This Hero is invincible but too cautious – Volume 2 – Chapter 110

Chapter 110: The Runaway Spiritual Power

Silshete’s Deadly Bandage was divided in several pieces, and it tried to attack Seiya from all sides. Seiya dodged the attack with the transcendental speed of the Crazy Warrior; and with his magical sword of fire acting as his shield, he devoted himself to defense while burning the menacing bandages. However, this was dangerous. After all, Silshete’s attack had the power of the Chain Destruction.

Even so…

「…240% Replenish. 」

Seiya was accumulating power endlessly for the sake of that technique.

「Hero!! That’s enough!! 」

「That’s right!! It’s plentiful now!! 」

「…260% Replenish. 」

No…No way!! Did he really want to reach 500%, or even 1000% in power!? Give me a break already!!

Both John Dae and I were extremely frustrated as we yelled 「Just hurry up! 」. However, as time went by, we felt like praying.

「Ple…Please, hero!! I beg you to unleash that power!! 」

「I implore you, Seiya!! 」

「…280% Replenish. 」

He didn’t even listen to our prayers. It seemed that even Silshete became irritated by this situation. After he took a step back, a large amount of Deadly Bandages got out of his body and spread like a horde of snakes!

「Se…Seiya!! 」

The Death Emperor tried to attack Seiya endlessly from every possible direction, be it from the top, bottom, right or left. Somehow, Seiya always managed to block his attacks and burn the bandages with the Killer Sword. I felt relieved but…it seemed that his defensive stance would last forever. When will he be ready to change to an offensive mode? In the meantime, it looked like Silshete increased the power of his lethal techniques in order to exterminate Seiya’s soul.

「…320% Replenish. 」

「He…He finally reached the 300%!! 」

「Yeah!! Maybe he’s ready!! 」

John Dae and I clenched our fists as we screamed at Seiya.

「Do it now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 」

I wondered if Seiya heard our scream. Then, Seiya opened his mouth.

「Okay, let’s go…Drain Charge Move. 」

Hurray!! We’ve been waiting for the explosive power of this newly technique!!

Seiya’s body shined brightly! My body shuddered with the shock waves that occurred at the same time! Silshete, who was attacking Seiya within close proximity, was blown away several meters! Even so, he mumbled arrogantly while he stared fixedly at Seiya with his sparkling yellow eyes.

「I don’t know what you’re trying to do. But, I guarantee you that it’s impossible to exceed the speed of my “Ferment After Roton”.」

Silshete seemed overconfident. On the other hand, both John Dae and I thought otherwise. We believed that Seiya’s new ability of power accumulation could beat the Death Emperor!

「Look! What an intense dazzling aura that the hero got on himself! I’ve never seen that aura before! I can see that it was replenished with tremendous power!」

「Yes! You’re right! 」

I nodded with a smile upon hearing John Dae’s remarks about Seiya. In anticipation, we waited for Seiya’s special strike.

However, the next moment, I doubted my own ears. Seiya lowered his head as he said the following unrealistic words.

「Hold on. 」

Soon, Seiya’s dazzling aura disappeared from his body.

「…Ah? 」

After a moment of silence…

「AHHHHH!???????? 」

John Dae and I shouted aloud.

「A “pause”!? Why a “pause” in a hazardous moment like this!?」

「In…In other words…He just accumulated power, but did not intend to use it!?」

「You must kidding, right!? Why!? Is there a plausible reason for that!?」

「I don’t understand the meaning of his actions!! That guy…What the hell is that guy even thinking about!?」

We screamed while talking because of Seiya’s actions that were beyond the comprehension of ordinary people. Nevertheless, Seiya completely ignored us. He greatly exhaled while holding the two brand-new swords that the earth snakes brought from the ground.

「State Berserk Phase 2.7 &…Mode Double Eternal Sword EX Phoenix Drive. 」

Seiya’s mad aura, as the Crazy Warrior, emanated from his body tremendously, while hot air mixed with his fire magic engulfed the surroundings! John Dae and I returned to our senses to concentrate on the ongoing battle!

「Oh! This time is a mad aura of flames!? And…What on earth!? Did he have a technique with such a long name before!?」

「Every single skill of his stats are invoked with tremendous power!! And he combined all of them with his crazy warrior state!!」

Seiya murmured while staring at Silshete with hawk eyes.

「I’ll start now…Maximum firepower!! 」

As soon as Seiya professed those words, he headed towards Silshete with a crimson trajectory that didn’t make any noise! I couldn’t even see his swords, but a number of crimson geometric patterns appeared in front of Silshete! When one of the patterns suppressed and disappeared, Silshete’s body was torn at the same time, and it wrapped in a hellfire! While Silshete burnt, he created a new bandage and tried to regenerate the wound, however, soon a new geometric pattern drawn by Seiya exploded simultaneously!

「Impossible… 」

Silshete uttered a small voice. More than ten reddish geometric patterns appeared in the air to surround Silshete’s body. Then, every single one of them disappeared at the same time. Amidst hot blazing air of the blasts, all of the bandages that covered Silshete’s body were burnt, and I finally saw the glowing eyes of the Death Emperor.

「This hero was just playing around with me since the beginning…! Even so…who thought that these skills could belong to a human being…?」

The Death Emperor groaned astonishingly at the overwhelming firepower that burnt every single bandage that covered his rotten body…

「A…Amazing…!! 」

John Dae unintentionally spoke aloud because he was amazed. Seiya used the double sword attack to draw a large geometric pattern in front of the Death Emperor. After a fierce explosion that shook our earlobes, only Silshete’s rotten torso floated in the air after losing both arms and legs.

Then, Seiya released the Maximum Inferno towards Silshete’s rotten torso. The floating torso exploded and disappeared.

…Did…Did he won…!? What a fierce firepower!! No…No…Was that strike that powerful because of the long period of power replenishment!?

However, Seiya stared at the empty space with sharp eyes. Silshete seemed to disappear because of Seiya’s overwhelming firepower. Nevertheless…We were wrong. There was one floating object in the air.

It was an orb about the size of a fist. Even with that amount of firepower inflicted to destroy the enemy, that orb stood there intact. It had an ominous aura that seemed to protect it from external threats.

「The Cursed Sphere!? 」

The orb changed its shaped when I screamed! It opened like a small mouth and I saw that it had the shape of an ugly skull!

「*menacing laugh* Cemetery Night Againnnnnn! 」

After raising a mocking high voice, the skull cracked and a venomous mist erupted from it! That mist instantly gained a humanoid shape! John Dae opened his eyes wide!

「Do…Don’t tell me that the Death Emperor is reviving himself!? 」

…Did…Did that mean that the Death Emperor hid some part of his body!? In the unlikely event of decay, did he set his body to rejuvenate with the power of the Cursed Sphere!?

…John Dae and I breathed heavily as we witnessed the enemy gaining a new form. The mist transformed into a black-and-white skeleton with beetle horns that represented the symbol of evil. The mouth of the bare skull slowly opened.

「I, as the Dead Emperor, shall revive after death…This is my final form…A fusion of spirit and rotten meat…An undefeated body consisting of half-spirit and half-material…」

Silshete’s body looked blurry, while a weird noise came out of him.

Ha…Half-spirit and half-material!? An undefeated body!? Wha…What the hell was going on now!! Maybe that meant that neither physical attacks nor spiritual attacks will work on him!?

Silshete’s second form. The first thing that came to my mind was, “Is there a way to overcome such a terrifying monster!?”. The premonition of a bad ending was crawling in my mind.

So…While I was immersed on my own thoughts, something happened at the same time as Silshete changed his form. No, I wasn’t the only one who didn’t see it happen. Silshete probably didn’t even notice the impeding attack from his fearsome but cautious opponent.

Seiya was already flying in the air with a sword above Silshete’s head.

「Rhythm Drain Charge Move… 」

I noticed that the dazzling light that disappeared from Seiya’s body, concentrated on his right arm!

「The Runaway Spiritual Power…Ghostbuster Overdrive! 」

As soon as he lowered his sword to hit Silshete’s head, a strong dazzling light emitted and a roaring sound shook the earth and the heavens at the same time! The sound was so high and intense that I even lost my hearing. It made me hear only silence for a brief moment. Somehow, I managed to see the scene of battle that made me blow away because of the brutal shock waves.

It seemed that the aggressive strike, which combined the physical attack power of the Drain Charge Move and the spiritual power of the Ghostbuster, turned Silshete, not only into dust, but also the earth from the surrounding area.

And at this precise instant…a wide range of desert grime spread in front of Seiya’s eyes. I couldn’t see any part of Silshete’s remains anywhere in the desert of dust.

I approached Seiya with perplexity.

「Se…Seiya! What about Silshete? 」

「I cleaned up. Most probably. 」

「“Cleaned up” you say…You already moved on to that part!?」

「Well, maybe, he’s still lurking somewhere around here.」

Seiya continued to stare at the place where Silshete stood previously. Then, John Dae opened his mouth slowly.

「Did…Did you use that accumulation power technique for the sole purpose of defeating the Death Emperor’s second form!? No!! Did you actually know that he had a second form in the first place!?」

「I didn’t know. I couldn’t see his status. 」

I couldn’t stay silent, so I broke into their conversation.

「Then, why did you pause when you stopped accumulating power!? 」

「SS-rank difficulty world Exfolia’s last Emperor, the Death Emperor…I thought that it would be a tough battle that could take a long time. That’s why I preserved that technique and used it when he reached his second form. Well, regardless of that, it would’ve been fine if he had no second form at all.」

「If…If he had no second form, does that mean that your accumulative power would’ve been wasted?」

「I feel relieved. It wasn’t useless after all. 」

「You feel relieved…!? 」

We were appalled by Seiya’s words of relief since his words resembled the attitude of an insurance salesman.

「I wanted to save up to 1000%. However, my body was about to burst with the power I was accumulating. Therefore, it was unavoidable to halt at 320%.」

「He…Hey, that’s already enough! Don’t try to accumulate power until you break your own body!」

While I tried to give sense to Seiya, instead, he just stared at the empty space where Silshete vanished, and then, he touched the ground.

「…Apparently, there is no third form. 」

It seemed that Seiya was still concerned about Silshete’s resurrection. He checked the surroundings for a long while, then…

「Okay. It seems that he vanished for good. 」

After saying that, Seiya finally put the sword on his sheath.

Next to me, John Dae was looking at Seiya as if he was looking at something terrifying.

「I understood in my head what the hero just said. That’s also a strategy to preserve special techniques. Still…To accomplish this kind of strategy in an actual combat is a bit…」

After a small sigh, John Dae whispered as if he were speaking to himself.

「He truly is an amazing guy. 」

Seiya stood a little further away from us. I stared at his back. I saw no scratches nor injuries. If I looked at the result alone, then he won without taking any damage.

…But, what if he used the accumulating power technique before Silshete’s second form?

If Silshete ended up dying as a mummy, we wouldn’t even know about his second form. Yet, if he survived, he would have a chance of winning with his half-spirit and half-material form. No…Those were just hypothesis after the failure of his actual fearsome skill. That was, the first Cemetery Night Again. If the powered-up Grand Lion, Oxelio, and Ceremonic were revived along with the army of the dead, Seiya would have faced a very difficult and unprecedented battle. Yet, he was cautious enough to prevent that scenario from happening.

If the battle against the Death Emperor Silshete was a normal battle, it would have been a tough fight for Seiya. If Seiya was a regular hero that is. But, if he really was a regular hero, by now, he would’ve…No, everything that happened so far, yes every miraculous victory, all happened because Seiya was overly cautious…

I was so impressed that I stared earnestly at Seiya, who wasn’t that pleased with his victory.

Besides that, I noticed that Seiya was looking at Kiriko. She crouched on the ground while looking attentively at the sand on the palm of her hand.

Seiya approached Kiriko. Kiriko noticed Seiya’s presence and showed him the sand on her hand.

「I made this pendant with Cleo. But, it has disappeared now. The town, Cleo, the memories…There’s nothing left.」

Cleo was Kiriko’s first friend. The pain I felt on my heart was immeasurable.

「…Kiriko. 」

Seiya opened his mouth. I thought that he was going to say something unusual or harsh…

「We’re leaving soon. So, get ready. 」

I was surprised because his response was completely normal.

「Ye…Yes… 」

Kiriko replied without cheerfulness and slowly stood up. It hurt me to see Kiriko looking so sad and absent. Her lost friend won’t return. Seiya defeated Exfolia’s last Emperor, the Death Emperor Silshete…However, it wasn’t a joyous occasion.

「Hey, listen, Seiya. Please, tell Kiri a reassuring word… 」

But, I noticed something odd when I approached Seiya. I saw that Seiya’s face was hard looking.

「I’m back at square one. 」

「Eh? Square one? What do you mean? 」

I couldn’t understand the meaning of his words. However, Seiya didn’t explain it and just said the following sentence.

「Lista. We can return to the heavenly world now that we’ve defeated the Death Emperor. Open the portal.」

「O…Okay. 」

As I was told to, I summoned the portal. When I opened the door, I saw that the white wall was no longer there to prevent us from leaving.

「We’re going back to the heavenly world now. 」

For Seiya, it was just for the sake of his preparation for battles. But, for Kiriko who was depressed …No, for myself as well, we had to reset our mood. And no better place for that therapy than the God’s realm. I was certain that John Dae had the same exact feelings. The disappearance of Fulwaana’s people had casted a dark shadow in everyone’s hearts.

We silently followed Seiya, and we dived into the portal in direction to the God’s realm.

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