A Wish To Grab Happiness – Volume 7– Chapter 137

Chapter 137: The Meaning of Those Names

「…My name is Filaret La Volgograd. 」

Inside Lord Belfein’s house. At the front door of the drawing room, Filaret’s black hair swayed when she professed her name after Caria professed hers. At first, her black hair was not perceptible. However, when she lowered her head, her black-colored hair spread out to her shoulders.

Both of them stood still for a while, as the servant went to inform the Lord of their presence inside the drawing room. Aristocrats, and especially Lords, did not meet sudden guests. Lords had the power to summon guests beforehand whenever they liked. Many of these wealthy and powerful people did not like others to see them in a light-hearted way.

There was even the custom of good manners to keep the guests waiting for a while. Lords wanted to show others that they were extremely busy people. Therefore, making guests wait to be summoned actually made the Lords feel superior to other people.

Unintentionally, Caria sighed in her heart. She felt frustration. She knew that the joy of the aristocratic people or the people from the upper class, was just for preeminence. Caria knew as much since she was from the upper class as well. That was why Caria hated this endeavor, to lower herself before another upper class person.

In a brief moment Caria unknowingly shook her lips and asked Filaret if this was the right choice. Filaret mysteriously blinked her black eyes upon hearing Caria’s words.

「Right choice, you say? Why are you regretting this choice now? We actually haven’t done anything unscrupulous, you know?」

Filaret’s mouth moved in a very natural and soft way. Those words had a tone that did not hide something or made someone tense. Caria and Filaret did not have an amicable relationship, but Caria understood her well. Involuntarily, Caria’s white throat rang.

「Don’t twist my words. I actually don’t mind making this choice, you see. I was actually talking about you. It’s not too late for you to go back to your home country. That’s all.」

Caria murmured with a whisper tone.

Until now, Filaret and Caria’s names had not been matched to their success, and they had never been widely announced as Heraldic rebels. A female swordfighter and a female wizard. Only those titles spread. Both of their real names remained a mystery. At least on the side of the Great Holy Church. Their existence had not been revealed at all.

Things were moving on so quickly. Those who didn’t already noticed would eventually notice. Their entities could be revealed at any time now.

However, there were probably two reasons why their names had not been known so far. It seemed unbelievable how their prowess was known but not their identities, which was hard to believe.

First. Wealthy and powerful people did not want to spread the rumors that an aristocrat and a knight of the upper class had fallen into the savagery of the Heraldic religion. In other words, the Cathedral and the upper classes of the Gharast Kingdom tried to cease speculations. The two silvery ponytails shook as Caria smiled in a sarcastic way.

The Saint Revolution, the Judgement Gate, the Gospel War. The Heraldic Order referred to a series of battles by individual names, but of course, the Cathedral did not do the same. The Cathedral and neighboring countries referred to this series of battles as the Great Rebellion of the Heraldic Order.

Therefore, from the perspective of the Great Holy Church, this was not a noble war, but just a rebellion. Those who participated in it were nothing more than just stupid, vague, ignorant and ordinary people. No aristocrat or knight would agree with this meaningless battle. For them, this battle was by no means an honorable battle. For them, it was just a savage act of foolish humans shouting in an irresponsible and childish way. So it seemed.

Because of that view, many aristocrats in the Gharast Kingdom or neighboring countries did not understand the magnitude of the matter. Caria’s cheeks moved in a strange way, resulting in a bitter laugh. What a weird appearance she had.

Caria had a hunch. A culture that loved to step on other people’s backs. That culture was what kept the aristocrats alive, and now, they were trying to hide their rottenness in order to survive.

The other reason why Filaret and Caria’s names had not yet spread. It was quite simple for Caria.

Caria knew who was hiding her name. Her own father, Barberridge Burdnick. She did not know what the parents of Filaret were doing, but her father must be doing his best to conceal her name.

Caria’s father had repeatedly told her not to tarnish their family name. Caria’s eyes quivered upon realizing this fact. Her father probably knew that his daughter was under the command of the Heraldic Order.

The Burdnick family was by no means in a good position. Rather, the position would only get worse day by day. However, Caria’s father was good at politics and laying the groundwork. His eyes could be bleeding, and he could be struggling to hold his sleep. However, he only hoped for one thing.

For his real daughter to die as soon as possible in order to save the Burdnick family.

Perhaps, that was the true reason why Caria’s name was not widespread. Of course, there might be completely different factors, but Caria could not think of other scenarios right now. In any case, it was true that their names were not known yet. If so, aside from Caria, Filaret could return to her home country. By doing so, it would be possible for Filaret to stop living a life full of battles and hurdles, and return to the previous peaceful days.

Even so, it was necessary for them to give their names here. After all, each of them had now made a name for themselves as an aristocrat and as a knight. They were acting based on the name of their respective houses.

At the same time, Caria had some doubts. Should she behave like any other time and withdraw from the Heraldic Order? It was not too late for Caria to step away. All she had to do was leave the Lord’s house right now. Otherwise, things would get messy. No matter how much she suppressed it, the whispering voices of those around them would lead to the inevitable. The names of both Caria and Filaret would crawl out to the neighboring countries along with their family names. They would surely bring dishonor to their families and houses.

Well, despite that, Caria thought she could not go home anymore. If she went back because of her father’s feelings, she would not be put under house arrest again. She would be assassinated or she would spend her entire life trapped in a clerical house of the Great Holy Church.

However, what could she do?

Caria felt her silver eyes distorting in an unpleasant manner. Even her spine became hot. She felt as if the depths of her brain scorched.

“…I can’t go back anymore. My eyes are chasing his shadow and my ears are trying to hear his footsteps.”

Unknowingly, when such thoughts emerged in Caria’s chest, her cheeks dyed in bright red. Her feelings were too strong to ignore.

Caria hated this side of her. She thought that it did not suit her at all. Caria could not tolerate such a disgraceful thing. Why did she always try to follow him? Caria thought that it would be better to leave him be. All she had to do was try to find her own path.

When Filaret heard Caria’s words about why she did not go back to her home country, her eyes quivered in an unexpected way. Then, in the next moment, Filaret sharpened her lips and said.

「I won’t be going back. If I went back to my country, I won’t have Lugis by my side.」

“Ah, I see.”

Caria understood Filaret’s feelings, who told her that she would not return to her home country anymore. In other words, everything remained unchanged. Caria was the same as this Sorceress.

Both were in a place where they could not go back. Actually, neither their names nor statuses worried them.

When Caria shrugged her shoulders upon hearing Filaret’s response, the door of the drawing room finally made a noise.

They waited a long time. Caria’s silver eyes narrowed upon seeing the existence of a Lord who was good at keeping people waiting. Mordeaux Gon, the Lord who dressed in extravagant attires, shook his thick lips and spoke.

「You came to visit me, so I shall welcome you as my guests. My name is Mordeaux Gon and I am the Lord of Belfein. You may come in.」

Mordeaux was not alone inside the drawing room. He even showed a proud attitude as he brought a woman out from behind the door. Her hair, shining as gold, was swaying brilliantly.

「And I thought it would be courteous of her to say hello to the both of you. She is the famous Saint of the Cathedral…」

Mordeaux’ low roaring voice echoed in the drawing room. Following his voice, a soft and audible voice engulfed the surrounding air.

「…Nice to meet you. I am indebted to Lord Mordeaux for staying in his house as a guest. Please call me Ariene.」

Golden hair and shining eyes. The Saint named Ariene.

Caria’s silver eyes shook in distortion inside the drawing room.

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