This Hero is invincible but too cautious – Volume 2 – Chapter 99 Part 1

Chapter 99: The Gods and the People (1)

「Hey, Seiya! Where are you going? 」

Seiya kept walking silently, as he pulled the Great Goddess Isister and me without stopping. The Great Goddess Isister finally opened her mouth when we arrived at the third floor of the heavenly temple.

「…Ryuguuin Seiya. Are you planning to involve the innermost gods? 」

「That’s right. I want you to show me the power of the Goddess of Time. This may involve some danger, but it’s the only way.」

Ah…!! By any chance, Seiya…Was he trying to save me from the curse by using the power of Chronoa, the Goddess of Time!? Bu…But!

「Modifications of time and space are a taboo in the discipline of gods. That solution might be impossible to accomplish…」

Seiya continued to walk regardless of what the Great Goddess Isister explained to him.

「Old hag. It’d be enough for me if you let me just meet the Goddess of Time. 」

Seiya stopped in front of a door in the corridor of the third floor from the heavenly temple. This place was the “room that stops time” that led to the almighty world of the innermost gods. Even if he heard it from Aria before, this was the first time that Seiya entered this room. Seiya convinced the Great Goddess Isister to cast a spell to open the door. Then, we ventured inside.

After we passed through the shelves displaying the souls of gods, a large painting appeared at the end. The mysterious painting showed a winding road that connected a temple to a cliff. This painting was the holy entrance to the almighty world of the innermost gods.

We stood in front of the picture. At this point, the Great Goddess Isister looked back at Seiya with a serious expression on her face.

「Ryuguuin Seiya. Please be careful. Once upon a time, a god asked for a wish to the innermost gods. Nevertheless, he betrayed the rules that bound that wish. Consequently, those events triggered the Unification War of the God’s Realm.」

…The Unification War of the God’s Realm…

I recalled that Zeth, the other Goddess of War, talked about that. I was born a hundred years ago in the God’s realm as a goddess. Most probably, those events happened before I was even born. But, “war”…I couldn’t believe that such a violent thing happened in the peaceful God’s realm.

The Great Goddess Isister continued to speak with Seiya.

「Anyway. Please, don’t spoil the mood of the innermost gods of the almighty world. 」

「It’ll be okay. I’ll keep that in mind. 」

After entering the painting, we walked on the winding road. When we arrived at the stone steps in front of the temple, the Great Goddess Isister stopped walking and knelt down. I imitated her gesture and knelt down as well.

「Our Ladyship Chronoa, the Goddess of Time, reigning through the ages of the almighty world of the innermost gods…I am Isister, the high-ranking deity in charge of the God’s realm. I, thereby, stand by your presence to request an audience with you…」

Then, the door of the temple slowly opened.

…I only heard a voice when I came here to reduce the consequences of my punishment. However, this time, Chronoa, the Goddess of Time, appeared from the door engulfed with a striking dazzling light.

「Oh…Oh gosh…So beautiful…! 」

I forgot my frightening situation the moment I saw her appearance.

Usually, the gods from the God’s realm had their wings sealed. But, she, the Goddess of Time, appeared with her large and beautiful wings on her back. It was inspiring to look at such a huge divine aura. The high goddess Chronoa was dressed in a stunning glittering dress. Her long hair was tied up beautifully behind her back. She was more noble and beautiful than any other goddesses I’ve seen so far.

「I shall present myself to all of you after Isister requested an audience with me. 」

Her Eminence Lady Chronoa approached us with a smile. Then, she looked at me and showed me a compassionate complexion.

「Listarte…How sad. You have a terrible curse casted upon you. I’d like to turn back time with my power to your original state before the caster could curse you…」

When she spoke those words…

「…I forbid you. 」

I heard a low voice that surrounded us. Chronoa shrugged her shoulders.

「You sure are noisy. 」

「…It is against my rules, as the God of Reason, to let you turn back time.」

This dignified voice sounded familiar. It was Nemesil, the God of Reason. He was the one who was reluctant to restore my healing powers back. For me, he had the image of a “strict and stubborn high god”. Yet, I knew that Chronoa wouldn’t be able to use her powers without first getting the permission of this god.

While everyone remained silent, Seiya spoke directly to Chronoa.

「Don’t worry. Just ignore him. 」

Oh no, Seiya really spoke in a bluntly way here!!

It seemed that Nemesil heard Seiya’s voice. He spoke with anger then.

「Human! Watch your tongue! I am Nemesil, the God of Reason! 」

The door of the temple opened violently! And, when this god came out of there…

「Bi…Big…! 」

He looked like a giant god, because he were at least five meters tall. He had a dignified face, a long mustache and a sculpted body. He was a thousand times more divine and intimidating than Celseus.

Nemesil, the God of Reason, walked right in front of Seiya with strong and fearsome steps!

「Who…Whoa!! Seiya!! Shouldn’t you apologize!? 」

However, Seiya didn’t apologize. Then, a strong voice roared from above Seiya’ head, who just stared at Nemesil with bored eyes.

「I make the rational decisions of the almighty world! The alteration of time and space is absolutely forbidden! I won’t allow you to turn back time for Listarte!」

I trembled my body so much because of this tremendous force. Even the Great Goddess Isister was stiff in his presence. Still, Seiya didn’t change his expression.

「I didn’t say we should turn back time before the curse was casted on her. The battle against the Demon King Artemaeus from one year ago…Lista and I just need to watch it unfold right in front of our eyes.」

Ehh!! Go back one year ago and watch the battle with the Demon King!? What did it have to do with breaking my curse!?

I couldn’t understand Seiya’s intentions with this suggestion. But, the Great Goddess Isister seemed to understand him by bedding the knee.

「I see. Ryuguuin Seiya. You may be able to save Listarte from the curse without causing an alteration of time and space.」

「Wha…What do you mean? 」

I asked the Great Goddess Isister what she meant by that, but…

「You don’t need to know the details. 」

This wasn’t the first time that they spoke about something that I mustn’t know. But, why! This was about me after all!

Nemesil said the following words to Seiya.

「If that’s the case, then just ask Isister to have a look at the past by using her crystal ball.」

「No. That’s useless. We need to go back to the past and see those events for ourselves from a close range.」

「If you return to the past and the Demon King, a monster, or a third party recognizes your appearance, there is a large possibility that a Time Paradox could occur. If that happens, Exfolia will definitely collapse.」

「To avoid that outcome, I could transform us into monsters with the power of the art of change. As a last resort, I could make us dive underground by using Cave Along.」

「…There’s no need to go that far. 」

After Chronoa heard the conversation between the two of them, she offered Seiya and me a piece of cloth that resembled a cloak.

「Invisible Cape. This sacred tool prevents the conception of Time Paradox when traveling through the space of time. If one wears this cloak, it will make invisible the people who should not exist on that era. The smell, the movements, and even the sounds will disappear completely once you wear this sacred tool.」

Our existence could be concealed with this tool! Chronoa was extremely kind after all!

「There won’t be any problem if you only watch the battle with the Demon King. Okay then, I shall send Listarte and Ryuguuin Seiya a year ago to Exfolia.」

Chronoa reached out to Seiya and me.

However, on this instant.

「Wait. I haven’t given you my permission yet. 」

Nemesil’s giant body stood in front of us. Seiya spoke as if he despised Nemesil.

「The Goddess of Time said it won’t be a problem. Move away. Lista doesn’t have much time left.」

「I told you to watch your tongue, boy!! 」

That angry voice was so loud that it even shook the foundation of the almighty world of the innermost gods!

「Don’t you dare mess with me…!! I can crush you at any moment!! 」

When I saw Seiya’s stance towards Nemesil’s threats, my spine froze completely!

…Because, Seiya pulled the sword out of his sheath!

「Ryuguuin Seiya!! You mustn’t!! 」

The Great Goddess Isister yelled aloud before I even opened my mouth.

However…Seiya didn’t move even though he held his sword in an offensive stance.

「…What’s this? 」

Nemesil screamed. And then, I noticed what was going on.

A reddish black aura got out of Seiya’s sword and covered Nemesil’s body! Nemesil noticed an abrupt change on his arm because wrinkles spread on his skin! He freaked out!

「My…My body is…? What is that sword…? 」

…It…It can’t be! Don’t tell me that sword is…! That sword was the Holy Power Drain Sword that absorbed the holy spirit of a god by growing old and becoming weak…!

Seiya spoke to Nemesil.

「It’s the Lista Granny Sword. 」

「Don’t tell them that name!! 」

Seiya continued to speak to Nemesil regardless of my screams.

「Nemesil, the God of Reason. Accept this request if you don’t want to be an old gramps.」

「…You!! 」

Nemesil stared at Seiya with demonic eyes…But, I noticed that Seiya’s presence in front of Nemesil had disappeared completely! Seiya took a considerable distance from Nemesil while holding the sword that emitted the dark ominous aura!

「Don’t joke with me, mere human!! That “Lista Granny Sword”…I’ll destroy it!! 」

Sorry, but…I knew that it was a tough situation, but please Lord Nemesil, don’t say that sword’s name! It was too embarrassing for me!

Nemesil bent against Seiya and took an offensive posture! While Seiya kept aiming at Nemesil with his sword! Nemesil didn’t care about that sword’s effect and rushed towards Seiya! And on the next moment! I doubted my own eyes upon watching the sight that happened right in front of me!

*shrinking sound*

As he approached Seiya, Nemesil’s body became smaller and smaller as if, the biological evolution of monkey to human was caught in a reversal momentum!


When he arrived right in front of Seiya…Nemesil transformed into a small but old man.

Of course, I was speechless. Actually, both the Great Goddess Isister and Her Eminence Lady Chronoa were with a loss of words as well. Meanwhile, Seiya asked Nemesil, who became small and old like an old grandpa.

「Lista and I are going to the past now…You don’t mind, do you? 」

Then, Nemesil smiled with a quivering mouth.

「Yeah. I don’t mind it. 」

「His personality got soft because he became a grandpa!? Milord Nemesil!! What about the Time Paradox thing!? Is it all right!?」

「Time… Huh? What was it? I don’t remember it. My lower back hurts. 」

Nemesil sat down on the ground. We were shocked. Next to him stood Seiya, who just gazed attentively at his darkish sword.

「Yeah. This is a great sword. It was useful after all. 」

After a moment of silence…

「Ahah…! 」

Her Eminence Lady Chronoa began to laugh, as she couldn’t endure it any longer. Furthermore…

「Ahahahahah!! 」

Synchronizing with Chronoa’s laugh was a neutral voice that came out of the temple’s door!

…Thi…This voice was…The Supreme God Brahma!!

The no.1 god of the almighty world of the innermost gods, the God of Creation, didn’t show his appearance as expected. But, I could hear his joyful voice coming from the corner of the temple’s door.

「It’s been a long time since I’ve had a good laugh. Nemesil, the God of Reason, as given you his permission. Both of you can go back to the past to see the battle against the Demon King.」

Gre…Great! The Supreme God gave us his OK!

「However, Ryuguuin Seiya. Let me tell you one thing. If the curse were reversed between you and Listarte, meaning that if it were you who were cursed instead, things would be different. We would never had agreed with this. But, Listarte is a goddess. Every god that lives in the God’s realm is my child.」

In other words, these almighty gods would’ve “abandoned a human being even if he or she were the ones getting this predicament instead”. I thought deeply about it, and I thought that his words were cold. Yet, Seiya responded to His Lordship Brahma’s words with “yeah”. He didn’t say anything more. Then, Seiya approached Chronoa and whispered on her ear.

「…Understood. So, that timing, I see. Well then, I’ll send you to the Demon King’s Castle in Exfolia from one year ago.」

I wore the Invisible Cape with Seiya.

「Listen, Listarte. It won’t take too long. After enough time, both of you will be forced to return to the almighty world of the innermost gods.」

「I…I understand! 」

「Ryuguuin Seiya. Please, take care of Listarte. 」

The Great Goddess Isister spoke directly to Seiya. He nodded positively in response. Her Eminence Lady Chronoa approached us and stretched one hand towards Seiya and me.

「Are you ready? Here I go… 」

The space around us became gradually distorted. Chronoa and the Great Goddess Isister’s appearances slowly faded away from my field of vision…

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