This Hero is invincible but too cautious – Volume 4 – Chapter 165 Part 1

Chapter 165: Research and Training (1)

「Let’s leave him here for the time being. 」

Seiya returned to his usual calm demeanor, and decided to leave Enzo behind.


What did Seiya think and feel about the Twisted Exfolia and the existence of Princess Tiana? I wanted to ask him that, but Enzo looked up in the air with his tempestuous-looking eyes and shouted aloud.

「Urgh, urgh! Argh, argh! 」

「Something serious is going on with Enzo, can’t you see!? 」

「It’s okay. He will recover after a while…Maybe. 」

「Maybe, you say! That’s not very reassuring! 」

「By…By the way, Seiya. Are you going to return this old man to his world? 」

「I wanted to do that, but it’s dangerous for us to go to the Twisted Exfolia. At least, for now. I have to stay in the Underworld until my research and training are complete.」

I…I knew it. Training was all he thought about. What kind of training…Wait a second, huh?

「Hey, Seiya. Did you just say “research”? About what? 」

「My research concerns a modern weapon that didn’t exist in the original world up until now…I have to know all about small arms.*」

After saying those words, Seiya took out a shining black gun from his pocket. Ah, that gun was certainly the…

「This is the first gun used by that transformed-looking guy. And…」

Seiya also took out a dull-colored rifle.

「Enzo carried this rifle. In other words, even ordinary people like Enzo can easily obtain guns in that world. This is a worrying situation.」

「But those bullets could not penetrate your Berserker skin, am I right?」

「I’m not always in the Crazy Warrior state. The bullets can inflict me considerable damage if I am in my normal state. And of course, we should consider the existence of more powerful guns than the ones we’ve seen so far. It is not hard to imagine that there are bullets made with the power of the Chain Destruction. There’s a high probability that they have modern weapons capable of destroying both my soul and the gods’ souls.」

Celseus and I trembled upon hearing Seiya’s speculation.

「That…That means that both Lista and I will surely die if we get shot…! I don’t want to return to that word…! I’m scared…!」

「No…No, but Celseus! We don’t know if they have such a weapon yet!」

Even though I responded with a forced smile, I felt that Seiya’s assumption could be correct. The power of the Chain Destruction also existed in the original Exfolia and the Twisted Geabrande. Since the original world had the Chain Destruction, it felt rather obvious that the Twisted Exfolia would have that power as well, much more now since it has increased the difficulty rank…Moreover, the guns in the Twisted Exfolia seemed to fire “air” instead of normal bullets! Did that mean that the Chain Destruction could be mixed with air as well? What was going on! C’mon!

「That’s why I am going to disassemble and study these guns from now on. Celseus. Bring Enzo with you and lock him up in the storage room of Uno’s house.」

「Un…Understood. 」

Seiya created earth snakes and gave them to Celseus as per his instructions. Celseus felt a little reluctant to accept those creepy snakes, but he managed to restrain Enzo with them before he returned to his sanity. Those snakes also acted as guards.

「Lista. You will wait in your room until I give further instructions.」

「O…Okay. 」

…After parting ways with Seiya and Celseus, I greeted Uno and Due, and then I returned to my room on the second floor and laid down on the bed.

…Seiya was planning to do his regular training plus some research on guns, huh. I wondered if we would stay here longer than usual.

After that, I didn’t do anything special. So I thought about the Twisted Exfolia where Princess Tiana, my previous self as a human, existed. But like the Twisted Geabrande, I felt that the Twisted Exfolia would be far beyond my imagination. The twisted worlds were clearly different from original worlds. Moreover, I didn’t even remember when I was Princess Tiana in the first place.

…It won’t do me any good if I kept thinking about such things.

I stopped thinking too much. However, I felt a vague anxiety about the world in which I lived in my previous life.

Third day. Noon.

I was frustrated while cooking Seiya’s, Celseus, and Enzo’s meals with Uno.

…No way!! It has been three days already!! Seiya said to wait “until I give further instructions”!! But, in the end, nothing had happened!! Was that his lip service**!?

For the past three days, Seiya remained confined to his room. Even if I brought him his meal, he would just reply quickly through the door by saying, “I’ll eat it later. Leave it there”.

Still, after making lunch with Uno today, I knocked on the door of Seiya’s room. After a while, I heard a loud voice saying, “You can come in”. I finally opened the door of Seiya’s room.

「Why are you inside of your room all the time…Eh, whoahhhh!!」

I was surprised when I went inside. Guns were scattered all over the room, floor and even on the desk!

「Ho…How did you get so many guns!? Seiya, don’t tell me that you can make guns!?」

「I don’t have that kind of knowledge. However, I dismantled the original guns and examined the materials that made them up. After that, I managed to find a suitable substance in the Underworld, which resembled the original guns’ substance…」

「Ah, and did you use, perhaps, your synthesis? 」

「That’s right. This way, I can manufacture these weapons without any knowledge of guns. Well, since I used synthesis, the guns I made transformed into slightly different guns from the original guns. However, these changes can be an advantage in the future depending on the way you think about it.」

Then Seiya showed off his long-barreled gun. The guns held by Enzo and his fellow mate was probably changed by the synthesis skill. Nearly ten guns of a similar shape were placed beside Seiya.

「A rifle…Is that it? 」

「Yeah. For the time being, I was able to synthesize it to resemble a proper rifle. But I haven’t tried it yet, so I don’t know its accuracy level.」

I did not know much about guns. But, even if I didn’t know the names in detail, I saw dozens of different types of guns around Seiya, from hunting guns to small ones to put in pockets.

「It looks like you have gun mania…! 」

「I am not collecting them. I want to use them in actual battles. 」

Seiya picked up a handgun and headed to his desk. Then, with the other hand, he picked up the bullets that were lined up on the desk. He murmured as if he were alone.

「When the firing hammer activates, the gun magazine rotates, and when you pull the trigger, the lever hits the bullet in the cylinder, ignites the gunpowder and fires. The mechanism is almost the same as the gun structures found in my world. However, the structure of the bullet is different…Lista. Look at this bullet with your Appraisal skills.」

As Seiya told me to do, I activated the Appraisal skills. A voice echoed in my head.

『Magic Bullet…The bullet has a small cavity inside, allowing the injection of magical power inside the structure. This mechanism activates that magical power when it is launched or when it hits a target. By the way, this magic bullet has a magical power with fire attributes. The moment it touches the target’s body, the fire magic will explode. It is several times more powerful than a normal bullet.』

「Eh, a magic bullet. It feels like a fusion of science and magic. 」

「I tried to synthesize the original magic bullet based on the bullet that was in the cylinder of Enzo’s gun.」

Seiya opened the drawer from his desk while explaining his synthesis. There were hundreds of bullets inside!

「Are…Are all of them magic bullets!? 」

「As a result of various trials, I have succeeded in making various types of magic bullets. I made magic bullets with increased firepower, others with ice attributes, and…」

Seiya explained the countless properties of the bullets he made while loading a gun. I was extremely impressed while listening half of the story.

Whoa! Seiya! So he did make bullets and guns with his synthesis skill! This research will definitely prove to be an effective weapon for the saving quest of the Twisted Exfolia!

Then Seiya approached me suddenly.

「Lista. Take a closer look inside the cylinder of this gun. 」

「Ye…Yes. 」

「After loading the magic bullet, it will… 」

…Ehh! Wait, his face got too close to my face!?

I felt strange when I saw Seiya holding a gun while explaining the process quite enthusiastically.

…Seiya was truly hard-boiled***…! Yet, my chest hurt! Seiya, who was someone that usually held a sword, always looked quite handsome! But, this look was entirely fresh…!

Seiya repeated this process once again. Just like the first time when he made the Platinum Sword with synthesis. He loaded the gun with the magic bullets one by one quite carefully while shoving it to my face like a little boy with a new toy. However, my attention was glued to his profile rather than the gun itself.

Ah, ah…We are the only ones in this room right now!! I was getting too excited somehow…Eh, woahhhhhhhhh!?

I felt a cold iron in my forehead! Before I knew it, Seiya pointed a gun between my eyebrows!

「Hey you, why are you doing that to me!?」

「I felt sudden chills while standing next to you. So I wanted to warn you in advance.」

「Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!? Don’t be silly!! Why would I try to attack you, Seiya!? Anyway, don’t point a gun at a goddess’ head!!」

「Hmm…Did I think too much, huh?」

「Absolutely!! There’s no need to be that cautious around me!!」

I was trembling so much inside while pretending to be sharp-witted.

Ohhhhhh!! That was dangerous!! He clearly saw through my carnal desires!! He almost blew my brain off with that gun!!

「…Either way, let’s go now. 」

「Wha…What? 」

Seiya looked at me with a dismayed face. I was confused because I couldn’t understand the flow of the story.

「Did you not listen to anything I said? I told you I am going to practice with this gun.」

「I…I’m sorry. I had something in my mind. Ah, ah, ah… 」

Apparently, Seiya was talking about practicing with his newly created gun while I was controlled by my carnal desires. After he sighed deeply, Seiya put his gun and bullet in his luggage bag and left the room.

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*Portable firearms, especially rifles, pistols, and light machine guns.

**Lip service is to just say something but not actually do it. To pretend that you believe a certain thing but not practice that belief.

***You use hard-boiled to describe someone who is tough and does not show much emotion.


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      • We’re still waiting as well, dear reader. The author did say that she plans to finish the novel. So all we can do for now is wait until this hiatus is over. Sorry about that, truly 🙁

  1. I like how the author manages to mix up the settings of these worlds. Now we get a Medieval Fantasy World mixed with Sci-Fi Magic Guns. This is going to be good.

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      • No problem dear reader 😉 We are here to help too. Yes, the last chapter being released was 171, which is up on our patreon page. The free releases are up to 165 part 1. Both the releases from patreon and from the website are released at the same time, which means that once the new chapter is up, we will publish chapter 172 part 1 on patreon and 165 part 2 on the website.

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    • Great analysis dear reader 😉 We are truly sorry for the delay. We are waiting patiently for new raw chapters of Cautious Hero from the author. Let’s hope she returns soon. 🙂

      • Thunder Beast Artema. Powered Artema. Cursed Artema. Life and Death Artema.

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  12. Don’t mind me, just leaving this here for my future references and predictions.

    Ryuguuin Seiya

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    Attack – 1,114,966

    Defense – 1,093,047

    Agility – 1,021,725

    Magic – 58,751

    Potential – 999 (MAX)

    Resistance – Fire, Water, Wind, Lightning, Ice, Earth, Dark, Poison, Paralysis, Instant Death, Sleep, Status Ailments

    Special Skills – Fire Magic (Lv MAX), Explosion Magic (Lv MAX), Earth Magic (Lv MAX), Wind Magic (Lv MAX), Lightning Magic (Lv MAX), Ice Magic (Lv MAX), Dark Magic (Lv MAX), Holy Magic (Lv MAX), Spirit Magic (Lv MAX), Anti-Time Magic (Lv MAX), Magic Sword (Lv MAX), Magic Bow (Lv MAX), Magic Spear (Lv MAX), Magic Gun (Lv MAX), Synthesis (Lv MAX), Dual Wield (Lv MAX), EXP Boost (Lv MAX), Scan (Lv MAX), Appraise (Lv MAX), Oscillatory Wave (Lv MAX), Fake Out (Lv MAX), Flight (Lv MAX), Jolly Piper (Lv MAX), Shapeshifting (Lv MAX), Divination (Lv MAX), Class Changing (Lv MAX), Conversion (Lv MAX), Invisibility (Lv MAX), Mimicry (Lv MAX)

    Skills – Atomic Split Slash, Hell’s Fire, Maximum Inferno, Automatic Phoenix, Automatic Phoenix Infinity, Phoenix Drive, Phoenix Thrust, Phoenix Spear, Wind Blade, Double Wind Blade, Synthesis, Meteor Strike, Dimension Blade, Eternal Sword, Eternal Sword EX, Double Eternal Sword, Double Eternal Sword EX, Shining Arrow, Three Shot Shining Arrow, Five Shot Shining Arrow, Seven Shot Shining Arrow, Transform Automatic Garuda, Valkryja, Appraise, Earth Serpent, Cave Along, Clear Ceiling, Ground Penetration, Earth Golem, Great Iron Wall, Repair Iron Wall, Clear Wall, Iron Dome, Bomb Boulder, Endless Fall, Transform Automatic Naga, Slithering Mine, Resilient Lungs, Burst Air, Sustained Fluting, Modest Flute, Art of Change, Transform Target, Hexagram Ritual of Retribution, Crimson Boom, Double Crimson Boom, Drain Charge Attack, Class Change, Instant Change, Ghost Bites, Ghostbuster Overdrive, Divination, Wind Shield, Thunder Strike, Anti Clock Field, Converse, Fenrir Shot, Fenrir Beat, Invisibility, Mimicry, Dark Hand, Infect Lover, Cage of Purge, Lasting Ray

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    • Hello dear reader. I understand what you’re feeling right now. We feel the same. Actually, when the author announced the hiatus, she said that she would return after finishing her current projects (she even said on twitter that she would definitely finish the novel). I doubt she will be in hiatus forever since Cautious Hero is her most famous novel (it even got an anime and manga). As for us, we are just simply waiting for her. There’s nothing else we can do but wait. We’re sorry 🙁 but better late than never, right?

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      • Hi dear reader. The author of Cautious Hero said that she’ll be on a hiatus, but intends to finish the novel one day. Therefore, there’s hope. Moreover, Cautious Hero has an ongoing manga. If the manga reaches Twisted Exfolia, she’ll have to continue or else she’ll have to pay a compensation fee to the publisher. Let’s wait and see. She will return for sure.

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