This Hero is invincible but too cautious – Volume 2 – Chapter 108

Chapter 108: The Cautious Hero

When I tried to yell at Seiya for waking me up so violently, but as soon as I got out of his cave I became startled. Dozens of wooden buckets were placed on the ground. They projected Fulwaana’s surrounding areas.

Seiya, Kiriko and John Dae were around those wooden buckets that reflected the images from the earth snakes. And then…

「Hey, hey. What is really going on? 」

「You know, this morning… 」

The golems led the people of Fulwaana to one particular area.

「Seiya!! Why are you doing that!? 」

「I already told you. There are enemies outside of this town. To minimize the damage, I gathered these people into one spot.」

「Is…Is that so…But, enemies, you said!? 」

Seiya pointed to one of those wooden buckets. It projected the image of a huge brown dragon fighting against a group of golems.

「Dra…Dragon!! Is it really true that a dragon is out there!? 」

「This is a footage from Fulwaana’s northwest area. 」

I freaked out when I saw the other wooden buckets that Seiya showed to me.

A cyclops and a chimera! Other unusual monsters were fighting against Seiya’s golem army!

One person of the townspeople screamed when it stared at the wooden buckets.

「Lo…Look at this!! It’s the King Scorpion!! 」

The other wooden bucket showed a giant scorpion with a golden hue.

「…No way…It’s impossible! 」

I heard a familiar voice. When I looked back, I saw that the reckless Seiya was extremely shocked.

「I exterminated the King Scorpion! Moreover, the cyclops, the dragon, and the chimera…Those were the opponents that my party fought and won one year ago!」

Ehh!! Then, did that mean that the corpses of those monsters resurrected and came back to attack this town!?

The townspeople saw how shocked their Seiya was looking at the buckets. One of them asked him with a worried face.

「Lo…Lord Seiya! Is our town going to be okay? 」

Then, the reckless Seiya pulled the sword out of his sheath without looking back.

「I’ll go and get rid of them. I will protect the people of Fulwaana. 」

The crowd shouted 「Ohh! 」.

I…I knew it! This Seiya behaved like a true hero! However…

「I don’t want you to get involved in this. So, don’t move. 」

The cautious Seiya pushed him away.

「…What did you say? 」

The reckless Seiya stared at our Seiya with serious eyes. But, our Seiya was the cautious Seiya, so he didn’t respond immediately nor even looked at the reckless Seiya.

「The golems placed outside of this town are already fighting against the enemies. In addition, the earth snakes are monitoring the town. You have no role in this fight.」

The cautious Seiya finally looked at us after saying that the reckless Seiya was niggling. John Dae spoke with a difficult face.

「Even so, it’s strange that these enemies decided to attack this town so suddenly.」

「Yeah. Maybe the Death Emperor’s plans have changed. 」

「Plans? What’s that? 」

「…Wait a minute. 」

The cautious Seiya interrupted his conversation with John Dae. I was surprised when I looked at the other direction. The reckless Seiya didn’t listen to our Seiya and was walking away from us! The cautious Seiya chased after the reckless Seiya, grabbed his shoulder and pulled him to our side once again.

「Hey. What are you trying to do? 」

「I’m leaving this town in order to defeat the enemies. 」

「Are you stupid? Didn’t I say to you not to get involved in this? 」

「This town is being attacked! How can I watch it from the sidelines! 」

「You are useless. You are weaker than Kiriko and John Dae. 」

After saying that, the reckless Seiya spoke with a relaxed expression on his face.

「Gonna be okay. 」

On that very moment, I saw that our Seiya jerked his nose slightly.

Thi…This was bad!! Our Seiya was absolutely angry!!

I felt a dangerous air around them and I jumped between the two. I tried to persuade the reckless Seiya to stay here for the moment.

「It…It’s going to be all right! Let’s leave these fights to the golems! Besides, if it gets unsafe for the townspeople, we can always build an outer wall with the power of earth magic. Isn’t that right, Seiya?」

I tried to make the cautious Seiya to agree with my way of calming down the reckless Seiya. Still, the reckless Seiya didn’t go along with my flow. He wrinkled between his eyebrows and spoke harshly to the cautious Seiya.

「I’m going. I’m a hero. And I’m the one who defeated the Demon King. 」

「You must have defeated a weak Demon King from a weak world. At your current level, you won’t be able to defeat the monsters that are trying to attack this town. How many times do I have to repeat it until you understand?」

「No. The heart of justice makes me stronger. 」

This time, our Seiya’s nose trembled hard.

「Stop saying bullshit. Your justice is false. 」

「Take back what you just said! How can you only say bad things! 」

「I just told you the truth. 」

The two Seiyas glared at each other with hate! Then, Kiriko shouted at them to stop the imminent danger of a battle scene.

「Ple…Please you two! Calm down! More importantly! 」

I was astonished when Kiriko pointed to one of the wooden buckets. The enemies, including the dragon, the cyclops, the chimera, and the King Scorpion, collapsed on the ground!

「Ehh!! They beat them that quickly!? 」

Apparently, while the two Seiyas argued with each other, the golems defeated all of the enemies. I felt relieved. Yet, our Seiya’s expression was severe.

「Don’t be happy. This battle isn’t probably over. No…It’s going to start now.」

He really had sharp eyes. Before long, dark smokes got out of the enemies’ bodies and ascended to the sky.

I took my eyes away from the wooden bucket and stared at the sky above our heads. The black smoke raised up and covered the entire area of Fulwaana’s town! It slowly formed a black cloud!

「My name is Silshete, the Death Emperor…I control death and destruction.」

Unexpectedly, a loud voice roared throughout the whole town! The voice that spoke to us felt like an eerie voice that echoed from the depths of hell.

「Hero. First, I must say that you were quite superb. If you had acknowledged this fictional world created by the secret power of souls from the evil god, your existence would’ve been swallowed and disappeared entirely…」

If…If he had acknowledged this, his soul would’ve been swallowed and disappear…Seriously!?

Once, I thought in Fulwaana that, “How happy would have been if this world was the real world?”. Actually, I wasn’t the only one. John Dae and Kiriko were probably the same as me. But, the truth is…That was the aim of the evil god! At those times, if our Seiya didn’t disturb us, then we may have disappeared by now!

John Dae was surprised by this. He stared at the cautious Seiya and asked him a question.

「Don’t tell me that you already knew about this!? 」

「Of course. I considered this possibility. 」

Perhaps, our cautious Seiya thought about dozens of…Actually, maybe hundreds of different possibilities…Either way, the evil god’s attempt to kill us all failed.

「This world doesn’t need to exist anymore… 」

I got shivers when I heard the sinister words of the Death Emperor.

「Ma…Maybe, the Death Emperor is going to erase the people of this town!? Se…Seiya!! What should we do!?」

「As a precaution, I put earth snakes hidden on each person of this town. The moment the earth snake bites each person, it will make him or her into wandering spirits. It’s an extra form of the technique taught by the Goddess of Seclusion, Nephitet.」

「I see! So, their spirit will remain even if their body ceases to exist! 」

「Yeah. It’s kind of a bitter plan. But, if it really happens, I can always transfer their wandering spirits into earth snakes or golems in order to save them.」

Cleo had a worried complexion next to Kiriko.

「He…Hey, Kiriko. Are we going to be fine? 」

「Yes! You’re going to be fine! Mister Seiya prepared himself to save all of you! 」

Kiriko replied with a bright voice. Then, our Seiya whispered as he snapped his finger.

「…Ghost Bites. 」

The earth snakes opened their mouths and bit most of the people. The people of Fulwaana fell to the ground, and then, their spirits separated from their bodies.

…Our Seiya really thought of a great plan like this! He has been preparing all along! This way, we were going to save these people…Uh…Eh…?

I doubted my own eyes! The bodies of the fallen people of Fulwaana disappeared like sand, together with their spirited bodies!

「So…It doesn’t work. 」

The cautious Seiya spoke with a low tone.

「It…It doesn’t work, you say? 」

The voice of the Death Emperor echoed while our Seiya remained silent.

「Whatever you do won’t work. Fictional humans that don’t exist in this world have no means of survival. Those people can’t escape from their fate. When the power of the evil god gets released, everything that was created with it shall disappear forever.」

The people of Fulwaana that stood around me became sand one after another! I shook the shoulder of the cautious Seiya impatiently!

「Seiya!! Don’t you have another method to save them!? 」

However, our Seiya silently removed the Ghost Bites. All of Fulwaana’s wandering spirits returned to their original bodies.

「It’s impossible. There’s nothing I can do. 」

「Ehh!? Se…Seiya!! 」

From my experience, I believed that our Seiya would’ve been able to overcome this situation. Still, our Seiya didn’t move at all. I could only hear the Death Emperor’s voice instead.

「Are you trying to find a way to save the people of this fictional world? Okay, now let the spectacle begin. When the fictional world begins to disappear, the memory of the ones from the real world who witnessed it will turn…into despair.」

Gerstein and Millie were startled as they watched their bodies turn into sand.

「I remember it now…I was…We were… 」

「That’s right…We were…killed by the Demon King’s army one year ago. 」

「Ah…Cleo…My Cleo… 」

The bodies of Gerstein and Millie were splattered as sand as they tried to get closer to Cleo.

「Gerstein! Millie! 」

John Dae shouted aloud. Kiriko screamed towards the other direction.

「Mister Seiya! Cleo is…! 」

Cleo’s feet gradually turned into sand.

…Wha…What…There was no way we could help them!?

But, our Seiya didn’t move. I had no other choice but to stand still. Cleo spoke while looking at Kiriko.

「So…I was already dead… 」

Cleo, who was crying with tears falling from his face, suddenly smiled at Kiriko.

「Li…Listen, Kiriko! You have to defeat the Demon King! I’m sure that, as long as the Demon King lives, there’ll be people like me around this world! You must stop him!」

「Cleo…! 」

「I was happy…to be friends with Kiriko. 」

Kiriko reached for Cleo. But, before she could reach him, Cleo’s smiling face disappeared in sand.

「Ugh…This is…This is too cruel… 」

Kiriko lowered her head. Then, the Death Emperor’s voice echoed throughout the deserted town of Fulwaana.

「Return to sand. Everything that doesn’t exist. 」

It wasn’t just the people. The town of Fulwaana, everything including the houses and tents, became mere sand. Still, only the reckless Seiya remained intact. He didn’t look away, and gritted his teeth to resist this dark fate so desperately.

「Seiya!! 」

I ran towards the reckless Seiya. He was shaking his body so much.

「Ah…I see. So, everything was fictional. I didn’t go to the Sage Village. I…I couldn’t protect my loved ones…I couldn’t even save my unborn child…」

 Before disappearing, the reckless Seiya approached the cautious Seiya. On his way, the reckless Seiya’s feet became sand and he collapsed right in front of the cautious Seiya.

「You were correct…My justice was false. 」

I noticed that tears were overflowing from the reckless Seiya’s eyes. It was the first time I saw Seiya cry.

「I should’ve thought more deeply about it…I should’ve prepared for this but I didn’t… 」

「Seiya…! 」

Soon, the reckless Seiya’s regret and sorrow transmitted to me so painfully that my chest started to hurt. I began to cry as well.

「Tiana. Please forgive me… 」

I couldn’t speak nor could I look directly at him. It was a very sad and painful scene. So, all I could do was hug the reckless Seiya, who was about to disappear.

「I’m fine!! I’m absolutely fine!! 」

The reckless Seiya had no reason to know that I was the reincarnation of Princess Tiana. Still…

「Thank you. Lady Goddess… 」

He replied to me with his last strength. Nonetheless, the cautious Seiya looked down on the reckless Seiya with disgusting eyes.

「Miserable. What an idiot. You really are an idiot. 」

「I apologize… 」

「But, I’m here now because of the idiot you. 」

「I have one wish. You must defeat…the Death Emperor and the Demon King… 」

「I don’t need you to tell me that. 」

I saw a little smile of the face of the reckless Seiya.

「I leave everything in your hands…Cautious Hero. 」

The reckless Seiya’s body became sand and scattered around the cautious Seiya’s feet. This scene was a cruel sight that made me want to turn away…Still, at that time; it looked as if the two Seiyas merged together in one body.

「Eve…Everything became sand…! 」

John Dae spoke with a sad tone. I noticed that we were standing on only ruins. It was a desert as far as the eye could see. Only human bones spread on the sand.

Before I knew it, the huge black clouds that covered the town fused together and formed a giant skull.

「Their fate remained the same even though they regained a fictional life. They tasted two deaths, and their despair was filled with further despair. These raw emotions will make my power stronger.」

Under the joyous voice of the Death Emperor…

「Cleo, Cleo…! 」

Kiriko was crying while she held Cleo’s sand in her chest.

「What an absolute ghastly monster!! 」

John Dae clenched his fists with anger. Of course, I was outraged as well. The people of Fulwaana were killed, not once but twice, at the hands of the Demon King. It was painful, sad and scary when everyone turned into sand.

…Death Emperor Silshete! I won’t forgive him! Never!

Suddenly, next to me, I heard a few footsteps that went forward. When I saw that Seiya held his sword, I felt something cold running through my back.

…I felt that his anger and sadness were left somewhere else. He walked through the sand that once belonged to the reckless Seiya without even looking down. There was only the figure of a complete hero who disposed all of unnecessary emotions for battle, and focused his senses only for the purpose of defeating the enemy.

「You told me that my fate remained the same. Then… 」

Our Seiya looked at the giant skull in the sky.

「Your fate of being defeated by me remains unchanged as well. 」

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