A Wish To Grab Happiness – Volume 8 – Chapter 206

Chapter 206: The Bad Habit of Sticking Out the Tongue

While looking at Lugis, who spoke directly to the liaison soldier, Eldith’s eyes were immersed in an indescribable mood, as if she were disappointed, yet smiling in her chest.

As usual, Lugis did not care what other people thought of him because of his actions. For Eldith, Lugis’ bad habits, which had not changed since the Tower days, were both funny and disappointing.

…The hero Lugis was going to meet General Richard of the enemy’s army on his own.

Such action would definitely plant some seeds inside the soldiers’ hearts. Those seeds could grow in both good and bad ways.

If those seeds grew up to be bad, at least one would turn skeptical. In other words, by starting out bad, if the result proved to be successful then it would open the eyes of the distrusted soldiers. On the other hand, if those seeds grew to be good, it could generate unmistakable trust and credibility. Those were dangerous feelings that could backlash in case of a failure.

Eldith thought it was truly heroic to meet the enemy’s general alone without considering the danger.

Lugis’ actions resembled that of a mighty hero, a fierce knight that fought bravely even amidst danger. Sure, that type of knight that was boldly confronting a strong enemy touched people’s hearts in a way.

If this action went well, the morale of the soldiers would rise tremendously and enthusiastically. Therefore, in a way, Eldith thought there was nothing wrong with Lugis’ behavior.

However, as with all things, if one proceeded on the premise that it would work for sure, then that someone would surely be caught in a thorn somewhere.

It was impossible to make a plan by assuming that it would work. Eldith thought that a plan always involved a large degree of failure.

This time, Lugis could fall into the enemy’s trap, causing him to die.

If Lugis died, both the Heraldic Order and Ghazalia would fall. Eldith felt that something hot was about to appear on her eyes.

In the Heraldic religion, he was definitely a hero. In a place where the lives of the people could perish due to the ongoing campaign, the appearance of a hero could become a foundation that supported the people’s hearts more than Matia herself, who was a Saint.

It was not hard to imagine what would happen if that foundation was lost in the war. The loss of morale would be inevitable, and some would even desert the cause. After all, even if those people spewed joyous fire during the ceremony, it would be superfluous in the end.

“How can we lead Lugis to a dangerous place? Meeting a general from the enemy side is such a silly story.” At the edge of her sight, Eldith saw Saint Matia distorting her cheeks. That expression said that she was looking for some words.

Eldith felt that Matia didn’t want to upset the people around her by showing a strong opposition to Lugis’ idea. Therefore, her expression remained intact. However, Eldith noticed Matia’s sharp eyes, which invoked a clear anger. If she had no eyes around her, her voice would have roared inside the tent.

On the other hand, even if wrong, Lugis spoke whatever he had on his mind without waiting for the words of both Saint Matia and her aide, Largud Ann.

Seeing that figure, Eldith smiled unintentionally. “I don’t think that smiling suits this place, but I can’t control my honest feelings.”

What kind of influence did Lugis have on others with his actions? How would that influence change the outcome? Eldith thought about those questions with curiosity. Was she someone that influenced others that greatly? Eldith was born and raised as a royal, and was now the Fin of the elves. However, she was no hero. A royal was clearly different from a hero.

Well, Eldith thought that Lugis’ bad habit was not exactly bad.

“First, heroes don’t listen to common opinions. A hero is a great man that shakes off all the surrounding eyes and ignores the fence of history. It is a person that moves forward only by relying on his or her own will. In that sense, I can say that Lugis’ nature is that of a hero.”

“Besides”, Eldith had a slight idea of ​​why Lugis gained those qualities.

Eldith recalled the time when the two of them were still imprisoned in the Tower of the Hanging Gardens of Ghazalia. From time to time, Eldith heard of Lugis’ past. Though not that clear, Lugis often talked about his own experiences.

“…Whatever they may be, they weren’t a good thing.”

Eldith didn’t know exactly how bad it was or what actually happened since Lugis never gave details of that past. But Eldith understood that his words had a certain color of truth.

She felt that something bad had happened to him before. Yes, something that made Lugis’ mouth close unintentionally.

Something fatally twisted Lugis’ heart and put an indelible sword (EN: In other words a scar that cannot be removed) in his soul. Eldith’s lips closed and her eyes blinked for several times.

In the end, no matter how bad his habits were, that was Lugis’ defense instinct. He was someone that had to cut off the gaze that was directed at him, and bounce off all the emotions that were given to him. He had lived a tough life in the past.

Of course, this explanation was just Eldith’s imagination, and the truth could be different. However, Eldith had a strange feeling that this reasoning was not far from the truth.

After giving that order to the liaison soldier, Lugis and Saint Matia exchanged several words in front of Eldith. Then, Eldith’s long ears shook upon hearing their voices.

「…There is no benefit in having that sort of meeting. Are you trying to give your heart to the enemy?」

Matia’s calm voice made sense as she tried to correct Lugis’ idea. Her voice contained undeniably sincere thoughts, and there was no doubt that she really thought of Lugis’ well-being.

Even so, Eldith knew that Lugis wouldn’t get shaken by even those words.

「What, I’m not rolling in a bad direction. I’ll just have a small talk with my old friend.」

What Lugis wanted…was also desirable for Eldith as well. “After all, he and I are master and servant, and I am bound to him.”

“If Lugis says he is right, then he is right.” Eldith was someone tied to him and his course. Eldith found a strange uplifting feeling swirling in her chest.

She stood up from her seat and spoke in a voice that caught the ears of Saint Matia and the surrounding generals.

「Then, someone from Ghazalia will act as his escort. Even if it’s a one-on-one meeting, he will need an escort. You can rest assured. I have no intention of getting my knight killed.」

Those were the words professed by the Queen of Ghazalia. Those were the remarks as a leader of the elves. The only person who could clearly disagree with those words was Saint Matia.

Saint Matia closed her lips for a moment, glancing at Eldith with her incredibly stiff eyes. She must have come up with a number of assumptions and calculations in her skull.

Staring at Matia’s profile, Eldith foresaw a word of consent from her lips. After all, the human named Lugis was someone who would forcibly break any commandments and start walking somewhere. The Saint understood that it was wise not to force him to stay. Holding him back was a bad idea, so it would be better to let him go by grabbing the reins.

It was a short pause while waiting for Matia’s words. In the meantime, Eldith turned her consciousness to a slightly different place.

Lugis’ bad habit was due to the indelible sword carved into his soul. That should be correct. And it was no exaggeration to say that Lugis was now tied to that chain of events.

Eldith’s lips created a smile, as if she put a line on her face.

…Rest assured, Lugis. No matter what much you’re tied to, I will always let you go.

“Then, let’s re-tie the knot where it should be. I’m sure Lugis will know where the right knot must be.”

Eldith’s blue eyes, though gentle, created a deep color that nobody could see the bottom.

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Every single girl is the same, well except Ann who is the most rational of them all. Eldith is another crazy woman trying to win Lugis’ affection.


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