It Is a Different World and Yet I Am Cultivating Monsters – Volume 2 – Chapter 65

Chapter 65: Kanban Musume* VS Vampire Noble

「It looks like Spin has lost… 」

「Uh, uh, uh, he is the weakest of the Four Heavenly Kings after all…」

「…He taints us demons for being defeated by a human…」

「Hey you, how can you say that about your comrade? He did his best, didn’t he?」

After Spin got defeated, I heard the conversation between the other members of the Four Heavenly Kings. They were talking about their comrade. Isu-chan started that conversation, while the girl with an eye-patch spoke unpleasant words about their comrade.

「Is there any meaning if you did your best but lost in the end?」

「…I have nothing to say to you. 」

「By the way, Spin. 」

The girl with the eyepatch muttered while eating the food made by Spin.

「In this case, I never cared about your ability to copy of the other party’s food, but Spin, if you did your own thing, your food would have been better, right?」

「…Yeah. 」

Spin replied upon hearing the words of the Gothic Lolita girl. Well, it was true that if he did it from the beginning with his own cooking method on difficult dishes without sticking to his imitation ability, he would have won. That said, he chose sashimi for this battle, and his opponent was Amines. It was highly possible that Fitis and I would have lost if Spin fought normally with other dishes other than sashimi. However, Amines proved to be proficient and won the battle. But to be honest, this battle was not won by luck. It was a good and fair match.

「Well then. We are now going to disclose the opponents for the third round and declare the designated dish.」

The Gourmet Master was about to announce the next match and designated dish.

At present, each party has one win and one loss. In other words, if one of us won the next match, then one of us would have the upper hand. In that sense, it was no exaggeration to say that the next mid-level match was the most important match that could set the outcome. Summing up, the tide could change dramatically in this battlefield depending on the outcome of the next match.

I fully understood that. Tension ran not only on us but also on the Demon King’s side. The Gourmet Master disclosed the details of the next round.

『Third Round: “Restaurant Owner Girl” Mina versus “Vampire Noble” Alucard. 』

『Designated Food: Noodle dish. 』

The moment I heard the names for the next match, I clenched my fist without knowing it and turned to Mina-chan, whose name was written on the match table. I was worried about Mina-chan’s spirit since she was shy, sensitive and, most importantly, she became the important key for the next mid-level match. However, I noticed that Mina-chan had a calm appearance.

「I see. So this girl will be my opponent, huh. 」

When he saw it, the vampire Alucard looked down on Mina-chan as if he thought of his opponent as a delicate rose.

「Honestly, I wanted revenge upon that beautiful beast that defeated me on the battlefield. But, it seems that she isn’t participating on this cooking battle. Too bad.」

Alucard looked disappointed. Mina-chan declared with a resolute attitude while looking at the man that stood in front of her without being pressured.

「She is my best friend. She is in the middle of an important battle, so she can’t come here. But I vowed to fight for her in this culinary competition. If you want to fight her, then fight me, but you better fight seriously. Or you will regret it.」

Although Mina-chan looked like a helpless ordinary person, she showed a dignified strength against Alucard’s mighty existence. Alucard was not interested in Mina-chan until she showed her strong resolve. He muttered “Oh” to the ordinary girl that stood fiercely in front of him.

「I see. I was being disrespectful. I thought you were a mere flower that grew on the roadside, but it seems you are quite fearless. I like your guts. I am looking forward to the next match to see how much a mediocre flower like you can shine.」

After saying those words, Alucard threw a rose from his hand and quietly disappeared into the darkness. Since when was he like that? Especially the rose, what a peculiar character.

Mina-chan, on the other hand, had a resolute attitude, but when I looked closely at her, I noticed that her shoulders shook slightly and her knees were bouncy. No matter how strong she was, Mina-chan was just an ordinary person among us. She was a city girl who was good at cooking and owned a restaurant, but she had no power. I felt sorry to have her involved in a cooking battle such as this one, so I approached her to apologize, but Mina-chan smiled brightly at me. I wondered if she saw through my heart.

「It’s okay, Kyou-san. For Kyou-san, for Lily-chan, and for everyone else including myself…I will surely win.」

Mina-chan, who was usually very nervous, clearly declared those words. I felt the weight of her determination; therefore, I just quietly nodded in response to her thoughts.

「…Yeah, I’ll leave it in your hands. Mina-chan. 」

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*A pretty girl who attracts customers to come inside a shop.


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