This Hero is invincible but too cautious – Volume 2 – Chapter 85

Chapter 85: Crisis

「…Your hero is a bit scary, isn´t he? 」

Kiriko whispered to me, who looked extremely overwhelmed by what happened between the hero and me.

「Ah, well. Actually, most human beings have a little bit of benevolence towards other people. But, this hero is special. I would dare to say that he is a bit abnormal…」

On this precise moment, the earth snake microphone rang again.

「Mi…Miss Lista! He is calling you again! 」

「What!? Did he hear what I just said about him!? This is bad! My breasts are going to get crushed and milked out!」

「Are heroes supposed to do that!? 」

*ringing phone*

The earth snake microphone turned into a mobile phone, and kept ringing without stopping. I answered the phone against my will.

「You see, I didn’t mean to describe you in that way…Well, it’s true that you do have a sense of abnormality, but…」

『What are you talking about? More importantly, the surveillance earth snakes scattered around Tarmine have found the location of Imperial Machine Crops.』

「Ehh!! The…The second regiment!? 」

『That’s right. I want you to come immediately to the lookout tower. Bring that Killing Machine with you.』

「To take Kiri with me, you say!? …but why, Seiya!? Hello!? 」

Kiriko stared at me astonished, as Seiya turned off the phone abruptly.

「Excuse me…But, it’s really okay for me to go outside? 」

「Ye…Yes. It seems so. But, there will be a commotion once the people of Tarmine notice your presence. I want you to be close to me. So, don’t leave my side, okay?」

I didn’t understand Seiya’s intention for bringing Kiriko along with me. But, I did as he told me to do, so I took Kiriko and went to the lookout tower.

「…Ki…Killing Machine!? 」

I opened the portal and arrived at the top of the lookout tower. Once the soldiers saw that I brought Kiriko with me, they took an offensive stance against her.

Then, Seiya spoke to the soldiers.

「Don’t worry. This thing is like John Dae. It has several deadly earth snakes wrapped around its body. So, that means that its actions are limited in the same way like John Dae. It won’t harm us because his functions incapacitated.」

All of the soldiers expressed a relieved look on their faces upon hearing Seiya’s reassuring words…All except John Dae.

「Just like me! The same way as me! Why do you keep mentioning my name, hey!! 」

After shouting aloud, John Dae stared fixedly at Kiriko.

「So, why did you bring that Killing Machine over here? 」

「That thing is a “functional robot”. It might be useful for future negotiations. 」

I was perplexed by Seiya’s words.

「“Functional Robot”!? Like a hostage!? Seiya!! Don’t tell me that this was the reason why you didn’t break Kiri apart!?」

「Well, the opponent is a magical weapon. They won’t accept nor understand the process of a negotiation. Still, I don’t plan to carry any sort of negotiations with the enemy either.」

Hmm!? He didn’t intend to negotiate with the enemy, and yet, he took Kiriko as a hostage!? I…I didn’t understand the meaning of this at all…!!

I thought deeply about it, but I still didn’t understand Seiya’s intentions. Therefore, I decided not to think too much about it.

Seiya went to the surveillance room in the lookout tower and used the earth snakes cameras to look at the current position of the Imperial Machine Corps.

「All right. It’s time to activate the Iron Dome. 」

The new regiment of Killing Machines reflected on the earth snakes cameras seemed to be far away from Tarmine. Even so, Seiya decided to transform the wall into a dome. Then, he looked up at the multiple cameras as if he were preparing against airstrikes.

「There’s roughly ten thousands of magical weapons marching in the northern area. 」

I noticed the movement of the Killing Machines, which were reflected in the surveillance cameras while Seiya watched them silently.

「Hey, Seiya. They’re…not flying in the sky. 」

「Yeah. They’re not flying, just marching. 」

「There’s no flying type after all!! That dome is meaningless!! 」

John Dae yelled at Seiya. Yet, Seiya just responded in a calm manner.

「It has a meaning. It gives me a “peace of mind”. Anyways, the battle between the Killing Machines and the golems are about to start in the northern area.」

When I looked closely at the images projected through the earth snakes cameras, I noticed that a huge horde of Killing Machines marched against the golems. On the other hand, the golems were considerable fewer than the Killing Machines. However, they weren’t there to lose.

「How many golems did you use for this battle? 」

「There are about 8000 golems heading north. They’re a little inferior in number. But, that doesn’t pose as a problem.」

There was no lie on his words. A couple of Killing Machines were swept away after the golems stretched their arms slightly. I felt that one golem was the equivalent of three Killing Machines. The golems’ power was overwhelming, and the Killing Machines couldn’t even get close to the wall, so they stood far beyond the Fifth Wall.

We watched the northern battle video feed for a while. Nonetheless, before long, Seiya took his eyes away from the earth snakes cameras.

「The second regiment shall be annihilated in one hour. 」

…At that time, John Dae and I were extremely happy at Seiya’s confident words, who seemed convinced of our victory.

*buzzing sound*

I could hear a strong vibrating sound coming from Seiya’s chest. This earth snake had a different rhythm from the other earth snake turned mobile phone.

「What…! 」

Seiya, who had a relaxed expression on his face, changed his complexion dramatically.

「Se…Seiya!? What was that just now!? 」

「It’s an alarm earth snake. It would alert me if the enemy approached the first wall… 」

「EH!! Isn’t the first wall the inner wall that protects Tarmine directly!? Are you sure it’s not mistaken!?」

John Dae showed an anxious expression on his face, and quickly looked at the earth snakes video surveillance coming from the water bucket cameras. In the same way, I also checked the cameras of the western and eastern sides. Then, I checked the area around the northern wall as well. From what I’ve seen so far, the walls remained intact because they were being protected by the defensive golems.

「…The Southern area. 」

Seiya spoke in a lower voice. Then, I looked at the surveillance cameras from the south. But, like the other cameras, I didn’t see any alarming state.

「The golems guarding the southern walls were not defeated yet!! There are no Killing Machines over there!! Why did your alarm rang in the first place!?」

Then, Seiya spoke as he crushed all of our reasoning.

「Perhaps they dug an underground tunnel and passed through the vast area between the fifth wall and the second wall…」

「Not an attack from the sky, but from the underground!? In other words, did we underestimate them!?」

「Of course, I also considered the possibility that the enemy could invade our stronghold if they drilled from the ground. Therefore, the Great Iron Wall stretched to the underground as well. In fact, the wall is 50 meters high that is visible to the naked eye, and 50 meters below the ground that are not visible to us. The total length of the wall is actually 100 meters long.」

「Do…Does that mean that they dived more than 50 meters underground to invade us!?」

I heard the sound of Seiya gritting his teeth.

「Just as a precaution, I actually extended the underground of the last inner wall by twice the size of the normal length, but…」

Seiya was staring at the southern cameras that projected the area between the first wall and the second wall.

Soon after, John Dae and I gasped when we saw that Killing Machines appear from the ground as if they were mole rats.

The killing machines metallic body shined blue. Both arms were drills. It was a new type of Killing Machine.

「…Bad. This is bad. 」

Seiya began to walk around in order to think about what to do now. John Dae muttered to Seiya to reassure him.

「Bu…But, that’s the farthest that they can get to! There should be no problem, since the enemy won’t be able to cross the 100 meter wall under the ground!」

「That…That’s right! It will be okay! 」

I agreed with John Dae’s reasoning. Yet, Seiya said the following bitter words.

「This is no good. If they continue to break the hard underground around Tarmine by a depth of 50 meters below the ground, it will mean that…」

Suddenly, Seiya stared fixedly at the area around the first wall. More than a hundred new type of Killing Machines appeared on the ground and charged towards the first wall with their arm drills! The wall got damaged because of their continuous strikes! The exterior of the wall began to scrape off gradually!

「In addition to these new units that are planning to break the wall on the surface, there might be other units underground that are still excavating to reach the bottom of the 100-meter inner wall.」

「So, that means that they’re trying to invade us from the surface and from below the ground at the same time…!」

John Dae couldn’t take this anymore and walked over to Seiya with rage.

「This is different from what you told us!! “This method can completely prevent attacks from the sky”…That’s what you said!!」

Seiya gazed at John Dae with fiery eyes.

「…Shut the hell up! 」

It was a rare occasion for Seiya to show off his feelings of anger. He seemed to be clearly irritated by this situation.

「Se…Seiya…! 」

When he noticed my gaze, Seiya took a deep breath and spoke with calmness.

「Well, it can’t be helped now. 」

And then, Seiya snapped his finger. A violent rumbling shook our bodies, and the dome that covered the sky of Tarmine shrank back and disappeared before long.

「What did you do? 」

「I removed the walls from the fifth to the second wall. Only the first wall remains intact now. However, I put all of my magical powers on this last wall… The thickness was reinforced by five times. I also increased the depth of the wall by five times as well. I wanted to make it thicker and deeper, but unlike stretching the wall towards the sky, the ground is limited because of the hard soil.」

Like this, only one of the five-layered walls remained intact to protect Tarmine. It may have been a frustrating choice for Seiya. But, the thickness and length of the wall, which increased by five times more, prevented the enemy from making a frontal breakthrough with the arm drills. It also prevented a breakthrough from the underground. Somehow, the invasion of the Killing Machines quieted down and went into a suspension.

As soon as I became slightly relieved…

「Hey, wait! You can’t enter here! The hero is busy now! 」

I heard a lot of noise near the stairs of the lookout tower.

「Wha…What on earth is happening over there!? 」

When I went to see who was making a ruckus at the stairs…

「There’s something I need to tell the hero!! 」

I noticed that a strong warrior was shouting aloud while surrounded by the guards of the lookout tower. When I looked closely, I recognized that screaming warrior as the one who tried to help Seiya in the battle, but instead, he was instructed to do “farming work”.

「Wha…What’s wrong!? 」

The warrior softened his tone when he saw me.

「I noticed something peculiar when I was doing the farming work as I was told to do. 」

John Dae, Kiriko, and Seiya, who were in close proximity, listened to the warrior’s story.

「Yesterday, it rained for a very short time. At that time, the golems in Tarmine stopped moving by crouching weirdly. This occurrence has been witnessed, not only by myself, but also by a large number of people in Tarmine.」

Seiya wrinkled between his eyebrows.

「In other words, are you implying that the “golems are vulnerable to water”? That’s ridiculous. I already confirmed that the golems are water resistant.」

Still, the warrior reaffirmed.

「No, there’s no mistake about it! The golems slowed down when the rainwater touched their bodies!」

「Rainwater…you say? 」

On that moment, Seiya looked seriously at me.

「“Not resistant to the rainwater that falls directly from the sky”…Lista. Does this monster characteristic exist?」

「Well…I guess that’s not impossible to exist! Unlike well water or filtered water, rainwater that has just fallen from the sky contains many natural forces! It might be a different property altogether! So, it means that, even though those golems are water-resistant, they could be inflicted by rainwater…!」

The bad things seemed to overlap. Because, when I looked up, I saw that the sky was dark and cloudy. It looked like it was going to rain.

…If…If…It rains now…!!

Unexpectedly, a violent sound was heard and both Kiriko and I quivered our bodies incessantly. This noise was the sound coming from the table that Seiya kicked aggressively.

After showing his rage, Seiya returned to the room with the surveillance cameras, and began to look at them in a state of impatience. He moved his gaze furiously and bit his nails nervously. This was the first time I saw Seiya like this.

John Dae was silent for a while. But, eventually, he sighed and left the room. He began to give new instructions to the soldiers.

「Prepare yourselves for battle! And secure the protection of the royal palace!」

「Jo…John Dae!? 」

At this time, John Dae returned to his original face of a respected but fierce general.

「I overestimated him. I thought that his cautiousness was “carefulness backed by strength”. However, in reality, it was quite the opposite. Actually, his strength is the “strength for being cautious”. In other words, if his reliance on his over-prepared plan created by his overly cautious behavior breaks down, his spirit will also break down. And that’s what happened here…」

After John Dae walked away from the surveillance room, I looked at Seiya’s back.


…The painful and difficult battle continued in Exfolia. First, it was the Beast Emperor the Grand Lion that had an ability value higher than the Demon King. In addition, this time was the Machine Emperor Oxelio that was behind the scenes and commanded a large army of Killing Machines to invade the Tarmine Kingdom.

Seiya was extraordinarily cautious. We prepared so much in advance so that we could deal with every possible scenario. But, even so, he didn’t possess the ability to predict the future. Human beings had limitations to foresee every possibility. Many things were impossible to predict, such as Mother Nature and unexpected events.

No matter how “unbelievably cautious” he was. This could be the limit of Ryuguuin Seiya.

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