This Hero is invincible but too cautious – Volume 3 – Chapter 149 Part 2

Chapter 149: Ghost (2) 

At the entrance of Uno’s house, Seiya released our transparency. When we arrived at the living room, Celseus and I were so tired that we fell on the floor. On the other hand, Seiya sat Rosalie on the couch and began to stare at her slashed arm. For a moment, I thought that Seiya was concerned about Rosalie, but…

「Hmm. So, it looks like this. In fact, it looks like a wound done many years ago. The bleeding has stopped, but it is impossible to regenerate it. Crushing Wound, huh…Somehow, this skill resembles a curse.」

It seemed that Seiya was just calmly analyzing the power of Egzation. Rosalie approached Mash in order to kill him because Seiya told her to go, and she lost her arm as a consequence of that action…It would make sense for Rosalie to be angry, but she had an apologetic look on her face instead.

「Forgive me! I am so inexperienced that I couldn’t even kill the Dragon King! 」

「Can you express the demon’s arm in that state?」

「I’ll try it! 」

Rosalie released the demonic power. Then, a reddish-black mottled arm appeared from the root of the slashed arm. However, when she released the demonic power away, the demon arm disappeared again.

「Hmm. It seems that you won’t have any problem during a battle.」

「Yes! 」

「I’m glad that you are alive.」

「He…Hero…! 」

Rosalie’s cheeks were bright red. Was…Was he truly glad for her? Honestly? I felt something suspicious about it!

Celseus, who was watching the scene, suddenly noticed the following.

「By the way, Seiya. So making us transparent was the other transparency skill that you’ve learned. Why did you keep it a secret from us?」

「You wouldn’t do your best in your training if you knew that I could make you all transparent. Besides, we might face a situation where I’m not present. So, it was essential for you all to learn the transparency skill in case that happens.」

「Ahh, I see. However, it’s not possible to use the transparency skill all the time. Who knew that Egzation had the power to nullify our transparency, right?」

「“Whether it is ordinary people or small fish, you won’t be discovered unless you focus your mind” …That alone was well worth learning. Well, even if it’s not useful during a battle with Mash.」

After Celseus heard Mash’s name, he stared at the ceiling upon being reminded of the previous battle.

「That Mash…I heard him say once that Seiya was his master. I can’t believe what I just saw moments ago.」

「The apprentice stuff was a story of the original world. The current Mash is just a distorted vision. He won’t hesitate to kill me.」

Seiya glanced at me when standing up from the couch.

「I spent a lot of magic by invoking the Automatic Phoenix’s. I’ll take a nap for a while.」

The magic consumption that Seiya spoke about wasn’t accurate. At least, for the standards of normal people. I was sure that his MP was only slightly reduced, just like what happened previously. However, I felt mentally tired right now, so I was glad that he wanted to take a nap now. That way, all of us could rest as well.

When I left the living room and went to my assigned room…

「…Lista. 」

Suddenly, Seiya stopped me from behind. Two people alone in a corridor with no one else but us. However, this was not the place for fluttering feelings. Seiya’s face was harsh-looking.

「Don’t ever put yourself in danger again because of an illusion.」

「I knew it. You are not worried about Rosalie.」

「It’s true that I was glad to see her alive as a result. Rosalie still has some worth for me. If possible, I want her to sacrifice her life during the final battle with Mash.」

「Tha…That doesn’t sound like a hero’s dialogue…!」

Seiya snorted “hmm”, and headed towards his room. However, this time, I was the one to call him.

「Wait! I saw Elle standing alongside Mash during the battle!」

「I didn’t see her there. Aren’t you delusional?」

「Bu…But, I saw Mash talking to Elle during the battle, you know? That ghost form must be Elle’s consciousness! Her figure became visible to me most probably because of my Appraisal skills’ improvement! Anyway, I heard Elle say, 『Destroy them, Mash. People, gods, and even heroes. 』!」

「So…Elle’s conscious body dwells in Egzation, and possesses Mash like a ghost? Sounds like too much, but I can’t discard it completely. This could be one of the possibilities too. I’ll keep that in mind.」

「Why is that even Elle…」

「She was sacrificed to become the Egzation. The unimaginable suffering might have distorted Elle’s personality. Anyhow, don’t worry about it. Everyone who exists in this world is an illusion. This is a twisted world after all.」

「Seiya… 」

「Regardless of this piece of information; don’t put your emotions in anyone of this world. Do you understand?」

After parting ways with Seiya, I thought alone while lying in my bed.

…Was it really a vision?

Then, I recalled the scene where Mash trampled on Lagos’ corpse and spoke in an abusive language. And I remembered the lifeless face of Elle, and I got shivers all over my body.

Aside from Rosalie…That’s right. Those people were certainly not Mash and Elle. Seiya spoke correctly. We have to erase the distorted illusion as soon as possible for the real two people to return!

I felt a little better with myself after having these thoughts. And before I knew it, I fell asleep.

…In the dark. Suddenly, there was a voice calling me.

「Lisutan. 」

Someone spoke to me with a very nostalgic voice.

「Elle…? 」

This voice didn’t belong to the ghostly Elle. This innocent voice belonged to the small and cute Elle whom I had an adventure with. And…

「Lista. Hey, I beg you. Help us, Lista.」

Another nostalgic voice. The Mash I knew very well was crying and asking me for help.

「It’s painful, Lista. Help us. Please help us, please!」

I only saw darkness when I looked around. However, I saw neither of them.

「…AH!? 」

I woke up by jumping out of bed. I noticed that the outside from the window was still dark. I haven’t even slept for an hour.

…Oh…really. Why did I have to dream of this? I finally thought that I sorted out my feelings. But, it seemed that my thoughts weren’t well organized yet…

『…Lisutan. 』

Suddenly, I heard a voice and my heart bounced heavily! The little Elle was crouching in the corner of my room and she was crying!

It…It can’t be!! This is was dream!! No, this was an illusion!!

『Lisutan. Listen. Mister Seiya is right. But, you see…』

Elle continued to speak while raising her wet face full of tears.

『The world won’t be saved if it continues like this.』

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