This Hero is invincible but too cautious – Volume 3 – Chapter 148 Part 2

Chapter 148: The Power of the Holy Sword (2) 

After our transparency failed. Rosalie turned to Seiya in hopes of getting his next instructions. She really didn’t know what to do on this perilous situation. Mash looked at us standing near the entrance of the chapel.

「So, there’s more of you, huh. You are using a very strange technique. But it’s useless against Egzation.」

We were, except Rosalie, very far away from him. Still, Celseus moved back immediately like a frog cornered by a snake.

「Ugh…Seriously!? Egzation really has such a power!?」

「Hmm. I was a little surprised. But, I wasn’t surprised by the fact that our transparency was removed, but by the fact that he triggered the power of that sword at this exact timing.」

「Tha…That’s certainly true! How did he realize that Rosalie was approaching him from behind his back?」

「I’m sure that Rosalie was very careful with her approach. However, he may have felt Rosalie’s presence with his sixth sense.」

「…Eh? 」

I felt uncomfortable. Neither Celseus nor Seiya cared about the woman standing right next to Mash.

「He…Hey, can’t you guys see…Eh, what!?」

I noticed that Mash was the only one standing when I pointed on his direction. She…She disappeared!? No way!!

「Hmm. I can’t make myself transparent again. It seems that the effect of Egzation is still persisting.」

Seiya pretended not to care about that woman. Actually, I didn’t feel like Seiya was joking. In other words, that woman was only visible to me. Then…Then, what the hell was that about!? An hallucination!?

But now, it wasn’t the time to think about a ghost woman. Mash was staring fixedly at Rosalie. I felt such a terrible feeling from his gaze.

「It’s been a while, Rosalie Rosgard. Was our last encounter during “that” time, huh?」

「God Dragon King…Mash Dragonite…!」

Rosalie glared back at him with one eye full of hatred.

「You look angry. Well, as expected, I guess. I killed your father right in front of you. But, I am angry as well, you know? I didn’t expect that humanity and the demons would survive so long after you escaped from here.」

Mash continued to speak while trampling on a piece of Lagos’s body under his feet.

「It’s my bad habit. This wouldn’t have been a hassle if I hadn’t played with you. I should’ve got rid of you when I had the chance. You and the demons began to coexist together in that town with a barrier. Really, what a trouble.」

Then, Mash tried to approach Rosalie by holding Egzation on his shoulder. Rosalie, on the other hand, also moved her sword into an offensive stance…

「Rosalie, dismiss. Retreat for now.」


Seiya finally gave some instructions. I was so glad! Because, I wondered if Seiya was going to let Rosalie fight against a terrifying enemy just like that!

「Lista. Open the portal to Igle. You must do it now. Do it behind the rubble so that Mash can’t see it.」

「Okay! 」

There was enough distance between Rosalie and Mash. Moreover, Rosalie was not an ordinary person. If she focused on all her nerves on running away, then she would be able to come back to where we were. Mash probably knew that too. Rosalie made a slight movement then, and turned her back to run away from him.

However, Mash suddenly disappeared from my view! When I finally saw his silhouette, I realized that Mash was swinging his sword just behind Rosalie’s back while she escaped!

「Rosalie!! Watch out!! 」

When I shouted aloud, Rosalie snatched back her sword. On this precise moment, the sound of ripping flesh echoed high and Rosalie’s arm with the sword was blown away! 「Whoa!? 」, Celseus screamed with a stunned look on his face.

「Ah, ah. Too bad. I aimed at your neck, but it was your arm that flew away…No, wait, wait. I see. That’s right. At that time, I wanted to cut off both of your hands and feet, but ended up just cutting your eye. Alright, I shall do it this time.」

「Ugh… 」

Rosalie frowned while there was a lot of blood spilling from her arm. I shook Seiya’s shoulder.

「Seiya! This is bad! 」

「Yeah. He got close to Rosalie in an instant. I was barely able to see it. In addition to the power that managed to cancel our transparency, he also has a mysterious ultra-fast speed movement. That’s troublesome.」

「That’s not it! I was talking about Rosalie! She is in grave danger now!」

「Lista. Let’s go back.」

「Ah!? 」

「Mash’s abilities are unknown. It’s dangerous for us to get near him.」

Then, Seiya walked up to the portal, which I invoked behind the rubble, as if nothing had happened. He touched the door and tried to open it.

「Do…Don’t tell me that you intend to abandon Rosalie!?」

「That’s right.」

「You shouldn’t be saying “that’s right”!! There’s no way that I’m leaving her behind!!」

「Hey, wait. Lista. Where are you going?」

I lost completely my reasoning when I saw Rosalie in a predicament after losing her arm. Without even listening to Seiya’s words, I desperately ran to Rosalie.

「Are you okay, Rosalie!?」

「Goddess…! You…mustn’t come here…!」

However, Mash seemed to be wary of me for suddenly appearing and he didn’t come near us. Meanwhile, I put my hand on Rosalie’s arm and tried to give her first aid with my healing magic.

…I managed to stop her bleeding! But, the cells didn’t seem to regenerate!

「…Are you a healer? It’s useless. No wounds can be regenerated if Egzation cut them. This skill is named “Crushing Wound”, and this Egzation skill was the one that annihilated the god of death Tanathus.」

A blood-eyed Mash approached Rosalie and me. I got insanely frightened, but on this instant, a red orbit crossed right in front of my eyes. Seiya, who turned into a Berserker, appeared between Mash and me.

「Seiya!! 」

「I can’t really understand what you have in your mind. Why do you endanger yourself because of an illusion?」

Seiya spoke back while holding his sword to protect Rosalie and me.

「Another useless little one came out, huh.」

Seiya and Mash confronted each other. I tried to talk with Mash while hiding behind Seiya’s back.

「He…Hey. You…Are you really Mash?」

「Ah? What’s with that familiar tone? I don’t know you.」

「I am Goddess Listarte! I know you very well! That’s correct…You had an adventure with me and this hero when you were younger! We were comrades back then!」

「Hero…you say.」

Mash stared at Seiya with sharp eyes. Then, he immediately distorted his mouth.

「Don’t say crap. You stupid woman.」

「Who…Who’s the stupid woman!!」

「You, of course. There’s no way that we are comrades. Whether he’s a hero or not, I think I met you two for the very first time today.」

「You’re wrong! We were certainly comrades in a different world from here!」

Seiya told Mash the following words.

「Technically, you carried my luggage.」

「I was certainly not your comrade if I carried your luggage!!」

Mash raised his voice and struck the Egzation on the ground. Wha…What? This action right now, somehow, he seemed a little bit like the Mash we knew…

I thought so for a moment. However, Mash’s eyes were already hollow.

「What the hell is wrong with you people. You only spill useless stuff from your mouths. I will kill you right now.」

「…Lista. Stay back. 」

When Seiya and Mash tried to get into a battle with each other.

「Wait…Wait a secondddddddddd!! 」

A very high voice echoed throughout the ruins of the old chapel. I was surprised when I saw the one who spoke aloud.

It was Celseus, who was wearing an apron before I even realized it. He had his arms folded in front of a table covered with white cloth.

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