This Hero is invincible but too cautious – Volume 3 – Chapter 125 Part 1

Chapter 125: In a Twisted World (1)

How long has it been since then? It could’ve been just a little, or maybe hours.

The killing of the Destruction Hero. An orchestrated raid by the woman who named herself as a former hero, Zeth the other Goddess of War, and finally…Merseys, the Goddess of Violence. What happened to the Great Goddess Isister and Aria? What happened to the Gods’ realm? What will happen to me from now on?

The more I shuddered, the more I recalled those terrible things that happened. I felt that my own consciousness was seeking salvation in the darkness.

I was a goddess, and yet, I always remembered the same name over and over again during hopeless times. It was not the name of gods from the Gods’ realm, but the name of the person whom I loved during my mortal life.

…Help me…Seiya!!

I called his name in my heart. But, there was no answer. Instead, I felt a warm feeling. I felt a thick hand touching my face. It was a nostalgic feeling.

Se…Seiya!? It’s you Seiya, correct!? That’s right!! He always stood by my side when I was in a tough situation!!

I hugged him tightly, and then, I opened my eyes.

「Seiya!! 」

However…In front of me was a macho male god with a mustache and blushing cheeks.

「Hey, hey Lista. Don’t hug me too much. It’s embarrassing. 」

「…Get away from me NOW!! 」

「Ugh!? That hurts!! 」

I pushed Celseus away from me brutally, and crouched down on the ground.

「Geez…! 」

「What the hell is wrong with you!? I’m the one who should feel upset!! You were the one who hugged me without my permission!!」

「No, wait a minute… I feel like throwing up when I think about what happened just now…」

「Are you returning to your real self!? You are so rude!! 」

I shook my head lightly when Celseus screamed at me.

I was such an idiot. There was no way that Seiya would be here. I didn’t even summon him in the first place…By the way, what on earth was this place…?

After wiping the sour saliva around my mouth with my hands, I looked around again and I was utterly shocked.

All I could see around me was wilderness. It went far in the horizon as far as I could see. On the fine sand were scattered objects such as withered grass and cracked rocks. This place wasn’t exactly a natural desert. Rather, it looked like an area bellowing to a huge battle that occurred a long time ago. I could see scattered human bones in the distance.

「Celseus! Wha…What is this creepy place? 」

「I don’t know. But, it’s definitely not the God’s realm. 」

When I heard his unexpectedly calm voice, I turned around and saw that Celseus was shaking his legs with his arms folded. He wasn’t that calm apparently.

「This place scares me. It reeks of evil…Lista. Can I hold your hands? 」

「Of course not! Hold your left hand with your right hand! 」

「I only told you to hold hands and nothing more! You are truly a cold-hearted goddess! 」

「More importantly, what about Aria and Lady Adenela? Where are the other gods? 」

「When I woke up, you were the only one nearby. Maybe we’re the only ones who’ve been sent to this strange place.」

「No way…! 」

When I looked desperate and frightened, Celseus spoke the following words to lift up my mood.

「We…Well, don’t be so depressed! For the time being, we are both safe! 」

「No. Please don’t. I don’t want to die alone with you Celseus… 」

「What’s wrong with you!! You’ve been rude to me since the beginning!! 」

「Anyway, we have to go back to the Gods’ realm! 」

「Tha…That’s right. Okay then, Lista. Open the portal to the Gods’ realm. 」

「What? Celseus, can’t you invoke your own portal? 」

「Yeah. You see, I’ve never invoked a portal before, so I don’t know how to put one out in the first place.」

「Ah… 」

The seemingly useless macho god amazed me in a very bad way. Then, I cast the spell to open the portal to the Gods’ realm. Afterwards, I slowly open the portal’s doors. I was extremely nervous.

「Hmm? What’s wrong? Is something in there? 」

「Wait a moment. 」

During Exfolia’s saving quest, a white wall appeared in the portal’s doors due to the influence of the Cursed Sphere. That influence made it impossible to return to the Gods’ realm. Somehow, I felt like I wouldn’t be able to return safely, but unexpectedly, the white wall didn’t appear in the portal.

「I’m glad! We can go back! 」

With a peace of mind, Celseus and I dived through the portal. However, Celseus changed his complexion as soon as we passed through the portal.

「Hey, Lista. Isn’t this weird? Are you sure that this place is the Gods’ realm? 」

The portal led us to the plaza of the Gods’ realm as usual. However, there was a deep fog in the area, and I couldn’t see the surroundings very well.

「What is this thick fog? 」

「Maybe Merseys did something here…Let’s find a god and ask about the current situation!」

Celseus and I walked slowly in the dense fog. Everything around us was invisible. After a while, Celseus narrowed his eyes.

「I can see someone over there. 」

A little further away, we could see the back of a god walking in a white robe. I didn’t feel any evil aura, and it looked like it wasn’t Merseys or a devil. Celseus and I approached that god.

「Excuse me!! Merseys has…No. Actually, is the Gods’ realm safe!? 」

「… Gods’ realm? 」

When I asked, the god turned around slowly, and spoke with a strangely shrill voice.

I almost fainted in the spot! His face was hollow! Only big black holes were peeping out of his creepy face!

*long screams*

I screamed involuntarily along with Celseus. Then, a disturbing laughter echoed from the hollow face.

「Muahahahah, this is the Underworld, the Underworld! 」

「Un…Underworld!? 」

That strange-looking being began to approach us slowly! I shouted while stepping backwards.

「Is…Is that so!! Excuse us!! 」

Then, Celseus and I ran all the way through the dense fog. After running for a while in the supposed original path, we stopped and Celseus yelled angrily at me.

「Hey!! This isn’t the Gods’ realm after all!! 」

「Tha…That’s not true!! I’ve never made a mistake!! 」

「But, that fella said “Underworld”!! How did we come here in the first place!! 」

「I don’t know…Eh, wait! I hear something… 」

Suddenly, the thick fog dispersed in front of us and the hollow face appeared!

「Ugh!! You chased after us!? 」

「Muahahahah, I feel a divine aura. I can feel it, I can feel it. 」

While repeating the same words, this creepy being approached Celseus!

「Eh! Wait! Wha…What! Do…Do…Do you want something from me? 」

It brought his face closer to a trembling Celseus! Then, a long tongue-like thing emerged from the hollow face!

「Muahahahah, good, what a good god, good, muahahahah. 」


While he tried to avoid, Celseus’ face ended up being licked by that disgusting long tongue!

*panicked screams*

Celseus screamed and tried to run away! I followed him immediately!

「Wa…Wait!! 」

「What are you waiting for!! I will be eaten alive!! Portal!! Invoke the portal, Lista!! 」

「Whe…Where should we go!? 」

「Anywhere you want! We have to get away from this place now!! 」

I immediately summoned the portal and jumped inside along with Celseus.

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Ohhh thank god that Celseus is safe…


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  1. Seiya and the readers call Lista a useless goddess, but Celseus can’t even open a portal and most likely never took on a world salvation mission. Seiya should be glad Celseus wasn’t the one paired up with him for the first arc.

    In manga vol 1’s back cover, there’s actually a short story explaining that Lista lost her motivation to take on world salvation missions after completing a few missions, which is why her tactics started to stagnate. Isister (Ishtar in Yen Press’s translation) assigned her to Gaeabrande both to reunite her with Seiya and to force her to git gud. It’s implied that if Lista didn’t get the Gaeabrande mission, she would have turned out like Celseus.

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