A Wish To Grab Happiness – Volume 7– Chapter 136

Chapter 136: Domination

…If a person is suspicions of something that she always believed in, then what should this person do?

Ariene’s golden eyes sparkled upon hearing the words that leaked from Vestaline’s pale lips. She seemed to seek advice. Vestaline truly wanted an answer to her question.

“Ahh, but I don’t have that qualification right now. The reason why my head hurts is no different from Vestaline’s anguish. If there is an answer to both of our problems, then I would like to hear it soon.”

Ariene’s pain pierced her chest, then her forehead and limbs. It felt as if a knife cut her flesh open. The trapped dark emotion in the depths of her heart pushed the “door” open again and rampaged to the surface.

Vestaline’s eyes stared suspiciously at Ariene, who spoke no words at all. Ariene stroked her chest, hoping that this room remained dark. If the lights were on, Vestaline would have seen Ariene’s blueish expression.

However, the next moment, Ariene’s facial expression distorted. Fundamentally, she did not find any solution to this problem. “What revelation should I give to this troubled woman? I just don’t know what to think or say.”

“What does she mean? Actually, how could I listen to other people’s worries when I could not handle my own worries? The Saint candidate was just a name. My title makes me sad. I am almost shedding tears.”

Ariene’s heart was no longer in a normal state. She felt her agitated heart because of the repeated thoughts. Her darkish emotions consumed her soul from within. With this mental upheaval, even the troubles around her made her feel sick.

Still. Even if it were mere titles, being the Saint and the Songstress gave Ariene some support.

“Yes, it was my role now to help Vestaline. If so, then I must give her salvation. People gave me two names, even though I was just a candidate. Was not this salvation what God Altius instructed me to do? I shall ask for salvation in order to give it to others.”

“After all, it is the role of the Saint to give salvation to those who seek redemption. However, I am not allowed to give myself this so-called salvation.” Now that she was a candidate to be the Saint of the Great Holy Church, Ariene was not allowed to reach out for help.

“…Ah, that’s right. It is my role as the future Saint to seek and give salvation to others.”

The moment she thought so, the pain in her head disappeared. Naturally, Ariene’s little lips began to smile.

「…Rest assured, Vestaline. I understand your worries. It’s painful to have doubts about someone you care about. We don’t want to doubt such people, but once we have doubts, we cannot stop thinking about it.」

Ariene spoke to Vestaline like a true Saint. The only sure thing Ariene had now was her saint-like face. Ariene convinced herself somewhere in her heart, although it felt strange that such words naturally leaked from her mouth.

“In my heart, I coexisted with myself who understood everything and at the same time with my other self who did not understand anything. Was it reason or instinct? Or was it something completely different?” Apparently, there was something, which Ariene could not understand.

“However, there is one thing I know. No doubt about it, I finally found the answer.”

「You must pursue what you desire. Being suspicious is not mistrust. In fact, everyone has seeds of doubt in their own hearts. However…」

“Yes, people are weak. At any given time, everyone will have doubts in their hearts. Perhaps, even the Saints of the past had doubts about certain people too”, Ariene thought.

“However, I believe that people are not that weak enough to stop from having doubts.”

「…I think it is most important to take action to clear it up. Yes, you should not worry about the repercussions that comes with it. Because, you don’t want to keep crying like a tragic performer, do you?」

Ariene noticed that Vestaline’s lips tightened for a moment. Ariene was sure that her emotions were shaking deep inside of her heart. Ariene did not know how she would take her words. But, one thing was sure Vestaline’s heart was dying to make a choice.

However, if one looked at Vestaline’s eyes, one would understand. Ariene felt that Vestaline had begun to comprehend what she was saying. Behind her eyes, something that resembled heat began to sprout again.

“Great. It seems that I was able to imitate a Saint. I was able to take the hand of a depressed human being who sought salvation.”

「…Thank you very much. Lady Ariene. I feel like your words saved me. Yes, this isn’t like me. A tragic performer in a dark room.」

Ariene smiled when Vestaline thanked her.

Upon hearing Ariene’s words, Vestaline blinked her eyelashes in a suspicious manner. Ariene wondered if Vestaline did really understand the meaning of the words she received.

Nevertheless, the words of gratitude were by no means a way to repair the situation. Vestaline thanked Ariene from the bottom of her heart. She said that she was able to recover herself thanks to Ariene’s advice.

Yes, it was because of Vestaline’s worries that Ariene was able to pave her way.

“Even though I tried to behave like a Saint, I am still worried. About the betrayal of my childhood friend Lugis. How foolish can I be.”

“Despite saying that he would eventually pick me up at the Cathedral, he chose the Heraldic religion instead. Now he is my enemy and is taking the hand of another woman.”

“Deplorable. I cannot accept it. Just thinking about that fact hurts my chest to the point of being cut open.” Ariene could feel the dark emotions crawling up from the back of her viscera. The corners of her eyes naturally felt the scorching heat.

“But I already understand the reason for his betrayal. My heart is full of peace now. It was my entire fault. Why did Lugis betray me? I was running away from this question.”

“I was trying to convince myself that he did everything for freedom. I tried to dissipate the suspicion and uneasiness I felt in my chest. Yet, it was not worth it. Running away did not solve anything. The reason why Lugis let go of my hand was…”

“…In other words, I did not give salvation to Lugis.”

“I could not be a salvation for Lugis, even though Lugis was my salvation during my days in the Cathedral. Surely, he must have immense tears in his chest. He probably went through intolerable hardships. Yet, I could not be by his side in order to save him from them.”

“That is the reason why Lugis is with the Heraldic Order now. That place has become his supporting pillar.”

“I feel sorry. I doubted him for moments. It feels embarrassing to ask myself why he did such a thing. In other words, was it not all derived from my unfaithfulness?”

Then, the rest was easy for Ariene. She decided the measures she had to take. It was easy now.

“…I just need to remove all the unnecessary surroundings from Lugis and be his only salvation.”

Lugis was nothing but a human being. Ariene could tell so because she had been watching him since he was a child. He had some weak and fragile parts. Ariene was sure that he would want to rely on something. Ariene knew there would be a time when he would want to reach out to something. Naturally.

“At that time, he may accidentally ask for help from other people other than me.”

Ariene felt that Lugis fell in a big misfortune. Those people were letting him make the wrong choices. In fact, even now, the wrong choice was the Heraldic religion, since Lugis was being defamed as a great sinner.

Ariene’s chest boiled with heat. The muddy and sticky dark emotions that lurked in her heart still crawled from the back of her viscera. However, there was only one brilliant conviction amidst the hatred and darkness that consumed her heart.

“Lugis, I will make sure to take everything away from you. The Heraldic religion, the Guilds, your status, everything. Then, when I am the only one around you, I will happily take your hand as an oath. I will give you salvation when you seek salvation to the fullest. Yes, I have decided.”

“So wait for me, Lugis. I am truly sorry that my unfaithfulness has given you a predicament. But in the end, I will be the one to save you from that predicament.”

In the dark room, Ariene’s expression could not be seen by anyone, by neither Vestaline nor the servants. However, Ariene’s expression had a beautiful and lustrous smile that she had never shown to anyone before.

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Ohhhh it seems this Ariene is very different from the Ariene from the past timeline. Or…Perhaps, the real Ariene had already these dark feelings in her heart? It looks like Lugis’ actions made her hidden feelings burst, unlike the past timeline, where she had no need to be her true self.


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  1. Even the Childhood Friend is Yandere from him. Lugis is a lucky guy that he only went through hardships in the past timeline. Now he has crazy women after him.

  2. Damn, Ariene is the most batshit crazy girl of the story by far. But i guess that can happen when all of your certainties crumble or are bound by one only thing.

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  5. Was Lugis handed over to the one named Hero after his failed raid on Belfein? Why didn’t his comrades respect him when he, at the very least, fought against an entire city?

  6. Actually, she might have not changed. The big point for her was Lugis being her salvation in that final meeting which he didn’t do last time. Which meant she spent her time waiting for him and was broken in by the church, becoming “perfect” Saint.

    In the first timeline though, she was the only one to treat him as a human, the only one to keep him in the party. Maybe that was her way of getting back at him for abandoning her. I am not sure she actually loved the hero either, though Lugis saw it that way, he is already shown to be dense as hell. Maybe she just liked the way he was grinding down Lugis.

    So at the end of the road, he would be just hers. Broken and shattered, but hers. The end goal hasn’t changed, but the second timeline is going to war for it.

    • There’s a pattern in the heroines. They all experienced great tribulations that shattered their hearts and reduced them to puppets that could only blindly follow according to their roles.

      I have my suspicions over whether it was romance or not, but all of them being drawn to the hero in the last timeline probably wasn’t a misperception. He could grant them light and path to follow when they lost the courage to forge their own. The protagonist might have been rejected in part because his stubborn insistence was like a mirror that negatively reflected on themselves, they needed to make him give up to convince themselves that giving up is both inevitable and correct. They probably were much more conscious about him than they appeared to be, but I don’t believe any of them had feelings for him in that timeline. The Songstress probably treated him with superficial kindness as someone who abandoned her when she most needed emotional support. Outwardly warm but distant, as a saint should treat a childhood friend. Although she treated him decently, she had reason to resent him, and I suspect she might have been his worst bully by pulling strings and manipulating psychology.

      In this timeline, though, he found and saved them when their hearts were merely shattered rather than atomized. Even though he saved them, they’re still broken. Without his presence to anchor their hearts, they’ll return to collapsing. Instead of puppets, they’re now more like undead, driven by a twisted obsession, resentment, and unstoppable hunger.

      • Hello dear reader. The editor and I are very fond of your posts, which show an interesting perspective and exceptional writing. Please keep sharing your thoughts about this novel as we can’t wait to hear more.

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