This Hero is invincible but too cautious – Volume 3 – Chapter 130 Part 2

Chapter 130: A Victorious Departure (2)

…Three more days passed since then.

「Okay then, Mister Celseus. I just need you to pour water on them.」

「Yeah, I understand. 」

Celseus, whose punishment was to increase Seiya’s level to MAX, was helping Due’s garden right now. Finally freed from training, he seemed extremely happy as if he had been possessed. Hmm, yeah. Celseus was incapable of being a great Swordsman God, but he was good at making food and doing chores.

Then, Celseus’ face, which looked so happy, was distorted by fear. Looking at it, I saw that Seiya walked in while standing upside down!

「Se…Seiya!! What are you doing!? 」

「Can’t you see? I’m doing handstand. 」

「But, why are you doing handstand in the first place!?」

However, Seiya didn’t answer to my question. Instead, he began to look at one point while standing upside down. No…No way, don’t tell that this was, perhaps…!

Seiya quietly opened his mouth.

「Perfectly Ready. 」

…!? Oh gosh!! He recited those words while doing handstand!! That looked and sounded kinda bad!! Bu…But, I was glad that he was finally ready!!

「All right! Let’s go and save the Twisted Geabrande! 」

I shouted aloud. But, on the other hand, Celseus scratched his head timidly.

「Ah, well, you see, I think I’ll stay here, okay? Any…Anyways, I won’t be much of a big help if I go with you.」

Seiya and I stared at Celseus with white eyes. However, he was right. He won’t be very useful. As for me, I didn’t care much about it, but…

「That’s not allowed. 」

Uno, who was listening to our conversation, rejected his proposal with a smile.

「Why…Why not!? 」

「Lord Celseus must be part of this quest. Lord Hades instructed me to make sure that you really go with them. This journey will be useful for Lord Celseus’ future.」

「It can’t be, are you serious…! No, I don’t wanna go…! I don’t want to die…!」

Celseus began to cry. I didn’t know the exact reason why Hades wanted Celseus to be on this first quest, but it seemed that he had to accompany us anyway. Seiya sighed deeply. Indeed, I knew that feeling very well!

「Celseus! Don’t be a hindrance for us, you hear me! 」

I yelled at Celseus, and then, I looked at Seiya with a smile and said 「“Right, Seiya!” 」.

「Good grief. This time, I’ll have two troublesome people with me. 」

「Correct, correct…Eh, wait a minute!? Why did you include me too!? 」

「More importantly, Lista. Can you specify the location of the portal? 」

「No…No. It seems that I can only invoke it to that particular location from last time. I can’t go to places I’ve never been before without the permission of the Great Goddess Isister…」

「So, you became even more unusable. 」

「I can’t help it!! It’s not my fault!! 」

「Anyway, just summon the portal now. 」

Seiya wanted me to hurry up and summoning the portal. But, the town of Edna was full of murderous dragons. I spent a few days in the Underworld, but the flow of time was so slow that it shouldn’t have passed much time in Geabrande. There was a high possibility that those dragons were still looking for us.

I felt a little nervous, so I wanted to know if we were really going now, and asked Seiya.

「Is it really okay for you, Seiya? Do you really want me to summon the portal right now?」

「Yeah. 」

After casting a spell to open the portal to the Twisted Geabrande, Seiya jumped forward with his sword. It was finally the beginning of a new adventure. Uno and Due bowed their heads with a smile.

「Well then, everyone. I wish you a safe journey. 」

「I hope that you’ll come back here again. I’ll prepare your rooms in case you return.」

「Yes! Thank you for everything, Uno! Due as well! 」

I waved at them. I was going to leave with a smile, but I noticed that Seiya didn’t dive through the portal yet. He was standing still in front of the portal’s doors.

「Wha…What? Aren’t we going now? 」

Eventually, Seiya opened the doors and put only one hand in front of the portal.

「…Automatic Phoenix. 」

From Seiya’s hand, I saw a scouting firebird take off into the portal.

The magical properties and skills of heroes could change according to the saving quest of each earthly world. In the previous world Exfolia, Seiya used earth magic mainly. And thus, he used golems and earth snakes as reconnaissance devices. However, earth magic couldn’t be used in Geabrande. So, instead, he created the Automatic Phoenix for this purpose.

Seiya kept his eyes focused while the portal remained open.

「Hmm…There are a hundred dragons. There seems to be no human in town. 」

It seemed that he viewed Edna townscape by linking his own eyes with the firebird. Seiya was still the cautious Seiya after all. However, there was one thing that kept bothering me. The portal’s doors were left wide open.

…Even if he were scouting the area, it would be a better idea to close the portal’s doors for our own safety… (EN: Its seems that Lista has learned from past mistakes)

As I watched Seiya alongside with Due and Uno, my fears finally came true. A silhouette from a dragon man appeared from the other side of the portal!

「What the hell!? There was a portal in this place before!? 」

「So, this thing is where those fellas are hiding right now!! I can feel their wicked auras behind this portal!!」

Several dragon people gathered in front of the portal! Celseus shouted in response!

「Ohh! They found it! 」

「Se…Seiya!! This is bad!! Those dragons are going to cross over!! 」

I…I had to close the portal at once… As soon as I thought what I had to do, I was extremely shocked afterwards! Seiya stretched his arms towards the portal!

「Don’t panic. I’ve already completed my alignment. 」

「A…Alignment!? 」

Dragons with Chain Destruction weapons were rushing towards the portal! Those dragons were trying to kill Celseus and me just like before! However, Seiya didn’t panic and clenched his fist towards the portal.

「…Meteor Strike. 」

As soon as he professed those words, Seiya went to the portal to the Twisted Geabrande in a hurry and gave a kick to close the doors! After a moment of silence, a tremendous roar echoed from the other side! The doors even creaked because of that super explosion that happened inside!

「Whoa!? 」

A violent sound and vibration made Celseus and me to collapse on the floor. After a while, Seiya put his hand on the portal distorted by the impact, and slowly opened the doors.

When I looked at the other side of the portal, I noticed that the surrounding area turned into scorched earth! The giant meteorite fell on the ground and several meteorite debris were scattered everywhere! Smoke was spreading in the horizon, and the town in ruins became worse than it was before! The remaining houses collapsed from the explosion! And the ground was full of scorched dragons’ bodies! Their remains were scattered everywhere!

「Clear. 」

My mouth shivered when I heard Seiya talk.

The…The…There was this way of attacking the enemy!? He didn’t even dive into the portal, and yet, he wiped out every single dragon that lived in Edna Town!! And he did all that from the Underworld!!

「Bu…But, this means that we’re safe for now! I knew that Seiya would be a reliable ally…!」

Celseus spoke with a relieved expression. And…

「*laughs* Everything he does is so unexpected…! 」

An excited Unoporta was vomiting a little blood from her mouth. Seiya snapped his neck then.

「Okay, let’s go now. We’re going to start the saving quest of the Twisted Geabrande from this point on.」

When Seiya stepped on the dirt of the scorched ground, he disappeared into the portal.

「Se…Seiya!? 」

「Wa…Wait for us!! 」

「I…I’m off now, Uno! It seems that we’re really going now! 」

Celseus and I followed Seiya in a hurry. But, behind me…

「Ah, ah, ah. As expected of Mister Seiya. 」

「Yes. That’s why for us, he is… 」


I was worried when I heard Due and Uno’s remarks, and I tried to look back. However, the doors made a quietly noise and closed completely.

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