Cheat Magic Swordsman – Volume 3 – Chapter 51

Chapter 51: The Subjugation and The Raw Materials

I strengthened my magical armor in order to prepare for the fight against the Wyvern.

The Wyvern invoked the first breath attack but it had a certain distance. However, even though it did not hit me directly, it was still powerful.

If it caught me head-on at a short distance, I would not be safe.

The magical armor had reached the limit of strengthening when I poured around 10,000 MP into it, so it did not make sense to prolong it more in this fight.

The thickness of my magical armor was about 30 cm, so it probably handled strong magic from a distance.

But I was not sure because the amount of MP consumption fluctuated during the battle, though my guess was probably the right one.

Anyway, Explosion Magic was a blast of over one square kilometer, as I did in the forest, and I even had the Barrier Magic as a helping tool.

Maybe I could use both here because it would not differ that much even if it were a different place. But I decided to only use them if necessary.

Therefore, I prepared about 3000 MP for Pressure Magic instead.

I accelerated forward, while invoking the Pressure Magic.

If I tried to accelerate immediately, the impact would be great but it would not be very suitable for continuous acceleration. Nonetheless, it had an advantage since it did not eat much magical power at the moment of activation.

I spent 10 seconds on this experiment.

Alright, all I had to do now was kill it.

It would be impossible to inflict a single and deadly blow because of the way the magic sword cut through its skin. Therefore, it didn’t make much sense to hit the Wyvern unexpectedly.

I decided to pay attention to only the Wyvern’s breath and go straight in its direction.

The slower the speed, the more efficient was the acceleration magic in order to avoid being injured by the Wyvern.

Yet, it felt troublesome. If this method didn’t work, then I would have no choice but to blow up the entire forest with Explosion Magic and Barrier Magic.

The trees here were similar in hardness to those near Decibator, so it was a waste to use Explosion Magic just to improve my visibility.

Thankfully, I reached the Wyvern in less than a minute.

I wondered if that was the Wyvern’s nest. It was a desolate place since there were no trees as opposed to the rest of the surrounding area.

The place itself felt like a tunnel just like when I found the Wisp.

Looking at the status of the Wyvern, it seemed that the MP value was gradually recovering.

But it didn’t recover one per second, so it shouldn’t affect the outcome of this battle.

The distance between us was about 10m, so shall I slash it down?

…While I thought about it, the Wyvern turned at me, and its MP displayed in my eyes decreased by hundreds of millions point right at once.

After that, the Wyvern opened its mouth.

Was this a sign of the fiery breath?

However, I went all the way through to deal with it.

I did not panic and accelerated fully while activating my Pressure Magic so that I could move to the Wyvern’s right side.

I sneaked into the Wyvern’s feet in less than half a second and thrust my sword into its wings.

The breath, which lost sight of its target, was thrown straight into the forest, charring the trees at its line of sight.

The surrounding trees burned in a radius of about 10 m from the area where the breath hit directly and disappeared.

However, I heard that the trees in the monster realm did not bur at all. How odd.

Well, its power was certainly great, but there was nothing to worry about if I continued to avoid it.

All I had to do was keep attacking with the magic sword and scrape off its MP.

While observing the power of the Wyvern’s breath, I used my sword to cut its wings.

The magic sword got dyed in black except for the root, and I could feel the MP activation.

Perhaps, the maximum value was also increasing, although I did not feel it.

After cutting about 10 cm deep, the Wyvern moved its wings and pulled out my sword.

But I didn’t want to give up.

After its movements pulled out my sword from its skin, I held the sword immediately, and approached its wings again.

The blackness of the sword gradually disappeared from the tip, and it regained its original blue color in about 5 seconds.

When I touched the wings with my bare hands, I didn’t absorb the black hue. But if I cut the wings by holding the magic sword, the blackness appeared.

It was best to give it a try.

For the time being, I slashed the Wyvern again without letting it go.

*slashing deep*

I cut it.

I made a beautiful clean cut with my blade.

The sword, which was about 4 cm thick, put almost its entire blade into the Wyvern’s flesh.

「Gyarhhhhhhhhhhhh! 」

The Wyvern screamed in pain and anger.

I made a sharp cut.

The sharpness was made by pushing the sword with my dominant hand and pressing it deeper with my other hand in order to push the blade toward its bone.

However, I ended up cutting my hand too.

It wasn’t because of the sharpness of the sword that I was injured to that extent, but because my hand collided with the Wyvern’s sharp wings on that moment.

Thankfully, I recovered immediately with healing magic.

I wondered if the Wyvern was recovering too, but the situation was different from before.

Its wound did not heal.

There was no doubt that the resources to recover had run out, or maybe, the Wyvern was preserving its magic for a deadlier attack.

I decided to give this battle a closure.

The Wyvern tried to run away.

I succeeded in cutting off about half of the wing by cutting it straight.

I didn’t want the Wyvern to escape, so I jumped up with acceleration magic and tried to cut off its neck…Success!

Because the length of the blade was not long enough, I could only cut up to a section of the neck. However, it was enough to be a fatal wound.

The Wyvern lost its power and fell to the ground.

The end of the battle was a bit unexpected, to be honest.

Oops, I couldn’t let it be like this.

In order to secure the magic power, I had to cut the corpse.

I put my hand on the side of the blade and cut the Wyvern, but I did not feel that I could absorb it as much as when it was alive.

After making 3 cuts, the effect was almost gone, so I gave up and stored the Wyvern.

When I experimented on a rock spear, it seemed that the MP per second was about 200.

The maximum MP had also reached about 1.2 billion.

Anyway, it was not even noon yet.

Since I ended up preparing the Explosion Magic in advance, I decided to perform today’s blast as planned.

I cut the sugarcane and went straight home.

I went slowly, while flying at a speed as fast as the Shinkansen*.

I brought sugarcane in order to extract sugar. It has been a while since I’ve eaten sweets.

Moreover, I wanted to do the extraction on a larger scale.

In order to accomplish it, I had to cultivate it.

But I had no place.

If I started farming in a carefree manner near Decibator, things could get complicated with the local people and roaming monsters.

Where could I farm it without any inconvenience?

What about the place where I’ve just been?

It wouldn’t bother anyone if I did it on that island.

Although different in size, sugarcanes used to be cultivated on islands such as Hawaii, so there was no reason why I couldn’t use that island as the main production site.

I also had to rely on farming methods, and I remembered one smart method.

In ancient times, humankind learned how to use fire, and its grace greatly contributed to the development of humankind.

In addition, the blessings of Mother Earth, such as forests, were indispensable for humankind.

Therefore, I needed a farming method that made the most of these two.

…In other words, shifting cultivation**.

After that, as usual, after blasting and hunting some monsters, I went to the Guild to report.

I somehow missed the timing to report the Wyvern’s appearance, but reporting its death should be enough too.

The person at the reception was not the usual mayor, but an ordinary receptionist.

「Hello, I’ve come to report on the requests such as logging and subjugation. I’ve also encountered a Wyvern.」

I would be grateful if the flow of this talk could go on smoothly.

「Ooh, so you’ve destroyed a large number of trees as usual…Hmm? I think I heard you say “Wyvern” just now.」

「Yes, it was an Ignis Wyvern. 」

「Did you say Ignis!? I’ll call the mayor! We have to retreat! 」

What a strong flow.

…By the way, I forgot to say that I killed it.

「Ah, sorry. It’s okay, I’ve already defeated it. 」

「What. 」

「I’ve defeated it, so we don’t need to retreat. 」

「…Well, if it’s you Kaede, then it might be true. In any case, I will call the mayor.」

With that said, the receptionist called the mayor.

Soon, the mayor appeared.

「I heard you defeated the Wyvern. 」

「Yes, you can check my Guild card. 」

「…It seems to be true. But there is no reward for defeating a Dragon or Wyvern at the moment, so can you wait until we’ve decided on the reward 」

「Yes, there’s no problem. What about the rank now? 」

He was not that surprised…was he…?

「I threw away common sense when dealing with you. Your rank…The strength to defeat such monster would make you an A, but since your current rank is C, at best it will go up to B.」

I had strength of an A, but I could only climb to B right now.

Would it be a special advance if I were to reach the A-rank?

「Do adventurers from the A-rank defeat a lot of dragons? 」

「No, not really. Actually, if a dragon appears, humans will be already dead. It’s a matter of leadership.」

「Leadership, you say? 」

「Yes. A-rank adventurers are required to not only to have a great fighting ability but to also have great leadership ability. Only those from the A-rank can get a large-scale extermination request.」

It was a story far from my action as a solo adventurer.

「I understand. I will be waiting for your decision. Also from tomorrow the pace of logging will be about 20 times faster.」

「…Okay, then can I start preparing to recapture Broken now?」

Certainly, it would reach that point soon.

There was no reason not to because I was cutting trees to accomplish that recapture too.

「Of course. 」

「Great, we’re going to be busy, huh. 」

「Yes, that’s right. Well then, I’m leaving now. 」

Since the report ended unexpectedly fast, I decided to go to bed instead.

It was a healthy bedtime regime as usual.

Speaking of which, I got the raw materials from the Wyvern, but what should I do with them?

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*The Shinkansen (Japanese: 新幹線, lit. “new main line’”), colloquially known in English as the bullet train, is a network of high-speed railway lines in Japan.

**A form of agriculture, used especially in tropical Africa, in which an area of ground is cleared of vegetation and cultivated for a few years and then abandoned for a new area until its fertility has been naturally restored.


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