Cheat Magic Swordsman – Volume 3 – Chapter 49

Chapter 49: The Dragon and The Breath

For the time being, my errands for the store had been cleared up, so I decided to buy some food and return to Decibator.

The profit should not decrease even if I left the store alone for about 20 days.

It would be a different story if I wanted to increase the number of employees and increase production all at the same time, but I was not going to do unnecessary things that could ruin the market.

It would be different if I talked about creating a new market rather than a city-level business.

For example, iron making.

I returned by flying at subsonic speed.

It ate a little of my MP, but I didn’t think it was enough to hinder two blasting bombs for an hour or so.

The decrease of MP could be covered by the increased amount of INT, maybe.

I arrived at Decibator in the early afternoon, but when I went to the Guild after eating some food, I heard that today’s large-scale logging was cancelled.

The reason was because they had not gathered enough people to deal with the monsters that appeared due to the large-scale logging.

It was difficult for them to proceed with logging without me, since the results would not be satisfactory. Therefore, when I was not present, they could only maintain the status quo.

Well, it was possible to maintain the status quo while defending the area around the city with full power. Still, it was getting hard.

The now increased distance between the forest and the city seemed to be quite large.

Speaking of distance, I rarely saw wheat fields near Photoren, and there was a lot of distance between both cities. What about food as a whole?

Were they eating only meat?

Well, maybe there was some reason.

The distance between cities perhaps played a big role.

I received the meat after handing over the bread at the grocery store. Then, I went out to hunt some monsters again.

I dived into the forest, but I felt there were fewer monsters than usual.

Was it the effect by stopping the logging?

But I did the blasting thing yesterday. The time was too short to impact the monsters’ movements that much.

Well, perhaps, it just happened.

Even monsters wanted to rest sometimes, no?

I went deep into the forest, slashed a few monsters, and threw them into the item box.

I did not discriminate, but I was looking particularly for Garden.

It was a good product rather than a subjugation reward.

The amount of money by selling Gardens was not a big deal, but the reputation and scale of the store was important. The store would be able to prosper if I were to sell popular items.

I thought it was more valuable than the money I could earn by defeating other monsters.

In response to my wish, I saw many Gardens today.

Rather, it felt like the number of Gardens had not changed and the number of other monsters had decreased.

In particular, I did not see a single Black Wolf today.

Was today a holiday for the Black Wolf?

The taste of the Black Wolf seemed to be subtle, but it did not matter much for trading since I didn’t kill any today.

I just killed the monsters I saw and went back to report to the Guild.

「Excuse me. I came to report. 」

「…I bet you have a tremendous number as usual. 」

The Decibator Guild knew exactly what I was doing without seeing my card immediately.

As expected, the Decibator Guild was different from the others.

「Ah, yes. But I felt that the number of Black Wolf was scarce today. Is it my imagination? 」

Rather than scarce, I felt there was none, actually.

「It is true. I have received that report not long ago. Well, there are times when the type of monster changes, especially when the environment modifies on a large scale.」

「What do you mean? 」

「Well. There is a story that something similar happened before when a Dragon appeared, but there is a high possibility the Black Wolf changed locations because of the logging.」

「Dragon!? Are you sure it’s okay!? 」

A Dragon was the most dangerous monster I’ve heard so far along with the Wyvern.

The city would be in danger if a Dragon appeared.

「With our current strength, we can inflict great damage on a Dragon, but I don’t think we can defeat it. For the time being we have gathered some strength and… Well, we don’t need to worry because a Dragon rarely appears.」

「Ehh, I see… 」

I wondered if we shouldn’t be concerned.

「A Dragon is like a big earthquake. We can take some measures, but it will come when it comes as we cannot predict the exact moment. So we cannot be vigilant all the time.」

「…I understand. Well, it’s okay if it rarely appears. 」

「Yes. But I think it would be a big chance if a Dragon appeared. It would be a great chance for wizards with a lot of magical power and users of Wind Magic to showcase their skills to defeat a Dragon.」

Was Wind Magic effective against a Dragon?

But I didn’t know much about Wind Magic.

I could fly, but defeating a strong flying monster was different. It was like imagining a Metal Lizard who could fly. It gave me some shivers.

Well, it was best for me to never encounter such fearsome opponent.

「I pray that it never comes. 」

I said those words and left the Guild.

I accumulated my Explosion Magic and Barrier Magic for almost a whole day, but after confirming that there were no particular problems, I went to bed.

The next morning, as usual, I went into the forest and hunted monsters until noon.

However, aside from the foreground, the number of monsters suddenly decreased when I went a little further into the forest.

It was less than yesterday.

I advanced further while increasing altitude to find some monsters.

I wondered if I went up about 100m and flew a few kilometers into the forest.

However, I had a bad feeling, so I slowed down the pace and stopped raising the altitude.

A little far away, I could see something that resembled a red lump. It was something that I didn’t recognize.

Was the distance between me and that red thing a kilometer or so?

I approached it slowly.

I displayed it in the window with Appraisal Magic and immediately dropped the altitude.

It could be a strong enemy like the Metal Lizard.

Ignis Wyvern*


HP: 2578213/2578213

MP: 5792889899/5792889899

STR: 563

INT: 2792

AGI: 450

DEX: 252

Skills: Wyvern Breath, Flight


It was a monster with a MP of 5.7 billion, a skill that was a breath attack and an evenly high status. The INT was quite high too.

…A Wyvern was similar to a Dragon.

Was it because of the Wyvern that there were few monsters?

Oh gosh, I prayed for it to never appear, but I ended up encountering one straightaway.

It felt like the reverse if a typhoon blew up the school after a student who was having an exam the next day said, “Ah, I wished a typhoon blew up the school tomorrow.”

I decided to go back.

However, I didn’t feel like going back now.

Should I try bombing?

No, it would be bad to do it without a plan.

I should report it to the Guild and ask for their judgment on the matter.

I withdrew from the scene.

I lowered the altitude and increased my speed toward Decibator.

When I turned around, the red lump I mentioned earlier…or rather, it looked like a normal dragon…was speeding up towards me.

At first glance, its speed was about 60 km / h.

It was an amazing feat that a Wyvern advanced towards me while destroying the trees around it, but its speed didn’t decrease at all.

Withdrawal was no good, because the damage to the city would be too big.

…It couldn’t be helped though. Should I attract its attention for the time being?

Well, I had my magical armor, so it should work, maybe.

I wondered if I would fight it before reporting it to the Guild.

So, for the time being, I invoked Explosion Magic.

I didn’t have time to approach it since it would put me at risk, so I used Explosion Magic without using magic barriers.

I did at a 1 km square, and it had the power to blow away trees and monsters together that were concentrated on one point.

The Wyvern continued to rush without even noticing it and the magic ignited about 3m to the right of the Wyvern.

Immediately afterwards, the trees around the Wyvern shattered with a roaring sound. I saw that a big smoke emerged from the blasting area.

Based on that big smoke, there was no way that it would escape.

Did I do it!?

While approaching it from the distance, I felt pleased with the success of the surprise hit.

The smoke didn’t make the surroundings clear, but when I approached the blasting point about 50m away from me, I finally saw the Wyvern.

The Wyvern was alive.

I mean, he was facing me.

Then, I saw the Wyvern open its mouth.

The breath attack!?

Feeling an unpleasant premonition, I hurriedly jumped to the side.

However, I had a hard time changing directions, probably because my speed was quite high at that point.

Moreover, my speed kept increasing in the direction toward Wyvern.

I saw the Wyvern create a breath.

Judging that I could not avoid it, I spent a great deal of MP to strengthen the magical armor.

My magical armor used over a thousand MPs at this point, but better put it now than not doing it at all.

About 0.5 seconds later, the Wyvern fired its breath.

My view was dyed red, but the armor had endured it for the time being.

No, I could feel a great damage since it was the first time the magical armor endured such an attacking force.

The breath scraped off my armor, and it felt like it had been disassembled.

How long would it take to put more magical power into the armor and endure it? I even felt that my magical armor was getting thinner.

The breath stopped.

I felt like less than a second had passed.

However, the damage inflicted on my armor was not small.

Did I lose about 80% of the magical armor?

It would take 80 seconds to replenish it without using the MP for other means.

I would be in a big trouble if the breath came at me before those 80 seconds.

Actually, I didn’t get burned, but I felt the heat in the thin armor and my hands were hot.

This was dangerous.

The Wyvern could fly based on its skills, so I couldn’t escape through the air.

Even if I tried to escape in the opposite direction of the city at the speed of sound, there was a high possibility that it would catch me while I was accelerating.

Since it could fly, it meant that the Wyvern was not a slow creature.

There was no doubt that it would be fast since its AGI was greater than mine.

Even if I tried to escape, it meant the distance between us would decrease, which would be bad given the speed and range of the breath attack.

After all, I had no choice but to fight it bellow its body.

As long as I dived below it, the breath would not reach me that easily, and even if the distance became small, I could avoid strong attacks from the Wyvern.

However, I just wondered why the blasting bomb did not harm its body, but if I had no other choice, then I had to fight it again.

I made up my mind and plunged into the Wyvern’s feet.

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*“Ignis” is a Latin word that means “fire”, which means the monster that Kaede encountered is a Fire Wyvern.


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