A Wish To Grab Happiness – Volume 8 – Chapter 194

Chapter 194: Those who could be slaves

A few words echoed as the sound of the horses’ hooves played against each other.

「Captain Richard, they’re following us. 」

In response to Neymar’s call, Richard looked back, squinting annoyingly. However, Richard ignored it and immediately turned to the front.

Neymar looked back and her expression became cloudy after witnessing her Captain’s actions. Her gaze did not fall on the troops who followed them from behind; instead her gaze fell on the people who walked far in the distance. A rare sight, so to speak.

There was a herd of humans, but apparently not a herd of knights or soldiers dispatched by the Great Holy Church. This herd of humans consisted of men and women, old and young, basically all kinds of human beings who walked along the road with their shaking bodies.

「They’re volunteers. Let them do whatever they want. 」

Richard spoke, while shaking the horse’s chin lightly. Instinctively, Neymar felt a large stiffness and heaviness in the corners of her head.

“What? Let them do whatever they want? Please don’t joke like that.”

The lips of this woman, Neymar Gloria, shook unknowingly. Her sharp eyes became even thinner as she pierced the back of her captain.

Speaking of volunteers, their intentions were good. It was true that they had a great sense of dudy and a large religious enthusiasm in their hearts. They could even think of themselves as messengers of justice.

However, as time went on, they would get hungry, and their will would diminish. They would quickly turn into mobs with weapons.

In fact, it would be a natural occurrence. After all, the existence of peasants and poor people who volunteered as volunteer soldiers was far from the ideal of a fearsome army. These people were not physically and mentally prepared for war. Soon, their existence would become that of beasts. Neymar clearly understood the foreseeable result of their actions.

The Gloria family, where Neymar was born and raised, was not a well-known family who held a government position in the capital. Her family just owned lands in the countryside, outside of the bustling activities of the prestigious families in the cities. Therefore, although sometimes ridiculed as a rural aristocrat, Neymar was well aware of the existence of the common people.

The common people had no education, no discipline, and no morals when it came to matters of their survival. The common people were often weaklings, oppressed by those from a higher lineage. Yet, they could become strong if upheld their beliefs. In order words, the common people were unpredictable in both their thoughts and actions. That was them. Yes, they were like a tamed beast that could go on a rampage and set fire to an aristocratic mansion.

Neymar knew that no one could trust them in places where they held weapons and claimed to be volunteers. Eventually, they would turn their weapons toward the surrounding villages and become like a wild dog that only disturbed public order.

“Let them do whatever they want? What is he talking about?”

Neymar gazed at Richard’s back many times over, wondering why he did not care at all. Her hair swayed as the wind blew. Her lips were even itching.

「What’s wrong, my adjutant? You’re more worried about the idiots behind you than those who are holding spears in front of you. If that’s the case, then this battlefield isn’t for you.」

Richard’s rumpled voice directed at Neymar meshed with a mocking color.

Neymar opened her lips when she frowned. Apparently, she did not remain silent in front of her superior. Her voice was not weak either, and it even increased some strength.

「I would rather go to the battlefield without having those people behind me. The captain is not careful enough.」

In the first place, Neymar did not like this old-looking captain. Neymar heard that this man had some kind of support, but he was still an unknown man. She felt mixed feelings about serving a man whom she did not know even thought she was a low-ranking aristocrat.

An old-looking captain named Richard. He didn’t seem to be a very noble. Neymar had doubts about his origins; perhaps, he was not born as an aristocrat. His actions and words were rough and lacked grace. Neymar wondered why such a person was appointed as a captain of the battalion. Did that man even know the words tactics and strategy?

「Hey, hey. You have a scary expression on your face, my adjutant. It looks like you’re seeking your parents’ revenge.」

Before Neymar knew it, Richard turned around and stroked his white beard. The gesture of Richard showing his teeth and laughing aloud did not go well with Neymar’s personality.

Neymar turned her face away from Richard, intensifying his gaze.

Of course, she understood that her attitude was not appropriate, and she also understood that she lacked politeness.

But by all means, Neymar could not show any respect for the old-looking captain that stood in front of her.

「…I don’t have any scary expression on my face. 」

In spite of his sudden words, Neymar leaked a lively reply from her lips. Richard was already looking forward. Her expression was indescribable. She found that her voice was terribly low and cold.

「Just stop having that awkward look on your face. Why are you so bothered? Have you cared about justice? Have you cared about God? If yes, then view them as slaves of justice. Who on earth will be afraid of slaves?」

Neymar’s shoulders bounced unknowingly. She turned around behind her back, hoping that the soldiers beside them did not listen to what that captain had said. The soldiers just stared at Neymar with strange-looking faces.

The words Richard muttered now were dangerous words. Such words could be taken as an insult to God depending on who heard them.

A secular aristocrat like Neymar would not say anything at all. However, the soldiers were undoubtedly those who were trying to stand on the battlefield with their own faith. If they asked Neymar what the captain was saying right now, she would have trouble to give them a proper answer.

「…Captain, I think you should be careful with your words. 」

When Richard heard Neymar’s voice, which seemed to be irritated somewhere, Richard laughed as he jiggled his neck amusingly.

「I don’t remember saying anything strange. Well, if you’re my adjutant, then be careful not to be a slave to anything.」

After saying those words, Richard no longer looked back nor spoke.

Neymar didn’t like the tone of his words and tried to answer back. However, she endured her urge to speak because she still had to go along with the command of this old-looking captain. Therefore, Neymar just gritted her back teeth slightly as the horse swayed her body.

“I wonder if such lowly and reckless human can cut through the incarnation of vice that controls the sword-wielding power of the Heraldic religion.”

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