pride did not allow her to accept defeat. It was much worse than I expected.

Rather, in this case, she felt angry because she could not give us victory.

「Then, I should do my best next time. Fitis, I don’t feel that you are a burden.」

「Lord Kyou… 」

I put my hands on her shoulders and said to leave the rest to me. Yes, the next match was the fifth round, in other words, the final round. The combination of the match was certain.

「Then, we will announce the combination of the next final round and the designated dish.」

The Gourmet Master disclosed the details surrounding the final battle. The name of the competitors were expected. However, the name of the designated dish was unexpected.

『Fifth Round: “Cultivation Hero” Kyou versus “Dark Princess” Hell. 』

『Designated Food: Japanese cuisine. 』

Yeah, I knew my opponent. Because there was only one opponent left.

Well, to be honest, it was quite surprising that a child like her was a general herself, but what was even more surprising was the designated food.

Why “Japanese” cuisine? Actually, how did he even know about Japan?

「Well, I’m sorry. Gourmet Master. What do you mean by Japanese cuisine?」

I felt worried about it, so I wanted to confirm it myself.

「Hmm. Does the Cultivation Hero not know about Japan? Well, it can’t be helped. Japan is the name of a small island country in the Far East. It is called Nihon*, and the culture of the island nation and even the cuisine is so unique that it makes the tongue of food lovers roar…」

「Eh, you have Japan in this world!? 」

At least, give me a different world-like name, such as Jipangu!!

Ah, but Japanese food may be quite convenient for me. For the time being, I had to confirm how much Japanese food in this world developed.

I wondered if the SUSI I made was Japanese food. Was it?

「Guh, guh, guh. Does this designated dish give you a favorable advantage?」

In front of me stood my opponent, the little girl with one-patched eye. She looked at me with a strange pose.

Wait a minute. How did she know that this could be a favorable condition for me?

「Guh, guh, guh. My evil eye sees into the past of a different person. It’s easy for me to see where you came from…」

Was it clairvoyance? Ah, but in reality, she could see the place, but not really my past from a different world, could she?

Was that the ability of her evil eye? Hmm, it sounded fishy to me.

「Is it okay to choose a designated dish that is advantageous to me?」

「No problem. I can handle a little extra salt. 」

This girl felt overwhelming confidence in her cooking.

Well, she was the person whom my mother chose as a general. Perhaps, she was not just a random little sickly girl.

「Then, the showdown of the final match will be held three days later. Gear up. 」

The Gourmet Master declared those words after our greetings ended.

The little girl, who called herself Hell, left after nodding.

However, just before she left, I saw that her red eye, which turned around slightly at me, had a red murderous aura as if she had caught me and did not let me escape.

「But, Japanese cuisine, huh. I’ve heard from my Master to some extent, but I don’t know much about it. If you are going to make a dish that is only made in remote areas, then you can’t underestimate it.」

「Don’t worry, Fitis. Japanese cuisine is my specialty. Because I’m from there…I guess.」

「Is that so! As expected of Lord Kyou! It’s amazing that you came from that remote place!」

By the way, I moved from the usual yard to a new house that I had built since then, in preparation for the match to be held three days later.

This new house was a two-story building made entirely of wood. I built it with an image of a house from a delusional fantasy I had in the past.

Yeah, the best house in the fantasy world.

「Well, I hope that you have not carelessly said those words. The fact that that young lady has chosen Japanese cuisine as the designated dish herself means that she has a lot of confidence. Above all, don’t forget that your mother is over there.」

I received an advice from my father.

As long as my mother was over there, the food that came out from that side would be modern Japanese food itself.

The people with the most delicate tongue on the planet were the Japanese. It was said that the food they cooked was actually the best in the world.

An opponent who had inherited the Japanese cuisine skills from my mother, who had the knowledge about Japan.

Then, I must not be careless. I had no choice but to make the best ingredients and the best Japanese food that I could make by using the best of those ingredients.

「Okay. Shall we go for the time being? 」

「Where are you going? 」

I answered Fitis, who looked confused when I stood up.

「I have decided. What I can do is cultivate monsters. Then, there is only one thing to do. 」

While traveling, I grew the seeds I got on the trip, the monsters I caught, and the many eggs that fell and strayed in my garden. I had a wide variety of cultivated and grazed monsters that I have never had before.

「A harvest of monsters!」

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*The name for Japan in Japanese is written using the kanji 日本 and pronounced Nippon or Nihon.Both Nippon and Nihon literally mean “the sun’s origin”, that is, where the sun originates, and are often translated as the Land of the Rising Sun.


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