Cheat Magic Swordsman – Volume 3 – Chapter 54 Part 2

Chapter 54: The Ship and The Magic Tools (2)

After the ship discussion was over, I paid in advance at the Commerce Guild, dismantled the Wyvern in a warehouse next to the shipyard, handed over the bones, and left the shipyard area.

The information I got was that my ship was not that big and the materials were easy to process, but it seemed that it would take two weeks or so to complete.

By the way, I decided to visit my shop, but when I went to the Maple Catherine Magic Tool Shop, the situation was quite different from before.

Compared to before, I noticed that the number of magic tools placed in the shop looked completely different.

Before, there were only 10 at most, but now there were nearly 50.

I didn’t give any additional money, and they weren’t exactly unsold. It was probably the result of buying magic stones with the selling gold.

The quality was also quite high.

I didn’t appraise it, because it didn’t feel suspicious.

Was it what I was thinking about…? Well, if I looked at the magic stones to some extent from Decibator, I could understand the quality of the magic stones to some extent because of the color and brilliance.

No doubt this was a satisfying level of magic stones.

In reality, I was unknowingly doing an evaluation similar to appraisal.

The appraisal I was using was not exactly Appraisal Magic.

Anyway, I could see the price when I looked down a little.

The cheapest one had a ridiculous price such as 200,000 Tael.

Given the size of the magic stone, the cost of the magic stone itself would probably be 10,000 Tael rather than that insane price.

If it sold with a price like this, it would be a rough profit.

I wanted to hear about the situation, so I asked the clerk at the counter.

The clerk wasn’t the same woman as before. He was actually very muscular like the men I saw in Decibator. He looked like a man who seemed to be able to fight for real if he put his mind into it.

「Is Catherine here? 」

「May I ask who you are? It’s troublesome to ask for the manager’s presence so suddenly.」

When I thought about it, it was normal that he didn’t know who I was. He didn’t know my face since there were no pictures.

It seemed that he was wary of me.

「Ah, it seems you don’t know about me. I am Kaede, and as far as I know I am still the owner of this shop.」

I said those words while showing my Guild card.

My rank hasn’t changed from the usual position, but it would probably go up if I really recapture Broken.

Or rather, I felt they already confirmed that my rank would go up.

At Decibator, at least for me, rank wasn’t that important, so maybe that would be a thing for another time, like a postponement.

Actually, I didn’t find it necessary to haste things, especially when it came to my rank.

「I…I apologize for my rudeness! The manager is in the back room, but I can’t leave the counter unattended…」

「Yeah, it’s no problem. I can go there myself. 」

The clerk was faithful to his job duties.

To be honest, the clerk felt more like a security guard than a shopkeeper.

I wondered if the thieves’ countermeasure system would be completely perfect with a clerk like that.

Upon entering, I noticed that Catherine had just finished her work and was resting.

「Hi. How are you doing? As far as I can see in the store, it seems to be quite profitable.」

「Yes, it already made a big profit. I’ve sold more than 1 million Tael so far.」


A part was for Catherine’s pocket, but how much was her annual income?

「…Is the magic tool shop usually so profitable?」

「No way. My arm…Or rather, the characteristics of magic tool craftsmen are very suitable for this type of magic tool shops, but to reach success, one has to work very hard.」

「Is that so? 」

「Yes, I’m too slow when compared to a wizard, but if I do precise work, I can actually make fast, high-quality magic tools. Of course, it takes time.」

Was the reason because of the inactive magical power* that she had as a skill, or the reason why she could not use magic at all?

If you searched for a person with Inactive Magic and let that person practice with a Wisp core, then that person would most likely mass-produce elite magic tools. Such person would turn into a very good craftsperson.

Was I thinking too much?

Well, there was no problem if it were profitable.

「That’s amazing. You can turn this profit into an investment for the store. Do your best.」

「Yes. Also, I have an armor that I’d like to make, can I make that here? 」

「Do have armor in the magic tool shop? Why do you want to make one? 」

「I have a light and highly defensive armor that uses the magical power of its owner to defend it. I was thinking that I could try to imitate it.」

Ohh, that was awesome.

However, it seemed that patents were dangerous. Would it be okay?

「Do you have a patent? 」

「It’s okay. It’s just difficult to make since the technology is complex. 」

「Okay, do whatever you want. It’s good to try various things. 」

「Thank you! 」

I was extremely impressed by the profits. The store earned 1 million Tael in this short period of time. Catherine worked really hard. In fact, she elevated herself. She was now far from being an ordinary person.

After all, Catherine was the manager of the Maple Catherine Magic Tool Shop and not a random slave. She had her worth as a person and craftsperson.

Mercia was relatively common, but her story linked to a chairman of trade gave her a great status despite being a slave due to unfortunate circumstances. If she weren’t that special, it would be difficult for people to work under a common person much less a slave.

Both of them were in the right place.

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*Catherine’s status was previously shown on chapter 34.


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