This Hero is invincible but too cautious – Volume 3 – Chapter 141 Part 1

Chapter 141: Last Chance (1)

Seiya walked towards Lucifer Crow. However, Chaos Makina stood on his way as Lucifer’s guard and held her large sword against Seiya.

「I thought you were messing around, but you’re actually serious, aren’t you? I won’t let you bother Lady Lucifer. I will be your opponent.」

Lucifer, however, put her hand on Chaos Makina’s shoulder and pulled her back.

「Don’t underestimate him. This man uses a camouflage skill to disguise his abilities.」

「Ehh! Is that so? But, he doesn’t seem that strong, does he?」

I was shocked when I saw Lucifer’s face. Before I knew it, another eye appeared on her forehead, and it stared at both Seiya and me.

「His camouflage skill reached a high level where we wouldn’t normally see. His original capacity value is higher than you and Eliza.」

「…Oh. You even found out my disguise. You have an excellent see-through power like the crystal ball of Isister. It’s a bit regrettable that you figured it out though.」

Seiya continued to speak with Lucifer with Chaos Makina’s sword pointed at him.

「Last chance. Lucifer Crow. Cooperate with me. 」

「…Repetitious. 」

Lucifer, on the other hand, prepared to shoot an arrow. Seiya prepared for the attack when Lucifer shot the jet-black arrow towards the heavens. The clouds ripped apart, and then, it appeared the giant and omniscient monster with a myriad of eyes.

「Se…Seiya! She’s about to unleash the Diablos Rain! 」

Lucifer spoke with an unemotional voice while looking at Seiya.

「I targeted everyone in this town except the demons. 」

This was bad! If that thing hit us, Celseus and I won’t probably die! But, Seiya was different from us! In addition…

Beside me stood Rosalie and Nina, who hugged each other in a supporting and caring relationship. A desperate Rosalie clenched her teeth upon looking at the giant monster that appeared in the sky.

…Ugh! If we don’t do anything, all the people of this town will be killed! What could I do?

We had no time left to flee because Diablos Rain was ready to launch. But, suddenly…

「…Impossible. 」

Lucifer muttered softly. Lucifer was staring attentively at the heavens. She stared at the opposite direction of the giant monster that soared in the sky. I was amazed when I saw Lucifer’s line of sight.

「No…No way!! 」

There was another giant-eyed monster in the sky! Seiya responded as if it were nothing special.

「I tried to imitate Lucifer’s technique. 」

Whi…While I was worrying about Rosalie, Nina and the townspeople’s safety, Seiya was using his mimicry skill to imitate Diablos Rain…Before I knew it, he managed to release the same looking-monster in the sky!?

Two monsters that appeared in the sky. Lucifer’s eyes were wide open for a moment, but soon, she returned to her original expression.

「You can’t replicate my technique. That’s probably some kind of illusion.」

「You are right, Lady Lucifer. In the first place, there is no way that humans can handle dark techniques such as this one. Lady Lucifer, there’s nothing to worry about.」

Lucifer nodded positively to Eliza. Then, she crossed her arms in front of her chest and declared.

「Pour down. Diablos Rain. 」

On that precise moment! The monster with innumerous eyes, which appeared in the eastern sky, exploded with a loud sound! That explosion resulted in a large number of jet-black spheres that resembled explosive bullets! When they fell from the sky towards the town…

「I’ll give it back. Diablos Rain. 」

Seiya crossed his arms just as Lucifer did before. At the same time, the eyed monster floating in the opposite direction exploded. The diffused jet-black energy released from the explosion followed the trajectory of the bullets falling at the town. Now…In the hollow, hundreds of jet-black bullets converged and collided with each other. It made a strong bursting sound.

「A…Amazing! He’s offsetting Lucifer’s Diablos Rain! 」

Celseus admired the whole scene while screaming high. However, suddenly, I noticed an irregularity. A jet-black bullet avoided Seiya’s Diablos Rain and headed for Nina and Rosalie at a high speed!

「Watch out! 」

When I shouted, Rosalie shielded Nina with her body in order to protect her. Nonetheless, the fast jet-black bullet collided with Seiya’s bullets that came from a different direction and burst in front of Nina. After a tremendous sound, the bullets disappeared completely. Rosalie and Nina were astonished at the occurrence.

「I’m glad…! 」

I felt relieved. After hearing my voice, Seiya gazed at me and snorted.

「There’s no inaccuracy. The interception success rate is 100%. I’ve completely imitated the total number of Diablos Rain launches.」

「Is…Is that so…! 」

I swallowed my saliva. Before, I saw Seiya imitating that small dragon’s alter ego skill, and I thought that it was bizarre. But, this was something else…This was the real essence of the mimicry technique that Seiya learnt from that Joker clown! Seiya completely imitated the dark technique that was impossible for humans to achieve, Diablos Rain! He even intercepted the attack of the original technique! This mimicry skill was such a great skill!

When I thought that way, I felt that my imitation of the mountain gorilla in the Underworld was a little rewarding. However, in contrast to me, who was having light-hearted thoughts, Lucifer distorted her expressionless face after witnessing the strong capability of Seiya.

「He copied my one and only magical bow of darkness…It’s even impossible for gods to accomplish that, much less a lowly human.」

「I accomplished that, not because of gods, but because of someone who lives in the Underworld. More importantly, Lucifer. There’s something I need you to tell me.」

「Eh!? Seiya, what do you want to check!? 」

「Lucifer Crow. I told you to cooperate with me. I haven’t heard your answer yet.」

「Hey, Seiya!! Her Diablos Rain attack was the answer!! She obviously doesn’t want to cooperate with you!!」

「She never stated that clearly. If she doesn’t want to cooperate with me, then she has to refuse it out loud.」

Seiya kept talking to Lucifer in a persistent way.

「Let me ask you again. This is the last of your last chance. Cooperate with me.」

「…So repetitious, aren’t you. 」

Lucifer spit out words as if she was frustrated. I got somewhat frustrated as well. C’mon, this was getting to repetitive! It didn’t matter how much he asked! Lucifer didn’t really want to cooperate with humans!

Lucifer looked at Seiya with her three eyes and calmly analyzed him.

「So, are you able to remember a technique you saw once unconditionally regardless of attribute or form? That sounds like a thief’s wicked ability. Then, I shall give you a technique that you can’t see.」

Lucifer began to cast a spell in an ancient-like language that we couldn’t understand. At the same time, she quickly moved both of her hands in a complex motion, and made a strange mark. Instantly, something that resembled a distortion of air appeared in Lucifer’s hands.

Oh…Oh no! Seiya won’t be able to imitate this technique if he doesn’t see how she does it! He’ll have to dodge it or defend himself!

However, I realized that Seiya was chanting something. When I changed my gaze from Lucifer to Seiya, I saw that Seiya also created a distortion of air in his hands.

「…Memorized. 」

「Ehhh!? How did you memorize it without knowing how she did it!?」

I didn’t understand how he did it! But, Lucifer had already turned her hands against Seiya!

「Perforate. Magical Bow of Invisibility… “Master Wingdale”. 」

…Invisibility!! In other words, was she attacking with arrows of air that couldn’t be seen by the naked eye!?

At this moment, a dull sound thundered aloud, and the distortion of air was released from Lucifer’s hands towards her opponent. I couldn’t even grasp it with my holy sight.

「Se…Seiya!! 」

I screamed at this unseen attack. Still, Seiya turned to Lucifer with one hand, and as usual, professed with a calm expression on his face.

「…Master Wingdale. 」

When Seiya murmured, the space between them was greatly distorted! I saw that the invisible magical arrows were blown away by the shock that occurred in the air! This happened because Seiya’s invisible magical arrows hit them!

…I…I see! So, Seiya could use his mimicry skill to reproduce a technique or spell before its activation!

Like me, Chaos Makina seemed astonished by Seiya’s mimicry skill.

「Wha…What on earth…He looks like a mirror! La…Lady Lucifer!」

「Calm down, Chaos Makina. Indeed, he has a strange skill. But, he won’t be able to inflict damage on my body. He’s only roughly imitating my techniques, and somehow, preventing the attacks of my magical bow.」

Whether or not he heard their conversation, Seiya muttered alone as if he spoke to himself.

「It’s a waste of magic power when I use my mimicry skill. I’ll fight normally from now on.」

「Is…Is that fine, Seiya!? The mimicry skill certainly consumes a great deal of MP, but…!!」

「Yeah. I’ve been doing imitation for some time now, so my magic power has now drastically reduced to the extent that I can only shoot a few thousands of Hell’s Fire.」

「Then, don’t shoot them!! Besides, that means that your MP hasn’t reduced that much!!」

Still, Seiya seemed worried. Therefore, he took his sword and faced Lucifer directly.

「This is the way it shall be. I will let you decide on the answer during this short-term decisive battle.」

「Are you finally going to attack me now? However, neither your imitating skills nor stats are that scary. For me, you are nothing.」

Lucifer saw through Seiya’s camouflage skill. She got to know Seiya’s original status and was relieved to see that he was inferior to her. But, suddenly, Seiya’s black-colored hair and eyes were dyed red. Lucifer was startled when she saw Seiya’s transformation into the Crazy Warrior. Red hair, red eyes and long claws.

「His ability value increased more than double…! 」

She fluttered her wings and tried to escape into the air, but Seiya also activated his flying skills. However, I wondered if Lucifer had an advantage in an open-air battle. Yet, soon it became her disadvantage. Before Lucifer soared high in the sky, Seiya appeared behind her and shook his sword down vertically in the hollow. Although Lucifer crossed her arms to defend herself, the impact forced her to come down to the ground. She stood with her knees in the ground.

「What…Is this power and speed. 」

Furthermore, Lucifer’s arms received some burning marks. In fact, Seiya’s sword was the magical sword of fire. It was a fearsome combination of a Berserker state and a magical-driven sword that was once said to be impossible to accomplish.

Witnessing the strong attacking power from Seiya, Lucifer Crow threw away her dignified attitude of an Empress, and pushed out her murderous personality.

「Dangerous…You are dangerous…! 」

Immediately, Lucifer’s mouth torn apart! Countless of needle-looking teeth appeared from her oral cavity and perforated the sides of her mouth up until her ears! Her eyes were dyed in a jet blackish hue, and her hair stood wildly out!

「She…She finally showed her true nature! Seiya, be careful! 」

Lucifer transformed herself from a gracious woman to a hideous monster with an horrifying face.

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