It Is a Different World and Yet I Am Cultivating Monsters – Volume 2 – Chapter 60

Chapter 60: Father VS Mother

First round.

When the judges announced the opponents and the designated food, the facial expressions of my parent’s faces changed. They were full of bright smiles.

「As expected of you, husband. It looks like you already knew this match order.」

「Of course. I believed that you would order everything from scratch. In other words, I knew that you would be the vanguard. But to be honest, I was a little disappointed with the designated food.」

「Oh my, is that so? I’d rather attack you with a kingly approach when it comes to cooking.」

I noticed that both of them had the look of respect as pure fighters. They recognized each other’s abilities. Both of them were filled with an intense atmosphere.

「Well, then. Let me explain the rules again.」

The Gourmet Master, who served as a judge this time, explained the rules.

「First, we announce the opponents and disclose the designated food. After that, we give three days to prepare the designated dish. Then, the cooking battle resumes at this place three days later. This process will be repeated until either team wins three times. In addition, the victory or defeat is determined when either team wins three times. For the subsequent cooking battle, it shall be carried out to the end with no problems as long as both parties desire it. Do you have any objections?」

「I don’t have any. 」

「That’s okay with me. 」

The Gourmet Master quietly nodded upon seeing the mutual agreement of both my father and mother.

「Good. Then, three days later, Himuro Keiji versus the Demon King Fafnir will take place. Mapo Tofu is the designated dish. In a cooking battle, the taste is important, but we will judge how well you can cook the specified dish, and if you can show the “proper commitment given to your own dish”. Therefore, the criteria with include your skills, originality, and pride in being a chef. It means that both sides have to give their very best. We expect at least that from you.」

At the end of the Gourmet Master’s statement, the first round of the cooking battle had already begun.

「To be honest, it was surprising that my mother acted as a vanguard, but I was even more surprised for her to choose Mapo Tofu. Is Chinese food popular in this world?」

「Well, kinda. But, I do know the reason why. Your mother was in Japan with me for a while. In other words, at that time, she learnt about the dishes of Planet Earth.」

「Ah, I see. 」

My father gave me that answer. Did that mean that my mother could transfer to my world? That would explain why I was born in Japan and not in this different world.

「Even so, my mother is a self-confident person. Mapo Tofu is one of father’s specialties, isn’t that right?」

Yes, my father, Himuro Keiji, specialized in Chinese food. Among them, Mapo Tofu was one of my father’s favorite dishes. In fact, I lost against my father in the Grand Cooking Tournament because of his amazing Chinese food. Moreover, I felt that it would be difficult for me to surpass the taste of my father’s Mapo Tofu, even though I improved my skills over time.

「Yeah. I was surprised about that. Because when I started a restaurant on Planet Earth, the first thing I taught her was Mapo Tofu.」

Eh, is that so. I have never heard about my parents’ story before, so it was a brand-new information.

「She was someone who learnt everything quickly. Her cooking skills in particular were amazing. She also mastered all the Chinese food that I taught her, and at one point, there was a time when she became even more popular than I was. Well, she quickly got tired of it and quit.」

「So, in sum, my mother is as good at cooking Chinese food as you father? 」

「I don’t know how much she has improved. But, I’m sure she is confident enough to select Mapo Tofu as the designated food.」

There was an unusual trembling voice in my father’s words. However, I immediately realized that it was not fear. What he felt was the excitement of a warrior. In other words, he trembled because he could not wait for the fight to happen.

「It is getting interesting. I wonder if I’ll be ready for this fight. Fortunately, most of my ingredients are already in place.」

「By the way, father, are you growing vegetables in a garden like me? Are you going to get them now?」

「Oh, do you want to come with me and see it for yourself?」

At hearing my father’s invitation, I accepted it along with the rest of the members listening behind me.

「Yes please!!」

「Incredible. It’s really a vegetable farm.」

A farm with various vegetables spread before my eyes. Not only cabbage fields, but also cucumbers, tomatoes, eggplants, potatoes, and bell peppers. I even noticed fruits such as apples and grapes, which were widely planted in the farm.

「Well, I successfully grew all kinds of vegetables this way. I have already sold some of them to the local markets, but I am proud of them. Besides, they are quite valuable since I can only grow these type of vegetables in this farm. Would you like to have some?」

「Is it okay with you!? Father.」

「Yeah, I don’t mind it. Especially the cuties. You can take as much as you want.」

Fitis and Mina-chan gladly accepted my father’s proposal and leaned on the vegetables that had grown on the ground. I planned to get some later, but I was more concerned about something right now.

「So, what kind of vegetables do you plan to use in your confrontation against mother?」

My father smiled upon hearing my question and said, 「Follow me. 」. He then walked to the backyard. I walked by a fruit area, and I was fascinated by various types of fruits. Eventually, my father stopped at a certain place.

「I’m going to use this.」

「This is…Father, the designated food is Mapo Tofu, did you forget that!? Are you crazy!?」

My father pointed to something that I wouldn’t even think of. And suddenly, I doubted my father’s sanity. However, my father was confident and looked rather pleased with my reaction.

「Ah, you already know the answer to that question. Well, either way, look forward to it.」

「Well then. It has been three days since the announcement was made. It seems that both sides are ready to cook the designated food.」

「Of course, I am ready. 」

「Yeah, I’m ready as well. 」

Three days had passed since my father showed me his vegetable farm. My father was going to use the ingredients from his farm. However, I knew that my father wasn’t going to follow a conventional way. In fact, I was intrigued about the food he was going to cook.

「Great. Then, I announce the First Round of the Cooking Battle. Himuro Keiji versus the Demon King Fafnir. The designated food is Mapo Tofu…Start!」

Upon hearing the Gourmet Master’s pronouncement, my father and my mother grabbed their knives simultaneously and began cooking!

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