This Hero is invincible but too cautious – Volume 3 – Chapter 137 Part 1

Chapter 137: Return (1)

「What’s wrong, Lady Lista? 」

「Whoa!! 」

I returned to normal after I heard Uno’s voice. I saw Nina’s vision in my mind for a short moment. Was that a hallucination? It could be, but at the same time, I felt that it was something entirely different…!

「You see. I saw the figure of a girl crying in my mind just now. 」

「Speaking of which, Lady Lista, you have the Appraisal skills, am I right? Did you trigger it unconsciously?」

「But, it was completely different from the usual Appraisal, you know? It’s the first time that I…Ah, no…」

Wrong. I’ve experienced a similar phenomenon before. During the Exfolia saving quest, I saw a similar footage in my mind when I touched the doll owned by my mother, Queen Carmilla.

When I told Uno about it, she nodded with a serious expression on her face.

「You probably have polished your special skill when you transformed into a devil. Lady Lista has mastered the high level of your Appraisal skills.」

「High level of my Appraisal skills!? Really!? 」

「The powerful ability to visualize and read the thoughts left behind in objects…I believe that is your new ability, Lady Lista.」

「Is…Isn’t that similar to psychometry!? I did it!! Somehow, it sounds cool!!」

「It’s an exceptional power rather than just a special skill. It’s probably due to the holy brain waves of gods that made you able visualize the memories left behind in an object. Even if someone uses Joker’s skills, it won’t be that easy to imitate it.」

Seiya imitated my specialty, which was healing magic! But, with this power, I could maintain my sense of existence and have a meaningful purpose!

Uno smiled after she saw how happy I was.

「Let’s name your new skill. We can call it “Peeping Ability”.」

「No, what the hell!! Aren’t we supposed to name it with a joyous name!? It sounds as if I’m a criminal!!」

「Is…Is that so. I apologize. I lack that kind of sense… 」

「We…Well, I will think about the name later on. More importantly, about the scene that appeared in my mind… I wonder why Nina was crying.」

「Then, why don’t you try activating that skill again? You might understand the reason why.」

I nodded positively, then I grabbed the flower pouch and closed my eyes. I felt that the link between the flower pouch in my hand and my senses was connecting. I was assessing the memories of the object in the same way I did before. Then, I saw Nina crying again in my mind. She called her father’s name in a dark room and continued to cry. However…

「…How is it going, Lady Lista? 」

「Hmm, not good. I can see the figure since it’s clearly reflected in my mind. But, I can’t understand why she’s crying.」

I gave up and smiled bitterly. But, Uno looked at me with sincere eyes.

「I’m sure that few people are capable of reading the thoughts that dwells in things. But, Lady Lista, you are a goddess. I’m positive that you can go beyond that point.」

「“Beyond that point”? 」

「If Lady Lista strongly desires to know, it may be possible to read the emotions of the person that appears in your mind as a residual thought. There’s a high probability that you might even be able to witness an event that happened in the past if it’s attached to an object.」

「Is…Is that what you call “beyond that point”? 」

「Yes. I’m sure that Lady Lista will go further ahead with your skill. Meaning that you’ll go “to the other side of peeping”.」

「Hey, I would understand it if you just said “to the other side of speed”*!! 」

I felt as if my criminal record had increased. Contrary to my feelings of disbelief, Uno was holding both hands in front of her chest with great excitement.

「Okay! You just have to increase your goddess’ power in your heart!」

「I…I understand! I’ll give it a try! 」

I focused on the flower pouch, which I held with both hands.

「Hmm, hmm! 」

「More seriously! 」

「Okay…Yahhhh!! 」

「What on earth is “Yahhhh”! You have to do it stronger! More and more powerful! Yes, do it as if you were vomiting blood…Atchi!!」

「Uh…yeah. Arghhhhhhhhhhhhhh!! 」

I put a lot of effort into it that I almost destroyed the flower pouch. Oh…Oh no! I had so much enthusiasm because I wanted to find something that would make me feel worthy! It was a little bit excessive, but I had to do my best! Lista, you can do it! I really wanted to know why Nina was crying so much! Ohhhhhhhhh! Shine high, my goddess’ power! Moon Plasma Power Bust-Up! I shall peep in behalf of the moonnnnnn!

I continued to invoke my inner feelings to push for my new upgraded ability. I was so excited that I felt my blood running wildly in my veins. Suddenly, I stopped hearing Uno’s voice. I saw a different scenario in my mind.

The area was equally dim. Nonetheless, instead of an empty dark room, a huge jet-black crystal stood in front of me. It was Lucifer Crow’s magical demonic seal. In addition, there were several people surrounding the crystal. Most of them were demon priests. Amongst them were Rosalie wearing a robe and Chaos Makina. And…

「Dad. No… I don’t want this… 」

I heard Nina’s voice. Nina was holding hands with her father. Both of them had tears in their eyes. Still, her father spoke with a firm but caring voice.

「Nina. Listen to me. It’s been decided. Someone has to do it.」

Nina fell silent. Instead, Chaos Makina’s voice echoed.

「That’s right, yes, yes. This was decided after a fair selection. It can’t be helped though. It can’t be helped. It can’t be helped.」

「…Did you say goodbye? 」

Nina’s father nodded upon hearing Rosalie’s question. Then, Rosalie slowly pulled the sword out of her sheath.

「Remember, your life won’t be wasted. You will contribute to the acceleration of Lucifer Crow’s resurrection.」

「You’re correct. I wish for the arrival of a peaceful world.」

Nina’s father bent down in front of the crystal and bowed his head. Rosalie raised her sword high.

「Dad!! Noooooo!! 」

Rosalie’s ruthless sword fell down as Nina screamed aloud. My consciousness returned to reality with a disgusting feeling after hearing the sound that extinguished a human life.

「…Are you okay, Lady Lista? 」

I was shaking so violently that I forgot to reply to Uno who was worried about me.

…So…So…So…So horrible!!

There was a meadow not too far away from Uno’s house. The open grasslands of the Underworld were strange and largely infested with weird organisms. I knew that Seiya and Celseus were training there. So, I didn’t care about the odd things in the grass and ran so fast that I was out of breath.

Eventually, I saw Seiya leaning against a nearby large tree.

「Ahh, Seiya!! 」

While running in a hurry, I stepped on a strange object. It seemed that Celseus had fallen unconscious in the grass. But, that wasn’t important right now.

「I have bad news!! Rosalie is sacrificing humans for the resurrection of Lucifer Crow!!」

I shouted, but Seiya didn’t seem that startled.

「How do you know that? 」

「Because of my devil transformation’s ability! I read the lingering thoughts of the flower pouch that I’ve got from Nina!」

I tried to explain that my demonized form gave me an exceptional skill, but Seiya had a suspicious look on his face.

「Isn’t that your delusion? 」

「I’m not delusional! My Appraisal skills have improved! I can read the owner’s feelings from a certain object! I can even see the past! There’s no doubt about it! Uno explained that to me!」

「Hmm. If that’s true, then I’ll stop calling you herbal woman, and call you instead “crystal ball woman”.」

「How is that relevant!? That’s not the point now!! 」

Above all, I wanted to summon the portal and go to the Twisted Geabrande as soon as possible. I wanted to meet Rosalie and see for myself. However, Seiya didn’t stand up. He was enjoying a break under the shade of the tree.

「If everything you saw is true, then it’s not that surprising.」

「Eh!? 」

「When Rosalie and the demons were discussing in front of the magical demonic seal, I heard them say “about a hundred or so”. It would be too extensive if they were referring about the number of days. So, I thought that it could be the number of sacrifices.」

「If…If you knew about it, why did you remain quiet? 」

「This Geabrande is a distorted illusion created by Merseys. I don’t care about the methods. If Lucifer Crow revives and defeats Mash, then everyone will be saved.」

「That may be true, but…!! 」

While talking to Seiya, I noticed that Celseus woke up and stared at me.

「That hurt, Lista! You stepped on me! So, apologize! 」

「It’s your fault for lying down like that! 」

「I wasn’t lying down!! I was almost dying because of his training!! 」

「Training…Tha…That’s right, Seiya! Have you completed your training? 」

Looking back at Seiya, I saw that he wrote something on a straw paper while sitting down.

「Eh. What are you doing? 」

「I’m using my spare time in a meaningful way. I’m doing a simulation for the moment when the sacred hero suddenly attacks.」

「Is…Is that so. That might be important, yes. But…did you say “spare time” just now? Does that mean that your training is already over?」

When I asked Seiya in a rush, Celseus turned his eyes to me again.

「Hey you. Why are you that impatient? You heard what Seiya said. That world is an illusion.」

「But, I hate it anyway! Even if it’s an illusion, a person I knew got killed! Celseus! You are a god! You probably share the same feelings as mine!」

「Hmm. Well, it’s an illusion, but I don’t feel good about people dying. 」

「Right! Then let’s go! If we stay still, Rosalie is going to sacrifice more townspeople!」

After I spoke those words, I stared fixedly at Seiya. And I waited with anticipation for his usual concluding lines.

「Perfectly… 」

He said that word, but he stopped, and began to pour black tea into a cup from the teapot placed in the shade.

「Hey!! Weren’t you going to say Perfectly Ready!? 」

「Yeah. Perfectly… 」

However, he placed the cup on his mouth slowly and drank two more cups of tea afterwards.

「…Ready. 」

「Say it quickly without dividing the words!! It sounded like a different motto that made me think that you were “perfectly ready after drinking tea”!!」

I felt so frustrated that I pushed Celseus’ back in a hurry.

「C’mon!! Get ready now!! 」

「Ehh. Am I going as well? 」

「Of course you’re going too! Seiya, you must get ready as well…Eh, why are you drinking tea again!? That’s enoughhhhhh!! Just stop with your little act nowwwwww!!」

Despite the lack of tension, which I never felt on a quest before, I forced Seiya and Celseus to go along with me, and we returned back to the Twisted Geabrande.

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 *Most probably means “On the other side of the road” or “On the other side of the fence”, which indicates a completely different situation from usual. In Lista’s case, reaching a different level with her ability. In a position that she has never been before. Reaching the improbable.


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