It Is a Different World and Yet I Am Cultivating Monsters – Volume 1 – Chapter 44

Chapter 44: Our Slow Life starts now!

「Okay, I’m ready. 」

「Don’t leave anything behind, Kyou. 」

「I, Fitis, will follow my Lord Kyou whenever he goes. 」

「Master! I will go with you anywhere in the world. 」

「Papa! Leave everything to me, your Rock! 」

「If my brother is going, I’m going too! 」

When I got ready and went outside of my hut, I saw that all the regular members of my party such as Lily, Fitis, Dora-chan, Rock and Jack were waiting for me.

From then on, I plowed through the fields and asked the people of the town to come and see for themselves. In addition, for their help, I also taught them how to cultivate and harvest. With the money I saved, I rebuilt the hut into a great house where people could live in. I entrusted Mina-chan with my belongings while I was away.

「Well then, shall we go now? 」

「Our destination is the Kingdom of Valkyria. 」

「You’re going to get the seeds owned by the Empress. Since you lost in the finals, these seeds are going to be the first you’ll collect.」

「C’mon, Miss Lily. Please don’t blame him for it. 」

「I…I’m sorry. 」

Dori-chan, who was riding on my head, jumped to Lily’s head to protest.

「No, you’re wrong. Those seeds are going to be the second to collect. 」

She disagreed with Lily’s earlier remarks. Then, Dora-chan took something out of her dress to everyone’s surprise and gave it to my hand in order to plant it on my garden field before we went away. It was a golden jewel. Rather, it was one of the seeds. Yes, indeed. This particular seed was the one given to the winner of the Grand Cooking Tournament, it was the World Tree seed.

「How did you get that!? 」

「Well, there’s a lot to talk about. 」

This unexpected development happened to me a few days ago.

A month after the finals of the Grand Cooking Tournament, I was contacted by Mo-chan and got the title of hero. I thought that I was going to enjoy the Slow Life for a while.

「Hey, Kyou. You’re seriously living in an old hut. 」

「What the hell are you going here, father? 」

「Ah, c’mon. Don’t be harsh to your own father. I can here to talk with you. 」

It was always the same. My father always wanted to talk with me when he came home from his long travels.

「Did you see last week’s news on Japanese television? Hisoku will face Chlor in a match.」

「What!? Seriously!? I didn’t know that!! 」

「That’s right. I’ll let you know the results later on. 」

「…And…Don’t tell that’s what you wanted to talk about with me?」

「No, no. That’s not the reason why I’m here. More importantly, did you hear about the Demon King from the goddess?」

I quietly nodded in response. To be honest, I couldn’t forget that shock. Then, a puzzling thought swirled in my mind and I asked my father the following question.

「Father, do you know it too? 」

「Of course. Why do you think I’m here? 」

My father spoke confidently.

「So, here’s my advice. First, you should aim for the Kingdom of Valkyria. 」

The Kingdom of Valkyria. It was the country where the Empress owned the seeds of the World Tree. Eventually, I’d go there. But, why go there first?

「The reason is that the Kingdom of Valkyria is on the front line, waging a fierce battle with the Demon King’s Army.」

「…I see. I didn’t know that. 」

I immediately understood what my father wanted to say. In other words, I should go first to the Kingdom of Valkyria because their fate was uncertain. Confronting the Empress was a better solution than going directly to the Demon King’s den first.

If I were a normal person, I wouldn’t be able to even risk it. Yet, it seemed that I was an exception. My father knew that perfectly well.

「But, father. Won’t it be better if you’re the one to go?」

「No, I’m too busy right now. Besides, weren’t you the one that was asked directly by the goddess? It means that it’s your task to complete.」

「How ironic. 」

「Well, I don’t mean it in a bad way. If she entrusted this mission to you, then she has absolute confidence in your skills. I’m sure you’ll be okay.」

Then, he gave me the seed of the World Tree that he won on the tournament. What…!?

「Why are you giving me your prize!? 」

「I think it’s better if you keep it yourself. Maybe you are the only one who can grow it. I tried earlier this month, but it didn’t work. So, I’m giving you the seed to see if you have any luck with it. Don’t worry too much. I’ll come again if you need me.」

Then, my father walked away. His appearances were always so abrupt. He suddenly left as he suddenly appeared.

Well, that’s how I got the first seed of the World Tree. I buried it in a corner of my garden field, covered it with soil, and then pressed it slowly.

「Great. Okay, just before a bud comes out of the soil, shall we retrieve the second seeds?」

I declared those words aloud. Rock’s body was wrapped in light, and its appearance changed into a giant godly white bird that belonged to the holy birds of Semargul species.

Everyone jumped on Rock’s back, me included.

At first, I thought that a Slow Life was my goal. I really thought that it would be great if I could live in this world without any problems. However, after raising my first monsters, a cooking event appeared unexpectedly, and before I noticed it, I cooked like a chef in a professional competition. And now, the route has changed to an unforeseeable adventure.

But, a long journey also meant a Slow Life. That said, I did not intend to graduate from this Slow Life. Rather, after all these events, I was heading towards the adventure of a Slow Life where my current goal was to nurture the World Tree. All in order to get my wonderful Slow Life.

Everyone was admiring the view while sitting on Rock’s back, we were headed for our new exciting event soaring high in the sky.

That’s right! Our Slow Life…Starts now!

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