This Hero is invincible but too cautious – Volume 2 – Chapter 83

Chapter 83: Weird Machine

「Hey, Seiya! That Killing Machine is different from the others! It has a personality! It says it is “Friendly”!」

「Hmm… 」

Seiya, who had been taking notes while looking at the remnants of the broken Killing Machines, started to gaze silently at the “Friendly” Killing Machine.

「It seems that that Killing Machine is the only one with personality. 」

「What does that mean? 」

「If the same machine was produced in large quantities at a factory, then there’s a high chance that one of them could be fabricated with defects. Perhaps, that’s what happened with that one over there.」

Then, Seiya changed his gaze towards the broken Killing Machines and began to take a few more notes.

…What!? That’s all!?

I thought that it was unusual for Seiya to ignore it. But, if I thought carefully about it, it made sense. Seiya was collecting useful information for battle. He probably saw that Killing Machine as a “Good-for-Nothing”. That’s why he wasn’t that interested on it.

Before long, Seiya put the pen away.

「Okay. I’ve concluded my analysis. 」

「It’s finally over!! 」

John Dae showed an expression that seemed as if he were extremely happy from the bottom of his heart.

「Yeah. Let’s finish this by cleaning everything up. 」

At Seiya’s signal, a large number of Bakudan Rocks fell from the top of the cave where the remaining Killing Machines were standing still.

The Killing Machines attacked the Bakudan Rocks immediately. There were countless of big explosions inside of that large cave.

Meanwhile. My gaze was directed towards the Killing Machine that trembled incessantly on the corner of the cave.

「Seiya…That Killing Machine is still trembling… 」

「So what? 」

「Well, I mean…Don’t you feel sorry for it? 」

「Feel sorry for a magical weapon? 」

「…Well. 」

Both Seiya and John Dae stared at me with a half-amazed face. Even so, the Killing Machine, which took refugee on the corner of the cave, seemed like a small child frightened by war.

Although Seiya looked uninterested and bored at first, he stared again at that Killing Machine and…

「I see. A “magical weapon with a personality”. Well, it might turn out to be a valuable sample. I’ll isolate it just in case, so it doesn’t get destroyed…」

The trembling Killing Machine disappeared from the spot after a hole appeared in the ground. Then, the Killing Machine was ejected into a small cave next door. At the same time, the Bakudan Rocks blasted the remaining Killing Machines all at once. It was a very narrow escape.

In a small, isolated cave, the trembling Killing Machine looked confused without knowing what to do. However, one of the Bakudan Rocks fell from above and the Killing Machine became so startled that jumped to ground out of fear. I was surprised.

「A Bakudan Rock!? Why!? Didn’t you say it was a valuable sample!? 」

「It’s an experiment. It won’t attack the rock if it has advanced intelligence. 」

We stared at the two “monsters” for a short moment. But, the Killing Machine just trembled and didn’t attack.

「Seiya. That Killing Machine won’t attack because it’s “friendly”. 」

「Is that really so? 」

Seiya snapped his finger. Then, surprisingly, the Bakudan Rock began to laugh with a distorted mouth.

「Hey, you…! Why don’t you attack me? 」

I was astonished by the rock who spoke in a loud voice.

「It spoke!? That Bakudan Rock really spoke just now!! 」

「It’s a kind of rock that I’ve created to taunt opponents into attacking who hesitate to attack.」

I immediately understood what Seiya meant by those words. The Bakudan Rock continued to speak with a freaky smile.

「Hey! Just do it, you piece of junk! You won’t do anything useful just by standing still, you freaking idiot! C’mon! I told you to do it! It’s useless if you don’t do anything at all! Geez, you blockhead!」

John Dae pressed his fists next to me.

「Wha…What’s wrong with that rock guy…! 」

「Yes, it’s definitely annoying! Too annoying! It makes us want to punch it hard…! 」

After that, the Bakudan Rock continued to speak annoyingly by repeating swear words and dancing irritatingly around the Killing Machine.

Just when John Dae and I were furious and gritting our teeth towards that rock…

「I…can’t… 」

I heard something else. It was not the voice of the Bakudan Rock.

The next moment…

「I can’t do it!! 」

I high-pitched voice that resembled a girl’s voice echoed in the small cave!

…It…It can’t be…! No, I wasn’t imagining things! No doubt about it! This voice was coming from the Killing Machine…!

「Oh. So, there was a type that could speak. 」

The Bakudan Rock disappeared into the ground when Seiya snapped his finger.

The Killing Machine was left alone in the small cave. Seiya put an earth snake on his mouth instead of a real microphone.

「Hey, you. 」

Seiya’s voice echoed on the small cave. The Killing Machine spoke the human language while looking at its surroundings with confusion.

「He…Hello. 」

This magical weapon had a girly voice that didn’t match its appearance.

「Why didn’t you attack that Bakudan Rock? 」

「Because…it will explode if I attacked it…Besides…I don’t want to attack anybody… 」

The Killing Machine began to speak more openly with us.

「Today, I…I was told to “kill human beings”. But, to be honest, I can’t do that terrible act against living creatures…」

…It…It really was a “friendly” type…! What a weird magical weapon…!

This machine looked the same as the other Killing Machines. But, when I heard an innocent voice, I thought it was rather cute.

Nonetheless, Seiya didn’t seem interested on such a thing. He asked what he wanted to hear.

「Are there other Killing Machines that can speak like you? 」

「No…No. Actually, none except Father… 」

「Father? 」

「Ah, our Father is the Machine Emperor Oxelio. Nobody can’t speak except him…Do you want to ask me why am I the only one who speaks among the other machines?」

「I don’t care. 」

「…Sorry. 」

The Killing Machine looked down as if it were sad. Then, it immediately lifted its head and spoke in a bold manner.

「But, I’m so happy that I got to talk with you now! No matter how much I spoke before, all of the other Killing Machines just made robotic sounds in response! That’s why I am extremely happy that I’m finally talking with someone!」

「Shup up. Talk about your Machine Emperor Oxelio if you want to speak that much. 」

「Ye…Yes. Sorry. I’m truly sorry… 」

…So…So, cold-hearted!! I didn’t know which of them was the machine anymore…!!

「Father looks like, well, let’s see, he has four arms and four legs, and… 」

After that, Seiya continued to ask many things to the Killing Machine. But, he didn’t manage to extract much useful information. After a while, Seiya spoke with a bored expression.

「That’s enough. I don’t have any more questions. 」

「…I’m sorry I couldn’t help you more. 」

Seiya took the earth snake microphone away from his mouth.

I was watching the Killing Machine that was left alone in that small cave. Then, when I saw that some Death Earthworms were suddenly peeking out from the ground…


It yelled and panicked at the same time. Somehow, it was a funny scene that resembled that of little girls getting chased by bugs.

However, Seiya was staring at the Killing Machine with unfavorable eyes.

「That machine is suspicious. Perhaps, that machine is an assassin ordered by the Machine Emperor Oxelio?」

「A…Assassin? That friendly type? 」

「Yes. Maybe that machine is trying to fool us by pretending its stupid. 」

「But…But, how? You know, the Bakudan Rock would’ve destroyed it by now if I didn’t notice it by chance.」

「…Hmm. 」

Seiya thought for a brief moment…

「Anyway, it’s better to avoid any hassle. I don’t want to feel worried, so I’m going to dismantle it now.」

「Eh!? You can’t be serious!! 」

I shook John Dae’s shoulders.

「Hey, John Dae! Please, say something! 」

「Well, you see. I don’t have any objection to dismantle it. After all, the Demon King was the one that created that monster.」

「I’m sure that some monsters are good no matter how devilish the Demon King is. 」

「I wonder about that. I’ve seen many beast men in Tarmine, but none of them were decent.」

「What!! John Dae, but you’re not a “bad monster” yourself, aren’t you!? 」

「No!! I’m not a monster in the first place!! 」

I shouted at an indignant John Dae.

「Seiya! Don’t break it apart! If you’re worried about it, why don’t you wrap earth snakes around its body just as you did with John Dae!」

「Why are you referring my name!! 」

「John Dae is an undead monster that might lose its mind entirely! If you had to choose between them, then that machine would be safer for us! Just look at him! John Dae is about to lose his reason at any moment now!」

「I’m not going to lose it!! Damn it!! This goddess is insanely annoying!!」

We were arguing too much…

「You’re noisy. I understand. So, just be quiet. 」

Seiya took a deep breath.

「…Okay. I’ll wrap that machine with earth snakes for the time being. 」

I felt relieved when I heard those words, and slightly touched my chest. Yet, Seiya had a very harsh expression on his face.

「I’ll just keep it as a rare sample. But, I’ll dismantle it straightway if I sense any strange movements.」

「…O…Okay. 」

Upon Seiya’s signal, a large number of earth snakes appeared in the cave where the Killing Machine was isolated.

As soon as the machine saw them…

*screams incessantly*

The Killing Machine screamed aloud. Still, the earth snakes didn’t stop moving, and wrapped around the neck and limbs of the Killing Machine.

「Sna…Snakes are crawling on my body!? Ple…Ple…Please!! Somebody, help me!! 」

The Killing Machine panicked and started to run in circles. It looked pitiful and sad. Still, Seiya gave further instructions.

「For safety measures, I commanded an earth snake to cover the eye of the Evil Laser. 」

The Killing Machine cried and fainted in agony when an earth snake wrapped around its face.

「Po…Poor thing…! 」

I took the earth snake microphone from Seiya’s hand.

「Hey, can you listen!? It’s all right!! If you keep quiet, those snakes won’t harm you!! 」

「Re…Re…Really…? Are…Are you sure…? 」

Seiya stared at us with icy eyes.

「Hey, Lista. Let’s go. There’s no need to waste our time on something useless like this. We, humans in Tarmine, defended the town successfully by destroying the first unit of the Imperial Machine Corps. This information must’ve been leaked by now. Therefore, a second unit might arrive here much sooner than later to show their real fighting strength. We have to prepare and be ready when they come.」

「Ho…How contradictory of you to say that…! You spend so much time analyzing these Killing Machines…!」

「Analysis is important and extremely necessary for a strategical point of view. Yours is just a child’s play, isn’t it?」

「I don’t consider this as a play … 」

Then, John Dae interrupted our conversation.

「We have to prepared, you say? What are you planning to do? 」

「I have to focus on our defense against attacks from the sky. 」

…Seiya seemed to be wary of the magical weapons from the flying-type, but I wondered if such thing really existed in this world. I asked the Killing Machine.

「Listen. Is there a Killing Machine that flies in the sky? 」

「I…I’ve never seen one before… 」

「Lista. It’s useless to listen. That machine doesn’t have much information. Besides, the words that come out of its mouth aren’t always the truth.」

「Seiya, then why did you ask it some questions a while ago!? 」

「Well, listening to it won’t hurt. Anyways, the enemy might attack us from the sky. So, we should take it as countermeasure. If we succeed with a perfect plan, then we won’t have a blind spot on the five-layered Iron Wall.」

「Ex…Excuse me… 」

Suddenly, I heard the Killing Machine’s voice. Seiya spoke on the earth snake microphone with a slightly interested face.

「What’s wrong? Did you remember something useful? 」

「No…That’s not it…Ugh…! The…These earth snakes are frightening…I’m so scared…Ah…! 」

Seiya wrinkled between his eyebrows.

「Okay. Let me give you one piece of advice. “Just shut the hell up”. That’s all. 」

「Ugh…! *cries* 」

「Hey!! Weren’t you too harsh!? 」

I spoke with the crying Killing Machine from the earth snake microphone.

「Calm down! It’s all right! So, don’t cry! 」

While I comforted it, I noticed that Seiya made muddy stairs with earth magic on the cave. He began to climb those stairs to the surface.

「There’s no point in being here anymore. 」

John Dae followed Seiya as well. I tried to follow him too. However, I stopped midway because of the constant sobbing of the Killing Machine.

「Seiya…Sorry, but can I stay here a little longer? I want to talk with this child until it calms down…」

「Ridiculous. Do whatever you want. 」

Seiya, who went ahead with a disgusted face, looked back with a stern face.

「Don’t use the portal to enter that thing’s cave. Do you get it? 」

「Of…Of course, I get it! I won’t do anything like that! Absolutely! 」

「This time, no matter what happens, I’m 120% sure that I won’t be able to save you and you’ll die in vain.」

「You don’t have to specify it like that!! 」

And then…Seiya and John Dae left to the surface. Only the friendly Killing Machine and I were left behind in the underground.

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