This Hero is invincible but too cautious – Volume 2 – Chapter 121 – Part 1

Chapter 121: The Goddess of Violence (1)

Seiya, who should be extremely cautious, pulled my hand and rushed towards the Sage Village without hesitation. After passing through the village’s entrance, the magical circle that Seiya had erased before came into our sight.

Suddenly, the magical circle emitted a strong red light like blood. The landscape around me, including the magical circle, became greatly distorted.

…Before long, we were surrounded by a dark space that had nothing around. It was as if we were thrown into a void space. Yet, I felt some familiarity with this space. This was the same place where the evil god had appeared before me for the first time.

…Did that mean…that we were in a spiritual world?

I didn’t know if this space was a reality or an illusion. The surroundings were swamped by a jet-black darkness that seemed to melt and disappear. I felt that my body was mixed with the darkness that swirled in this place. Still, I felt the warmth of Seiya’s hand. I had no fear because I held hands with Seiya. No, actually, such feelings may had been paralyzed since I went to the battle with the Demon King.

Then, Seiya’s hand moved away. He let go of my hand to pull out the sword from his sheath. He took a step forward in order to cover me.

…I stood quietly while Seiya gazed attentively at the being that came in our direction.

That being wore an eerie black robe just like the one it wore before. But, this time, the being removed its hood, and the mottled hair fell on the black wings at its back.

「You managed to defeat Artemaeus even after he underwent extreme physical changes.」

She emitted a pale purple aura from her body. I noticed her long eyes. Her lips were slim and she had a high nose. The evil god, or rather the evil goddess, was a surprisingly beautiful woman.

「But, it’s not that surprising to be honest. “Achieve the impossible in order to save the world”…That’s the resolve of a true hero. I know that better than anyone does.」

「So, today aren’t you going to impersonate that old gramps? 」

The evil goddess laughed amusingly when Seiya asked her that question.

「I couldn’t control my overflowing power. But, finally, I was able to embody this body all the way from the consciousness’ world. Artemaeus’ soul, who once became a god, made my power rise tremendously. It’s all thanks to you.」

Seiya snorted “hmm”. The evil goddess was happily touching her long hair.

「I’ve been waiting for this day after I destroyed several worlds. My hair gets a new colorful layer every time I destroy a world. But to you my hair might look “impure”.」

「…Who are you? 」

When I asked her, the evil goddess stared at me with a surprisingly warm look.

「My name is Merseys. I used to live in the same God’s realm as you. 」

「Go…God’s realm…!? 」

That was a shocking fact if the evil goddess’ words were actually true. Nevertheless, Seiya nodded positively in response.

「So, you are “Merseys, the Goddess of Violence.” 」

「Oh… 」

The evil goddess stared at Seiya with an impressed expression…Eh, eh! Wait a minute!

「Seiya!! How do you know she is the “Goddess of Violence”!? 」

「Zeth, the other Goddess of War, spoke about her before. 」

「Did she really talk about her before!? 」

「She did. It felt like an important story. So, I wrote it down on a paper during that time. 」

Seiya took a piece of straw paper out of his chest. I peeked at the opening page. The paper was written with Seiya’s Japanese characters.

『★Important★ Merseys, the Goddess of Violence (how to read: / of / vi.o.len.ce / I heard her name for the first time with Zeth, the other Goddess of War. 【Note】Was she the one who caused the war in the heavenly world? Zeth was also in charge of the first confrontation. But, did other gods join them? Assuming that she was expelled from the heavenly world, and was exiled into a different world, she may now be a bad goddess.』

「What on earth is this!! Incredible!! It looks like a person’s dictionary!! 」

He already took such note when he first met Zeth!? He wrote it so that he wouldn’t forget it…Moreover, he wrote his own assumption as well…So…Somehow, this felt a little bit creepy…No!! In fact, it was very useful!! Let’s praise “Ryuguuin Seiya”!!

Seiya spoke directly to Merseys, after passing through an astonished me.

「You told me to come here if I defeated the Demon King, right? Do you want to kill me and kill Lista in order to gain more power?」

Merseys shook her head softly upon hearing Seiya’s strong remarks.

「I’ve been watching all of your battles up to now. I think you possess a power equal to that of the gods…Yet, it seems that you don’t have any predictive ability. Unfortunately, your assumptions are wrong. I called you here because I wanted to invite you.」

「In…Invite? 」

Then, Merseys stared at me with a smile on her face.

「How about this? Would you like to create a rightful world with me? 」

「Huh!? What are you saying!! Who on earth would like to cooperate with an evil goddess like you!!」

I screamed with bitterness towards her. However, Merseys replied kindly as if she were my close friend.

「Goddess Listarte. Is the God’s realm a cozy and nice place? 」

「Of course!! That’s obvious!! 」

「What you think is right is not necessarily right in reality. Listen carefully. The ideals of the God’s realm are entirely wrong.」

「I…I don’t know why you are so dissatisfied with the God’s realm!! But, that’s not the point here!! Seiya and I will never cooperate with someone like you!! You were the one who played with Kiri’s life!!」

「I see. The soul of the fetus in the Killing Machine… 」

Merseys showed me a compassionate face.

「I once had something irreplaceable. Something precious that surpassed the eternal life of gods. But, in the end…」

Then, Merseys stared at Seiya as well.

「You two lost it, while I gained it. 」


…Behind Merseys. Something walked slowly out of the darkness. That being wore a mask and resembled a devil priest like the ones with saw in the Sage Village. It brought its body closer to Merseys when it stood right next to her.

「I finally got it back. At that time, I realized what I had lost and how I could get it back.」

While rubbing its mask with her fingers, Merseys glanced fixedly at me.

「Goddess Listarte. If you cooperate with me, I will revive your child as well. 」

「Re…Revive Kiri…!? 」

「I can do it. 」

“Revive…as well”. Did that mean that the masked person had been revived!? Was that even possible to being with!?

I knew that it was a trap in my head. However, the image of Kiriko talking happily flashed back in my mind. My emotions were shaken. Nonetheless, on this moment.

「Lista. Don’t be fooled. She wants to deceive you with those sweet words. 」

「Ye…Yes! You…You’re right! 」

Seiya pointed his sword at Merseys. The masked person reacted violently.

「…Hey, Merseys. Is that my enemy? 」

A muffled voice of an unknown gender was heard inside the mask. That person left Merseys side and stood right in front of Seiya in order to confront him. Then, on this instant…

「State Berserk Phase 4th. 」

As the voice echoed, the aura of the reddish black madness was emitted from the mask!

Phase 4th!? Im…Impossible!! It’s not been long since Seiya brought his Crazy Warrior state closer to Phase 3rd!! And even the goddess Zeth, who created this insane technique, must have reached the limit of Phase 3rd!!

It was probable a fluke. However, the huge aura spread in the air with a force I’ve never seen before. My spine froze when I felt the powerful presence of a demon.

Unusually, Seiya took a step back. On the other hand, the masked person stepped towards our way when it moved its feet. Yet, it didn’t approach us in the end. It fell to its knees shortly thereafter. I noticed that Merseys put her hand on its shoulder.

「Don’t overdo it. Your body is not yet familiar with this world. 」

She helped the masked person to stand up. She acted as its support. Somehow, it seemed to me like the gesture of a close friend or a loved one.

「Let’s go. We have other enemies to overthrow. 」

Then, Merseys turned away from Seiya and me, and walked out into the darkness.

「Wa…Wait right there!! 」

When I shouted aloud, Merseys looked back and muttered.

「Everything will change from today on. A new, yet true world is going to be shaped.」

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What a foreshadowing…


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  1. Can’t say I have a clue where this is going, hope author has a good plan laid out because I don’t want this series to overstay its welcome with new bad guys every arc.

  2. Thanks for the chapter. Finally, I can see the main conflict. Honestly, I think it will be lame if they’re just gonna save another world after they save Exfolia. But with this, We will know the true story.

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  4. So the masked figure is Mersey’s child that she revived? Probably what she meant by gaining it back while Listarte & Caution Hero lost theirs.

    I assume the ascent of Artimaeus gave Merseys back enough divine power to finally allow her to revive her child.

    Children are probably illegal in the God’s Realm

  5. Gonna predict the plot: mersey’s masked one is an old hero. Mersey used to save worlds with heroes like the test of the gods, but during a difficult one she lost her hero who she fell in love with, and it prompted her to rebel with other unsatisfied gods.

    The evil gods are just gods who lost the war, and they’re still alive because they’re still children of brahma, who forbids direct war, so the gods and evil gods contest each other through trying to save and destroy worlds by proxy.

    Merseys hero is probably one of the super strong and great heroes, as Isister mentioned there are other heroes as strong or stronger than seiya. Mathematically speaking there could be at least 70 other heroes as strong or stronger than him.

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    • My conclusion is very simple mersey is a goddess like everyone else has a task help hero to save the world. But she rebel for the ideals probably a disagreement by the higher gods. Maybe she fall in love with that hero and died and ask higher god to help her revive his love one or to resummon him. Goddess isister told lista seiya is one of the strongest hero but not at the top. Mersey hero maybe one of those hero that are much stronger than seiya it the reason why that mask priest able to berserk 4th state. We used to see seiya able to match god and over powering them so it highly probable that powerful hero can also able to break the limit of the technique like to attain 4th berserk. Mersey need power so she became an evilgod meaning destroying world to become powerful and so she attain an ability to revive. That mask priest is her hero who died. Just my theory

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