This Hero is invincible but too cautious – Volume 4 – Chapter 164 Part 1

Chapter 164: Good Abduction (1)

「In the previous saving quest of Exfolia, I had to change professions when using magic with different attributes. That’s why I wanted to find someone capable of changing professions.」

As Seiya said, Exfolia was a world where the magic system was subdivided unlike Geabrande. That element probably remained unchanged even after Exfolia became a twisted world.

「Bu…But! How do you know that this person can change professions?」

Seiya walked behind the elderly man who was painfully groaning from his gagged mouth.

「Damn you! Where is this place! Don’t bullshit me! I’m gonna kill you!」

His hands and feet were still tied up, but as soon as his mouth was free, the man cursed violently from his toothless mouth. Celseus was scared, but Seiya just looked at the man with calm eyes.

「I remember having this toothless man change my profession in the original Exfolia. So I thought that it was highly possible that he would have the same skills in the twisted world.」

「Eh…? 」

「Who’s the toothless man, you asshole!! 」

I looked attentively at the face of the angry old man with a bright red skin. It…It was true! He certainly looked familiar!

「Eh, excuse me. Are you…perhaps…Enzo? 」

「Ahh!? How do you know me, you bitch!! 」

It seemed that my memory was correct. Well, it was natural for me to remember things faster this time, since the original Exfolia was the last normal world that I saved with Seiya. That memory was still vivid unlike the saving quest of the original Geabrande, which happened a long time ago.

「By the way. Seiya, aren’t you able to change your profession by yourself in the first place?」

「Hmm. I forgot how to do it when you summoned me to save Twisted Geabrande.」

「Is that so? 」

「There are other techniques that I have forgotten and remembered later on. The boundaries are ambiguous.」

「The destruction techniques and the state berserk are engraved in your soul, isn’t that right? Is that the reason why you remember those and not the other skills?」

「But I remembered Adenela’s sword technique after I forgot it the first time.」

「Ah…Now that you mention it, I saw you use that technique during the saving quest of Twisted Geabrande. Well, there has to be an explanation. Did your soul remember it after practicing several times over?」

「Maybe, yes. But, even so… 」

Seiya was pondering with his hand on his chin, but Enzo shouted high, looking up at Seiya with bloody eyes.

「I don’t know what do you mean with those words, but stop with this damn show!! Bring me back to Galvano right now, you douchebag!!」

「He…Hey. This old man is extremely violent.」

Celseus was right. Enzo was extremely violent. I firmly believed that Enzo would attack us if we would untie him. This person had a much evil attitude than the Enzo I knew. This was probably due to the influence of the twisted world. Seiya talked to Enzo while ignoring his rants.

「Hey. Can you change professions? 」

「What! So, you know that I’m a baptizer, huh! Now I know why you kidnapped me! You want to extract information from me!」

「That’s right. I’ll give you this if you cooperate with me. 」

Seiya took out a Celseus’ horn from the tool bag. The devil’s horns were considered rare products that could be traded at a high price in a twisted world. At least, so far. However, Enzo wrinkled between his eyebrows upon seeing Celseus’ horn.

「What the hell is that!! I don’t need that useless thing!! 」

「What did you say? Does that mean that a devil’s horn is worthless in the Twisted Exfolia?」

「You fool! I can’t even trade it for a recovery potion!」

After a moment of silence, Seiya threw Celseus’ horn at Celseus himself.

「…Throw it away. 」

「Seiya!! That’s insensitive of you!! 」

Ce…Celseus finally did his best for the sake of the saving quest!! But, his efforts were in vain!! I felt truly sorry for Celseus, the poor thing!!

I looked at Celseus with pity, but on this moment, Enzo spoke to me.

「Ohh, ohh. You there, yes, you babe. 」

「Eh!? Wha…What!? 」

「I will consider a cooperation if you let me bang you. 」

「Ba…Ba…Bang me!? How dare you say such a filthy word to a goddess!! I’m not an easy woman in the first place!!」

「I wonder about that. You have a face that shows that you adore men. That means that you are willing to open your crotch straightaway. Hihihihi!」

「I’m gonna pull out all of your remaining teeth, you fucking geezer!!」

「Hey, Lista. Please calm down… 」

Celseus told me to calm down and I returned to my senses. AH!? What an awful thing I said even though I was a top goddess!! I even told Seiya to stop harming the inhabitants of the twisted worlds!! And yet, here I was trying to harm this old man!!

I placed my hands on my chest and took a deep breath. After clearing my throat, I spoke gently to Enzo.

「Pay attention. I am Listarte, the Goddess of Healing. I understand why you are angry since we brought you here quite abruptly. But first, calm down and listen to us.」

「What. A sudden change in behavior. You can’t trick me, you know. I know that you are feigning innocence. You are obviously not a goddess. You’re a prostitute, there’s no mistake about it.」

「Heeey!! What did you say just now!? 」

「Just look at yourself. Your inner roots are coming out. You’re showing signs of your poor upbringing. Eh, eh, eh, eh.」

「Ah, what the hell!? Why are you laughing you fucker!? Huh, you damn bastard!? I will get rid of those sore eyes, you fucker!!」

「Stop it, Lista. Goddesses don’t use foul language. You must endure it…」

「But, how can I endure it when this old geezer is saying bad things to me…!!」

Seiya put his hand on my shoulder. I looked at him and noticed that he was indignant.

Se…Seiya? Don’t…tell me that he was going to get mad in my place…?

However, Seiya pulled my back quite aggressively. With the power of a hero at Level Max, I flipped backwards twice and fell with my face on the ground.

「Why did you do that to meeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!」

I screamed while taking off the dirt from my face. However, Seiya totally ignored my screams as always. He silently grabbed the seized Enzo and approached a big giant tree that was nearby. He then tied Enzo’s body to the tree with a rope.

「I’ll say it again. Teach me how to change my profession. Otherwise…」

「Are…Are you going to torture me!? 」

「Ehhhhh!? Seiya!! He is a despicable old man, but torture is too much!!」

「I said that I wouldn’t kill nor hurt humans in the twisted worlds as much as possible. I won’t torture him.」

Both Celseus and I showed a relief expression. Enzo also relaxed his mouth. Nevertheless, the next moment, Enzo’s face froze! This was because a creature, which resembled a jet-black earthworm, suddenly appeared from Seiya’s right hand!

「Hyahhhhhhhhhhhh! 」

The earthworm without eyes was making a strange voice as it exposed the random-looking teeth from its small mouth. Celseus pointed to the creature with a trembling hand.

「Wha…What is that!? 」

「It’s a pseudo-creature made with dark magic. 」

「Why did you create such a gloomy creature!? 」

「Because I’m going to use it to infiltrate Enzo’s body. With this method, he will be obedient and listen to what I say.」

「But Seiya! Since when did you learn that technique? 」

「Natosus taught me this dark magic during the saving quest of the Twisted Geabrande. I didn’t use it back then because I didn’t need it.」

Then Seiya slowly approached Enzo with the earthworm. Seiya spoke in the ear of the frightened Enzo.

「Here I go. “Death Confession”. 」

「No, wait a second!! Why is “death” attached to its name!? 」

「I just named it because it looks like a Death Earthworm. Don’t worry, you won’t die.」

Cer…Certainly! That dark earthworm truly resembled the Death Earthworm! Seiya forced me to eat it when we tried to save the original Exfolia! Ugh! This situation was getting creepier!

「Ju…Just stop it, hey! Stop joking with me! 」

Enzo, who had been swearing until a moment ago, changed his complexion when he saw the rampaging creepy earthworm. His face was pale. Still, Seiya brought his hand closer to Enzo’s right ear! Enzo struggled to get away! His efforts went to waste! The dark earthworm went into Enzo’s ear from Seiya’s hand!

「Yahh!! I can’t watch this!! 」

「Me…Me too!! Ugh!! 」

Celseus closed his eyes, I put my hand on my mouth, and Enzo screamed with bloody eyes!

「Guwahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!! 」

「Se…Seiya!! Is Enzo okay!? 」

「It’s okay, don’t worry. He is fine. 」

「Guwahhhhhhhhhh!! Arghhhhhhhhhhhh!! Whahhhhhhhhhhh!! 」

「No way!! Is he really fine!? He keeps screaming hysterically!! 」

Ten second later. Enzo became quiet and drooped his head. Oh gosh, he probably died from having to go through intense pain…

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There’s no such things has a good abduction… Seiya.


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