This Hero is invincible but too cautious – Volume 2 – Chapter 95 Part 2

Chapter 95: Even Falling (2)

The power of the Cursed Sphere.

No way!! Don’t tell me that Ceremonic put a Cursed Sphere in her body like Bunogeos did to himself!? Summing up…We won’t be able to return to the God’s realm as long as we’re near Ceremonic!?

「Goddess! If we can’t go back to the God’s realm, why don’t we go to Tarmine instead? The hero might recover if we take him there for a short moment! It’s regrettable, but we can’t do anything without his help!」

「Ye…Yes… 」

Then, I opened the portal to lead us back to Tarmine. During the quest to defeat the Grand Lion, I managed to move between places in this earthly world even if I couldn’t go back to the God’s realm. But…I trembled incessantly once I opened the door! The white wall stood right in front of me! It didn’t disappear!

「Ugh…! Don’t tell me that it’s impossible to escape from this place…! 」

John Dae groaned bitterly right next to me. Then, he approached Seiya who was still unconscious and shook his shoulders.

「Hey! Wake up! Get up now! 」

「Ple…Please, stop it! Mister John Dae! Mister Seiya must rest now! 」

「We can’t let him take a rest! Just look over there! 」

John Dae pointed out to an earth snake camera that showed the current position of the Empress Ceremonic. She stood in a new place as opposed to where she was at previously.

「Big sis Monica. It looks like a dead end. 」

She was standing in the area where we came down to this military basement!? I…I couldn’t believe that she got there so fast!!

She must’ve used her instant movement ability with teleportation skills. I stared silently at the ceiling of the rock wall. Perhaps, Ceremonic was only a few meters above from us!

We were staring at the top of the ceiling and at the earth snake camera alternately, without stopping. Soon, Ceremonic left the place where she was standing still.

As soon as I took a deep breath as sign of relief, I heard the voice of the other Ceremonic sister from the water bucket.

「Serena. There’s a staircase leading to a basement. 」

And then, Ceremonic went to the stairs. I wondered if she noticed the earth snake camera that was installed in the passage along the way. The sister with the disturbed hair put out her tongue.

「I’m coming to get you! I can’t wait to cut your neck! *laughs maniacally* What kind of curse should I use?」

「How about a curse that drains every drop of blood from his body while he’s alive?」

「A curse that will rot his flesh in a gruesome way is a good alternative too! He has to feel a dreadful and excruciating pain!」

John Dae raised his voice as soon as Ceremonic disappeared from the angle of the earth snake camera.

「This is bad! She found the staircase that leads to this basement! She’ll be here soon! 」

「Wha…What should we do now…! 」

My body was full of sweat and my breathing became rough! We’re boomed if she finds us here! Seiya and all of us would be annihilated instantly!

…We couldn’t even run away from here…Ahhhhh!! What should I dooooo!?

I started to panic, then…

*slurping sound*

Suddenly, something small came out of the ground!

「Gyaaaa!! Is it Ceremonic!? 」

「Ple…Please calm down, Miss Lista! It’s Mister Seiya’s earth snake! 」

「Huh…? Ah…You’re right… 」

「It has something on its mouth. 」

After John Dae noticed that detail, the earth snake offered me a piece of paper that came from its mouth.

「Eh… 」

The following sentences were written on the paper.

『Lista. If you’re reading this, then something happened to my body during the quest to defeat Ceremonic. I hate to think about it this way, but I can’t deny a possible scenario where I die.』

John Dae and Kiriko were both reading the sentences from behind my back. John Dae spoke with a startling voice after he read the word “die”.

「Wha…What the hell is this? Is this paper a…proof of his will? 」

「No! Seiya is still alive…! 」

I heard that some people wrote their own wills before they died. But, I never got bothered with it, because I never had a reason to care about my “possible death” since I’d never die…No! This wasn’t the right time to think deeply about it! I had to get focused in order to read more of it!

『I usually pay careful attention to my health since the first day I began this journey…. Even so, there are some circumstances where I can’t prevent, such as sudden illnesses, natural disasters, or accidents. So, that’s why I wrote this piece of paper in case I got plagued by any of those reasons.』

John Dae yelled on my ears.

「We don’t have the time to read such a melancholic letter now!! Ceremonic is heading down through the staircase at this precise moment!!」

「Wa…Wait a minute, John Dae! Look at this part! 」

『Well, the fortress might be under attack, and our enemy Ceremonic might be in the midst of heading towards the basement room where you are standing still. Regardless of that scenario, you should keep reading this letter.』

「How could he be exactly on point!? Some…Somehow, it’s frightening me!! 」

「Anyways, Miss Lista! Let’s keep reading the letter! 」

『Ceremonic thinks that she has cornered you. But, she doesn’t realize that it was me who cornered her. Listen carefully. The fortress itself is a huge trap. Actually, she defeated the thousands of golems outside of the fortress and reached the stairs that lead to the basement floor…This was almost impossible to accomplish if she weren’t a powerful monster. That’s why I created this place to be a huge set-up ground. In other words, I created a completely different area for the staircase passage. Even a powerful monster won’t be able to avoid it. Ceremonic is descending the staircase to hell. The entrance up to the staircase is a labyrinth made of thirty underground layers that I’ve created with earth magic.』

「Eh…? Thirty…underground layers…? 」

John Dae, Kiriko and I looked attentively at the ceiling of the basement room.

I thought that Ceremonic was reaching this place extremely soon!! But, this basement room where we were now was the lowest layer of a long and deep underground labyrinth!?

『Actually, I think that the probability that I’m dead is relatively low. But, for whatever reason, I’m incapable of moving or talking. So, let me tell you this. If you act steadily according to the instructions I give you, then it will be possible for you to defeat Ceremonic on your own.』

There was a written sign at the end of the paper sheet.

『Perfectly Ready. 』

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