A Wish To Grab Happiness – Volume 8 – Chapter 198

Chapter 198: The Spurt of the First Cry

Today, a grand feast enveloped the city-state of Garoua Maria.

Even those who spent their days working to only earn a small amount of money, smiled brightly today as they held bottles of ale with their hands. It was no different for both men and women.

The people celebrated and sang enthusiastically. Their loud enthusiasm was purely forgiven just for today’s feast.

Be it rituals, ceremonies or alliance councils. The names surely varied. However, regardless of those names, today was the day to celebrate the alliance between the Heraldic Order and Ghazalia. A celebration where the people wished they would remain eternal friends.

Of course, the people felt anxiety about the future. After all, the overwhelming power of the Great Holy Church and the allied nations were now turning their fangs toward Garoua Maria. Perhaps, most of the people who celebrated today would die tomorrow. The battlefield was something real and scary, and it was gradually approaching them.

That’s why the people decided to laugh today. Their minds wanted to celebrate the moment instead of worrying about the future when the cold winds would blow.

To live was not to sob against the past, nor to fight against fear by looking at the future, but to walk at the present time.

The whole city of Garoua Maria was living vibrantly today, as if to sympathize with everyone’s feelings.

The ceremony was held in the square of the city. That place was the center of its liveliness.

This place was equipped with various construction items necessary for the ceremony, including a large ceremonial platform.

The ceremonial platform was built on a pile of white stones. The top of the platform was clearly visible from the surroundings. The pile of white stones was illuminated by the sunlight, giving a solemn atmosphere to those who passed by.

Sitting on the ceremonial platform, which resembled a grand table made of stones, were the representatives of the Heraldic Order and Ghazalia.

In other words, Saint Matia and the Queen of the Elves, Fin Eldith of Ghazalia. As a sign of mutual friendship, they were right next to each other while exchanging a few words with smiles across their faces.

Nobody knew which one originally started the conversation. But their exchange looked natural. Every citizen saw this scene and had the following thoughts.

The Heraldic Order and Ghazalia, summing up, both humans and elves were undeniably holding hands at this time. The bond looked surely like an iron chain. Everyone thought there was an unmistakable sign of friendship here.

However, that was not the case. The truth was different. The walls between humans, elves, and other races were unexpectedly deep. The customs, the cultures, and even the languages did not overcome those walls.

It may be that this alliance would eventually go the wrong way.

But today, the citizens of Garoua Maria and the elves of Ghazalia had confirmed their friendship with one another. That was an undeniable fact.

It was still unknown whether it would be ephemeral or eternal.

「Today, at this time, our bond will be carved into history. 」

The echoing voice of Saint Matia covered the sky. Citizens surrounding the grand table made of stones rejoiced in a loud manner. Some wondered if it were cheers or just a huge mass of sound. That sound engulfed the surroundings of the grand table.

「Elves and humans, there are no boundaries between our races here, and we swear to stand up with pride against everything that harms us.」

The voice of Fin Eldith of Ghazalia was swayed by the wind. A reaction that seemed to be strong, but not that different from the reaction to Saint Matia’s words, surrounded the entire center of Garoua Maria.

The citizens all cheered brightly and showed extreme joy with their bodies, but each one of them listened to their voices in order not to miss them.

One by one, each word was engraved in their hearts. The city-state of Garoua Maria vibrated with the echoing of their voices. After the cheers were repeated for several times, Largud Ann, a servant of Saint Matia and the organizer of the ceremony, opened her mouth after watching this scene.

「Well then, we will perform the Heraldic ceremony from here…Lugis, come forward. 」

At the same time as Largud Ann proclaimed those words, a man showed up on a path that connected to the stairs provided for the ceremonial platform.

The name of this man was Lugis.

Some people knew him and raised their voices, while others wondered who he was. Lugis walked along an open path.

This man’s outfit was not something that seemed to be random, but was similar to a military uniform based on dark green hue. The treasure sword on his waist reflected the sunlight and made a dull sound.

His way of walking was far from being ceremonial. Rather, his movement was close to the natural movements of the human body, without any formal or stiff swings. But not only the people, but even Ann and those sitting on the ceremonial grand table did not blame him for walking in a rather informal way.

Almost everyone remained quiet as they waited for Lugis to finish walking up to the ceremonial platform. The citizens who were noisy at first gradually began to close their mouths as they watched only his appearance. Finally, when silence dominated the surroundings, only the sound of the treasure sword swaying and Lugis’ steps through the path echoed loudly.

After climbing through the stairs up to the ceremonial platform, Lugis approached the table where Saint Matia and Fin Eldith stood quietly. His dark green outfit shined well against the white hue of the ceremonial table.

Ann’s mouth, the organizer of the ceremonial event, gave a pre-determined speech. She spoke about Lugis’ achievements to the surrounding audience. She explained how bold and courageous this man was. Her words made it seem as if he made it all by himself.

On the other hand, for Lugis, a sense of ridiculousness consumed his chest. He felt that rituals and ceremonies like this one were too exaggerated.

The ceremony of the Heraldic Order was a ritual that transformed a human being into a hero. It was a ritual to bring someone who was originally born as a mere person into someone blessed by the god of the Heraldic religion.

Ann’s words echoed one more time. After she spoke, Saint Matia stepped forward.

「…Human Lugis. Do you have the will to be born into this world as a hero? 」

Lugis responded by raising his gaze slightly, while keeping his usual appearance. His hair shook in the wind.

「…Yes, let’s say I do. 」

Saint Matia slightly relaxed her cheeks in response. The surrounding crowd did not see very well the change in her expression. She smiled at Lugis, after realizing that his answer was somewhat different from the answer she had originally expected from him.

But that did not matter. After all, Lugis received her words in a way, well, in his own way. He shall be now under the Heraldic Order. He certainly verbally acknowledged that he would be a Heraldic hero. That alone melted Matia’s heart. She felt a deep emotion, which she could not express very well.

「Then, in the name of our great god Offal, Lugis, you are now a hero. God will now welcome you with open arms!」

The crowd got excited by hearing Matia’s piercing words.

Those cheers felt like flames. The crowd of people moved in unison as if they were a single living organism.

A hero was born right in front of them.

Hero was the one who saved everything and everyone. Heroes were those who received the favor of fate. Likewise, a hero was a godly person who rewrote history. And that person stood right in front of them. Everyone’s hearts were uplifted. This event increased the buzz in their hearts since they were alive to witness of an important moment in history.

Lugis’ eyes squinted a little amid those high cheers. Even God did not know what kinds of emotions were swirling deep inside his chest.

There was only one thing that was clear. Now, the story of the hero named Lugis had finally started, just like the first cry of a baby born in this world.

After the loud noise finally settled down a little, Matia raised her voice one more time.

「…Lugis. No, Hero Lugis. Let me congratulate you on your new birth. 」

Matia’s voice, which was strangely smooth yet full of emotion, stroked Lugis’ shoulders.

「Then, to you who were born as a hero, I shall give you a second title…as the Believer and Protector of the Heraldic Order.」

The Saint woman’s lips shook as if they were swayed by the wind.

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  1. More than the gap between humans and elves, I think the gap between Matia and Eldith is way deeper… and its name is Lugis. I’m pretty sure they could go to war for him…
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  2. Lugis has really no say in this. His words didn’t matter. The only thing he can do to be free from both sides is to escape to another world. Poor Lugis.

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