It Is a Different World and Yet I Am Cultivating Monsters – Volume 1 – Chapter 33

Chapter 33: Isn’t the Japanese tongue the most sensible in the world?

「Thank you for waiting. I present you the King Kraken tempura, the steamed wine from a colored monster fish, the grilled golden serpent star, and the hot pot of a Leviathan.」

Everything looked gorgeous. Miss Katherina brought treasure-looking dishes to the judges. They looked beautifully arranged. The judges took their first bite.

「Oh. This tastes wonderfully. I can feel the most delicious part of the King Kraken, the ninth leg. The taste is quite rich because it was fried into a tempura, while the rest of the monster was chopped off brilliantly. You cooked this luxurious monster of the A-rank in a very exceptional way. Everything tastes delicious.」

「The colored monster fish belongs to the F-rank. However, it is a very difficult monster to catch because it camouflages within the scenery of nature. Your dish is exceptional, you managed to capture the richness of its pigmentation. This steamed wine is overflowing with fragrance. I can see that it assimilates all of the bold colors.」

「And most importantly, the hot pot of a Leviathan. This cooking method is very specific. Water was put on a hot pot with several seasoning ingredients. After the stock was finished, the prepared Leviathan was put inside of the hot pot. The heat is crucial on this process. Leviathan is known for having a tender and fragile meat. Yet, on this particular dish, the Leviathan was cooked perfectly because the heat didn’t damage the white meat of this S-rank monster. This is a dish worthy of being called a supreme dish! You’re a brilliant cook, Sage Hero!」

Whoa, the judges were really impressed with the dishes. I thought that their comments were strange. Too much compliments instead of an objective opinion. Anyways. The audience applauded regardless of what happened. Miss Katherina had a very confident expression of her face. Her victorious smile made it seem as if the outcome of this match was already decided. It would be difficult to surpass this quality, wouldn’t it?

「Well, it seems that you haven’t cooked the essential ingredients yet. Aren’t you paying attention to the time limit? You will be disqualified if you don’t finish your dishes in time.」

Oh, boy. Yes, it could be tough to complete my dishes in time. I noticed that Mina was feeling nervous… But, I didn’t want to give up. Still, this impending situation worried me. Dora-chan was hiding in my upper pocket. Suddenly, she appeared after she sensed my anxiety.

「It’s okay, Master. Everyone will be here soon. Look. 」

Dora-chan pointed to the sky with a big smile. Before long, a large white bird descended from the sky and landed on the arena.

「…You’re here!! 」

After I shouted aloud, several people jumped from the back of the large white bird, Rock-chan. At the same time, a huge water dragon monster fell on the center of the arena.

「Lord Kyou. I apologize for our delay. 」

「I could defeat the Leviathan successfully. But, it took some time to finish it off. Besides, it also took a while for us to hunt the other sea monsters as well.」

I noticed that Lily and the others carried a variety of sea monsters with them. The monsters were frozen. Oh, the ingredients were iced to preserve their freshness, as they could rot because of the long trip. But, how? When I looked closely at them, I saw that the Snow Witch, Isu-chan, stood behind Lily.

「I hope these ingredients will help you, Mr. Kyou. Isu-chan and everybody else did their best to catch them for you.」

It was the voice of Dori-chan, Isu’s Doriad. She spoke to me from Isu’s shoulder.

「Of course. 」

I showed my thumbs up as a sign of my gratitude. I felt that I had the biggest smile on my face.

「It looks like you finally got your ingredients. You knew that your companions would manage to catch a Leviathan. You really trust them. This is all very surprising indeed. However, it will be extremely difficult for you to assemble all of those ingredients in time. You won’t be able to surpass the amazingness of my supreme dishes.」

It was just as Miss Katherina said. Her sophisticated cooking method was truly top-class. She used more ingredients than we did. Besides that, we were cooking the Leviathan for the first time. That was a very risky move.

「It’s true that I can’t surpass you with a simple recipe, Miss Katherina. 」

「Oh? 」

「Therefore, I will have to use a small trick of my own. 」

That’s right. I won’t be able to win against her superb cooking skills. But, cooking wasn’t just about making dishes with good quality ingredients. Depending on the individual, cooking was something that could be transformed creatively. Even with simpler ingredients.

In addition, Japanese cuisine had a great variety of flavors and delicacies. Everything was carefully prepared to satisfy the tongue. That was my forte. The memories of my world. Therefore, it could be possible to combine the power of soil-agriculture monsters with the richness of seafood monsters. I’ll show the Sage Hero what I can do! I’ll show everyone here how to really cook with the monsters that I grew myself!

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