This Hero is invincible but too cautious – Volume 3 – Chapter 122

Chapter 122: Divine Cup

Inside of the temple of the God’s realm where deities lived in…I was in the room of the Great Goddess Isister. She smiled at me with a gentle expression carved with wrinkles.

「Listarte. I’m sure that it was challenging to save the Kuorna world so soon after Exfolia.」

「No, not really! It was a D-rank difficulty world this time! So, I managed to save it without any problems!」

「Still, it’s a great feat. You have achieved the salvation of another world in a short period of time.」

I asked after giggling in embarrassment.

「By the way, Great Goddess Isister. What about…Merseys…? 」

「I’ve been keeping watch of the God’s realm in case she reappears. But, there’s no movement of her so far. I don’t think we have to worry too much.」

「You…You’re probably right. We mustn’t worry too much… 」

I bowed to the Great Goddess Isister and left her room. However, as I walked through the temple’s corridors, I thought deeply about the events that happened during that time.

…After Brahma forcibly sent Seiya to his original world, I spent a couple of days worried about Seiya’s advice to be wary of the evil goddess. Merseys, the Goddess of Violence, was the evil god that controlled the evil forces of the Exfolia world from the shadows. She once lived in the God’s realm. I was worried that she could attack at any moment. It could be today or tomorrow. But, we had no signs of her, and many days had passed since then. After a while, the fear disappeared and the divine world of the God’s realm was peaceful once again.

If I calmed down for second to think carefully about it, what Brahma said to us actually made sense. It was impossible for an invasion to happen as long as we had the Great Goddess Isister who could foresee the near future, Valkyrie who was the strongest goddess, and Chronoa who manipulated time. I could hardly imagine how the enemy would break this defense, which was as strong as an iron wall. Over time, my worries eased.

At that time, I became a top goddess and was given a new mission to save another world. I was free to decide whether to do it or not, but after a while, I decided to accept the mission. I felt a great distrust of Brahma for what he did. Nevertheless…I felt deeply the loss of Kiriko… I also felt helpless and various negative thoughts swirling in my mind. That’s why I wanted to focus on something that could ease my feelings. In addition to it…

「Lady Listarte. The Supreme Lord Brahma wanted you to have this. 」

「This…This is…! 」

The Messenger of God from the God’s realm gave me the heroes summoning list where Seiya’s name was written as well.

…I could meet Seiya again!!

「I understand! I’ll do my best to save another world! 」

After I received the list, I stared at Seiya’s status quite seriously…

「Wha…What…? 」

I noticed that the remarks’ column at the bottom of the summoning list had a ridiculous phrase.

『His memory will be intact as promised once he is summoned. However, this exception is limited only to saving quests of S-rank difficulty worlds or higher.』

「Wha…Wha…What the hell is thissssssssssss!! 」

The saving quest I’ve received was an E-rank difficulty world. I won’t be able to summon Seiya this time.

I felt as if Brahma was screwing with me for some reason, but it was already too late. I had no choice but to summon a very ordinary hero in order to save the E-rank world.

…After that, I received more saving quests. However, the difficulty ranks were always D or less. I kept asking the Great Goddess Isister if she had news of an “S-rank difficulty world or higher!”, but she didn’t know of any transcendental S rank world in need of saving. Including the Kuorna world, I saved three more worlds without Seiya.

I left the temple and headed towards the cafe run by Celseus, the Swordsman God. I saw familiar members sitting on chairs at a garden table.

「Welcome back! You have been working very hard, Lista! 」

「Ha…Have you co…come back from…saving another world? Tha…That’s amazing.」

My sister, Aria, the Sealing Goddess, and Adenela, the Goddess of War with a weird tongue, spoke to me. I laughed while sitting at a nearby chair.

「*laughs timidly* I don’t want to stay still. 」

Then, a loud voice was heard from behind.

「Oh. Now that you’re a top goddess you have become quite different. 」

The Swordsman God Celseus gave me a teacup while saying those words. Celseus was a macho male god, but he was weak. Instead of mastering his sword skills, he was trying to be a master chef with his own coffee shop…Yeah. He was doing the opposite of his godly role.

I looked at Celseus with a tough complexion.

「More importantly. Celseus, aren’t you going to summon a hero? 」

「No, I won’t! Making cakes are a hundred times more fun! 」

Seeing the weak Celseus made me wonder about his origins.

「Actually, it’s a little strange. Celseus, you were originally a human being. But, why did you reincarnate as a god?」

「Of course, I reincarnated as a god because I did many good deeds during my human life and pursued the way of martial arts!」

Celseus spoke with confidence. But, neither Aria nor Adenela had the slightest idea about it.

「Now…Now that you mention it…that…that’s really a mystery…Indeed. Why…this garbage became a god in the first place…」

「Hey!! Don’t you dare call me “garbage”!! Don’t forget that you are drinking my tea at my own cafe!!」

「By the way, Aria. I heard that a human being could become a god if one “accumulated good deeds during life” or if one “received a recommendation from a higher god”…Are these two the only options available?」

Speaking of which, I heard that Aria recommended me to become a goddess. Aria put her cup of tea on the table and stared at me.

「In fact, there is another way for humans to become gods. 」

「Eh! Is that so? What way? 」

「The “Divine Cup”. 」

「Di…Divine Cup, yes. It…It seems that it’s…going to be held…pretty soon. 」

After muttering, Adenela turned her gloomy eyes at Celseus.

「We…Well, there’s no way…that this idiotic man…as an hero…became the winner of the Di…Divine Cup. It…It’s a mystery why Celseus be…became a god.」

「Ugh! 」 Celseus growled frustratingly. On the other hand, I was with a 「? 」 mark in my head because of this particular subject.

「Listen. What do you mean by “Divine Cup”? 」

Celseus gazed at me as if he were looking at the face of a fool.

「Lista. You don’t know anything about it? 」

「So…So what! 」

「It’s impossible for her to know because Lista was born as a goddess a hundred years ago. The Divine Cup is an event held in the God’s realm once in a thousand years. The hero, who saved a world with a high degree of difficulty, can become the next god or goddess candidate upon winning the Cup. Selected heroes fight each other in tournament format to decide who gets the right to be a deity…That’s the Divine Cup.」

「Eh, I never thought we had such a thing in the God’s realm. 」

In other words, the champion hero could become a god or a goddess. Celseus spoke to me in a happy manner.

「You could say that it’s like “finding the strongest hero in the millennium”. This event is like a festival for the gods!」

…The chosen “strongest hero” of a thousand years?

I looked at this subject with interest. Aria smiled at me.

「Well, in the God’s realm, the flow of time is so slow that a thousand years is a decade in the human world. By the way, the participants need to have certain qualifications. For example, a hero “had to save a world with a difficulty rank of A or higher” and “needs to have the will to accept a godly reincarnation after death”. The heroes who participate in the Divine Cup are the ones summoned with exceptional memory and special stats.」

Adenela touched Aria with her elbow.

「A…Aria. Are…Are you going to summon your hero? 」

「Yes. I’m entering the competition in a week. 」

「Eh, is that so! 」

I noticed something relevant, and shouted aloud.

「Wa…Wait a second!! Isn’t Seiya allowed to participate as well!? After all, Seiya and I saved an S and SS-rank difficulty worlds in a row!! We have the qualifications to participate!!」

Surely, this time, I’d meet Seiya! I took out the heroes’ summoning list with Seiya’s name while my heart beat extremely fast…

「Eh…Ehhhhhhhhhhhh!? 」

As if the summoning list was listening to the current story, an unprecedented phrase appeared under Seiya’s name!

『Ryuguuin Seiya…Divine Cup incompatible.【Reason】He has the qualifications, but has no desire to become a male god.』

「It can’t be…!! 」

I was disappointed and a big sigh came out of my mouth. Bu…But, certainly, I remember that Seiya refused Brahma’s direct invitation. And if I thought deeply about it, Seiya didn’t seem to want to be involved with the matters of the God’s realm…

Even so, I felt so disappointed about this.

「Ah, well. No one would be able to compete with a hero like Seiya in the tournament where the strongest hero is proclaimed…」

Then, Adenela nodded positively in response.

「De…Definitely. I’m sure that Se…Seiya would be…be one of the wi…winning candidates.」

「You’re right!! I’m 100% sure that he would win the competition!! 」

I felt something strange the moment I shouted. A weird feeling crawled on my chest.

「…Ah? 」

When I looked down, I saw that someone from behind me grabbed my breasts!

「Hyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!! 」

When I turned my face around, I noticed the presence of the half-naked goddess, Valkyrie, the Goddess of Destruction, whose chains were wrapped around her body. She was rubbing my breasts, while raising the corners of her mouth in a mischievous way.

「A 100% win, you say? That’s not necessarily true, Listarte. Indeed, Ryuguuin Seiya is a great hero. And you showed that you had enough to be considered a worthy goddess in charge of that guy. But, listen carefully. The three thousand worlds are comprised of a wide space.」

「More importantly!! Please, stop rubbing my breasts!! 」

While I freaked out, I somehow managed to shake off the hands of the Goddess of Destruction. In contrast to me, who looked like tramp with a disrupted dress and rough breath, Valkyrie continued to talk as if nothing had happened.

「There are heroes who surpass Seiya in ability value…For example, this guy. 」


A man dressed as a warrior was standing beside Valkyrie. This man hiccupped when he opened his robust jaw. I noticed that he wore a silver armor, and his short hair was maroon-colored. His eyes were blue, and his face was covered with scars.

「He’s one of the heroes I’ve summoned in the past. His name is Ethan Sifford. His occupation is Battle Master. He is the strongest hero I’ve ever known in the last ten years of the human world, a thousand years of the God’s realm.」

The hero, who was introduced to us, waved and smiled.

Everyone, hello. 」

Hey, what the hell!?

「Lady Valkyrie! This hero person is not a Japanese…! 」

On Planet Earth, a country was booming in the Asian region. It was a common practice among gods to summon a Japanese hero because they were quick witted and sharp enough to understand the reason why they were summoned in the first place.

Valkyrie laughed cheerfully.

「Ethan lives in Japan. Therefore, he understood the otherworldly summoning process quite immediately.」

Yes. I work at a base in the Kanto area. 」

Ehh!! A base!! Did that mean that he was an active duty soldier!? That…That sounded like a big deal to me!! He looked rather strong as well!!

Valkyrie smiled confidently.

「Listarte. I’ll give you something special. I’ll show you Ethan’s status. Okay then, can you use your clairvoyance ability now?」

「Ye…Yes! 」

I narrowed my eyes, and saw the abilities of Valkyrie’s hero.

Ethan Sifford

Level – 99 (MAX)

HP – 587654

MP – 55237

Attack – 567444

Defense – 405152

Agility – 384545

Magic – 25147

Potential rate – 999 (MAX) …

…Impossible!! Even though he wasn’t in a Berserker mode, his attack power exceeded the 500,000 points!!

I was even more surprised when I saw his special skill item.

『Special skill: Destruction Techniques 』

「Can…Can he really perform the Destruction Techniques!? 」

「When I taught Seiya about my skills, I thought that perhaps my hero would be able to learn them as well. So, I summoned him here and taught him my skills. He was able to learn them in the end. Well, he learnt every procedure except the Valhala Gate.」

Valkyrie’s fearsome Destruction Techniques!! I thought that Seiya was the only human being capable of learning her frightening skills!!

Valkyrie placed her hands on the shoulders of her hero.

「I must give him a title. He’ll be the “Destruction Hero”. 」

「Miss Valkyrie. It sounds as if I’m the bad guy. 」

Meanwhile, Aria asked Valkyrie in a calm manner.

「Speaking of which, Lady Valkyrie. Will your hero compete in the Divine Cup? 」

「That’s correct…Aria. Are you going to bring your hero as well? 」

「Ye…Yes! My hero is going to participate as well! 」

「Sorry, but that’s just a waste of time. I don’t think anyone can beat my hero. 」

Valkyrie entangled Ethan with a tight hug, just as she did with Seiya in the past.

「The champion is Ethan Sifford, the “Destruction Hero”. 」

「No! We will be the ones to win! I won’t let your hero become a male god!」

「*laughs* Okay, that’s the spirit! Let’s start training now, and see which of them will take the divine cup!」

Aria shuddered as she saw Valkyrie and her hero Ethan walk somewhere in the God’s realm.

「I…I can’t stand still like this! I have to call my hero and practice! 」

「But, Aria! Can you win against Valkyrie’s hero? He had an incredible status! 」

「The hero that I’m bringing to this competition specializes in magic! I’ll show you! The battle of heroes isn’t meant to be just about physical power!」

Aria shook her large breasts, and then, ran immediately to the summoning chamber located in the temple. I was stunned to see Aria’s different behavior.

「Ho…How unusual! Aria was burning with a competitive spirit! 」

Then, the arm-crossed Celseus professed the following words.

「It doesn’t surprise me. It is a great honor for gods to win the historical and venerable Divine Cup with their own heroes.」

「…You know a lot about it, don’t you? 」

「Yeah. But, you know what? Actually, I am a Divine Cup enthusiast who can say all the names of the heroes who have participated so far! I’ve watched the previous Cups many times with the crystal ball!」

「Enthusiast!? So…So, why don’t you summon a hero!? 」

「I like to watch the matches, but I hate to participate in it. 」

I stared at an awkward Celseus with white eyes.

「Ah, I see. So, that explains a lot. After you watched the matches for many times, you became a “delusional fighting geek” that made you feel stronger and better with yourself.」

「Who’s the “delusional fighting geek”!? I’m the proud Swordsman God!! 」

「Even…Even so…*laughs weirdly* The “Destruction Hero”? He…He looked somewhat easygoing…but…in the end…he was an unexpected powerful human being. I…I’m looking forward to the event that’s going to be held in one week.」

After I saw how Adenela laughed happily, I got immersed with my own thoughts.

…“A hero greater than Seiya”, huh. That certainly bothered me. What kind of battle style could he perform…?

My first Divine Cup was about to begin.

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