This Hero is invincible but too cautious – Volume 3 – Chapter 145 Part 2

Chapter 145: A Goddess near Transparency (2)

First day.

As instructed by Slauri, Rosalie, Celseus and myself, were training on the banks of the spring-like fountain of the Underworld. We were extremely serious and focused. After all, we tried to concentrate in mastering the Transparency skill.

It seemed that Seiya was in Slauri’s hut. Seiya should’ve mastered the Transparency skill by now, so what kind of training was he doing with Slauri? Ah…No, no! I won’t be able to become invisible if I keep thinking like this! I must focus!

「Hey, Lista! Look at this! I’ve done it! 」

Unexpectedly, I heard Celseus’ screaming voice. I turned around to look at him. However, I didn’t see his appearance.

…Eh, seriously!? Celseus has finally overtaken me!!

「Ah, Ah, Ah! I’m the Swordsman God after all! I’m the epitome of senses!」

It was pretty shocking. However, if I looked closely, Celseus was not completely transparent. Unlike last time where his lower body didn’t disappear, this time, he managed to make his legs disappear. But…only the man’s private parts remained clear.

「You haven’t done it!! You have the crotch visible!! 」

「What!? But, why!? 」

「It’s because you are thinking a lot about nasty things! As Slauri said, you have a lot of lust in the lower half of your body! You are not the epitome of senses, but the epitome of desires!」

「Ugh! Who are you to lecture me! If you’re that confident, then show me that you can do it properly!」

「Just watch me do it! I’ve saved worlds from the S-rank and higher! Not one but twice! I’ve become a high-ranking goddess!」

I took a deep breath and exhaled slowly.

…You must sharpen all your nerves, Listarte! Make your heart empty…That’s right, I must compare myself with the image of a gentle water stream…!

I was extremely focused. Eventually, no surrounding noise reached my ears.

「What…! 」

A disappointed Celseus spoke with a surprising voice. I opened my eyes slowly and looked down. I noticed that the upper body, the lower body, and the places where I stared with my own eyes were all completely gone.

「Hu, Hu…So, what do you think, Celseus. I am completely transparent now. 」

However, Celseus contradicted me.

「You are not completely transparent!! You left your face visible!! 」

「AH!? You’re lying!! The…There’s no way that my face is clear!! 」

「It looks like your head is floating in the air!! That’s disgusting, you freshly severed headed goddess!!」

「Shup up, you crotch god! It’s me who feels disgusted because it looks like I’m talking to your private parts!!」

When I thought deeply about our fight, I realized that this exchange got weird and creepy. After all, Celseus yelled at me, who only had a neck and head visible. And I yelled at him, who only had his crotch visible. But, before I knew it, Slauri stood beside us, nodding with satisfaction.

「He, He, He. Somehow, you guys are improving too. Most of your bodies have completely disappear now.」

「Eh! Re…Really? 」

「If you continue to focus like this, you will be able to be fully transparent by tomorrow. After all, you gods have great muscles.」

「Hey, Lista! He said that we have great muscles! 」

「Yes! 」

It sounded rather an unpleasant erotic remark. Regardless of that, Celseus and I were delighted for the recognition of our improvement. Then, Slauri’s grinning face became a little harsh-looking.

「Actually, it is more difficult to maintain your transparency. If your mind is disturbed, your appearance will be revealed, eventually. Well, when it comes to your hero, you do not have to worry about that.」

「Is that so? I see, that makes sense…By the way, what is Seiya doing right now?」

「He is doing his best. But, I can’t say what training he is doing right now. He told me to keep it a secret from you.」

「A…Again! Why he is being so secretive about! 」

「He, He, He. Well, he is training for your sake as well. No, actually, ahah…I never thought that he could be so careful about everything, huh.」

After saying that, Slauri went back to the hut.

Second day.

「How about it, Lista! Do you see my crotch? 」

「No! There’s no trace left! Listen, Celseus! What about my head? 」

「Yeah, I don’t see it anywhere! 」

…Well, Celseus and I somehow mastered the Transparency skill. If others heard our talk, they would think that our dialogue was rather creepy. As Slauri said, we got the hang of it, and now we could be completely transparent.

I went to the fountain to check myself. But, I didn’t see my appearance. However, the moment I rejoiced, 「I did it! 」, the transparency disappeared. Ah, he was right…it may be more difficult to maintain the transparency form.

I must be careful, or the transparency won’t be effective. It seemed that I needed more training. Still, Celseus and I were doing fairly well. On the other hand…

「…Damn it! 」

I heard a frustrating-sounding voice as someone stepped on the ground with great strength. I noticed that Rosalie was visibly distressed. Her body was not even translucent.

「Rosalie. It’s counterproductive if you get frustrated too much.」

I’ve been taking some distance from Rosalie since the day she attacked me. However, I tried to approach Rosalie now because I was concerned about her.

「Goddess… 」

Rosalie looked at me, and bowed her head in apology.

「I did a rude thing to you the other day. I just wanted to save the world…」

「Well, let’s forget about what happened. Besides, saving the world is the reason why I was able to make my body transparent. Anyway, why don’t you take a break?」

「Perhaps I should. 」

Rosalie and I sat down at the edge of the spring-like fountain. Rosalie seemed to have calmed down after looking at the clear water surface for a while.

「Goddess. What kind of life did you have in the world you lived in?」

Suddenly, Rosalie asked me this question. I didn’t understand the twisted worlds that clearly, and I was positive that Seiya and I came from a slightly different world.

I replied honestly after giving it a thought.

「There was one time where I lived with Mash and Elle in Rosgard.」

「The…The God Dragon King and…! Elle…lived on my…! So, the body of the Holy Angel is still alive in your world…!」

「You probably won’t believe me given your current situation. 」

「No…That’s not it. It’s not that I don’t believe in what you say, goddess. Moreover… I see. If Elle was alive here, the future could have been different from the one I know.」

Rosalie, who was thinking about something, asked me again.

「Is my father still alive in your world? 」

「Eh. Well, the Emperor is… 」

「I want you to be honest with me. 」

Ho…However, I couldn’t say that her father was killed by Seiya after he became a demon!

「I…I heard that he died of an illness. But, I heard he had a peaceful end.」

The peaceful end was real. After the deadly battle against Seiya, Rosalie took care of the Emperor in order for him to rest in peace.

Rosalie nodded with emotion while adjusting the eyepatch with her fingers.

「Fate is such a strange thing. It’s like a dream, but I feel that in that world I was much happier than I am right now.」

「Rosalie… 」

Gentle air overflew between us. However, after a serious conversation, Rosalie suddenly stood up and smiled at me.

「I feel like I can make my body transparent now. 」

「Really? Show me! 」

After her words of determination, Rosalie was able to make her body slightly transparent for a while. After that, she managed to disappear completely after practicing repeatedly.

「Thank you. Goddess. 」

She smiled, and I smiled back. This was how Rosalie and I reconciled with each other.

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