This Hero is invincible but too cautious – Volume 2 – Chapter 80

Chapter 80: The Construction of a New Kingdom

Seiya ordered me to open the portal to Exfolia. However, the destination was not for Tarmine this time. It was for Galvano.

I did as he told me to do, and I opened the portal that led to Galvano. After opening the portal, we looked carefully at our surroundings, but we didn’t see any beast men.

「Seiya. Do you want to go tell the people from the Light of Hope that you’ve defeated Bunogeos and the Grand Lion?」

「I do, but I wanted to see Galvano’s current situation as well. This place could be an important base for the future along with Tarmine.」

「Base? 」

Seiya bent down and touched the soil at his feet. Soon, the ground rose up and a giant golem crawled from there as if it had awakened directly from the soil. Then, Seiya produced ten more golems in a blink of an eye.

「…If you find any remaining beasts, wipe them out. 」

The golems nodded silently. Then, they started to walk slowly but steady.

After going through the long stairs for a while, we arrived at the Light of Hope. The inhabitants gathered around me and Seiya. Among them was the settlement leader, Brut.

Brut looked stunned when I smiled at him while showing him thumbs up.

「He…Hey. Don’t tell me that you’ve defeated Bunogeos for real? 」

「Yes, we defeated him! Even the Grand Lion, the ruler of this Kingdom, has been killed!」

「No way…! Even the Grand Lion…! 」

After a brief silence, the inhabitants cheered enthusiastically. I noticed that the girl named Eich, the one who created this settlement with earth magic, had tears in her eyes.

「Hero…Thank you so much…! 」

Still, Seiya spoke in a cold-hearted manner like always.

「Don’t try to go to the surface just because the ruler of this continent was defeated. I heard that a strong enemy lives in the continent at the south of Radral continent, am I right?」

「Yes. Emperor Ceremonic…It’s a monster that is said to rule the southern continent, called Cress, across the sea. I heard from a rumor that this Emperor uses very powerful magic.」

I was shocked when I heard the topic of their conversation.

…Eh! I didn’t know any of that! I see!

I thought that I knew many things about Exfolia. But, it seemed that Seiya got a better research on that aspect than me…I secretly felt frustrated.

「Until now, the Grand Lion ruled the Radral continent. However, now that the Grand Lion has fallen, there’s a high possibility that the other enemies will learn of this and try to invade this continent by crossing the sea. So, you have two choices now. You can move your settlement to Tarmine or continue living underground for a bit longer.」

Eich looked silently at the people from the Light of Hope. After noticing that Eich was conflicted by deciding what the next course to take, Brut spoke the following words.

「I’ll stay here. Galvano is my hometown after all. 」

All the women and men agreed with Brut’s decision to stay behind.

「I prefer to live in the land that I’m accustomed with. 」

「I’ve been living underground as far as I can remember, so it won’t do any hurt to remain here for a bit longer.」

Then, Brut approached Seiya.

「Besides…you’re going to defeat the Emperor Ceremonic soon, isn’t that right? 」

Brut touched Seiya’s chest with his fist. That action showed Brut’s gratitude.

We gave our farewell to the people of the Light of Hope. Then, I opened the portal and we went to the Queen’s old house in Tarmine. Soon, the General John Dae came rushing to us.

「So, you’ve come back. It was faster than I thought it would be. 」

Suddenly, Seiya hit the head of the General John Dae with his fist.

「Why the hell did you do that!? 」

「I had to confirm if you still had a lucid mind. 」

「Of course I have!! Don’t you see that I’m speaking with you!! 」

After the huge ruckus, Queen Carmilla and her remaining soldiers came to be old house immediately. After looking at the surroundings, Seiya made the following statement.

「Now we need to get ready to fight against the Imperial Machine Corps. 」

First. Seiya collected all of the earth snakes that he left in Tarmine for surveillance. Hundreds of earth snakes gathered around his feet.

Those snakes were completely silent, and yet, Seiya seemed to understand what they told him. He nodded positively at them and responded with the words, 「Yeah, yeah 」. It was actually a surreal sight. Before long, the earth snakes disappeared into the ground.

「Okay. There seems to be no beast men left in Tarmine. 」

「Ah. Did you check it out just to be in case? 」

「That’s right. We mustn’t underestimate them. Besides, now that we’re the only ones left behind, I shall harden the inside.」

「What do you mean by “harden the inside”? 」

「From now on, Tarmine will be surrounded by a… 」

Seiya stretched his hand to the horizon. Moreover, his eyes were looking at the landscape beyond the town.

「… “Great Iron Wall”. 」

On that moment, a huge rumbling sound rang on our earlobes! At the same time, both the Queen and I fell behind, and we keeled over at John Dae, who fell as well!

「Wha…What? 」

The first who noticed what was going on was John Dae.

「Look at that!! 」

John Dae pointed to something in the distance with the tip of his finger…There was a huge rock wall in the distance that emerged at the boundary of this town. It was several of ten meters high. After the rumbling stopped, I looked around. As far as I could see, that huge rock wall surrounded us by 360 degrees.

「Wha…Wha…What…! 」

John Dae and I were speechless.

「The Great Iron Wall is fifty meters high and one meter in thickness. Soil hardness is no different from steel. It won’t be easy to make a hole on it even if our enemies have over 300,000 attacking points.」

…The hardness was amazing. Even so…it was unbelievable how he could surround the entire vast area of Tarmine with earth magic alone.

Earth magic user Eich was also a rare witch who transformed a settlement on the underground. But, it looked like Seiya had surpassed Eich’s magical skills by far when he finished his training with the God of Earth.

「The sloped rock walls won’t be climbed easily because of an outward inclination. The problem is an attack from the sky…」

Then, Seiya switched his current profession to Fire Magic Warrior and released countless of Automatic Phoenixes in the sky.

「If all of you go underground like the Light of Hope, you’ll be able to perfectly cope with sky attacks. However, there are many problems associated with that; one of them is the lack of sunlight. So, let’s do this way for the time being…」

John Dae, who lost his voice for a long moment, finally opened his mouth.

「By the way…I heard that the Imperial Machine Corps don’t have any flying form in their army.」

「True. Tarmine would’ve been attacked by now if this world had enemies that could fly in the sky. That’s certain. However, in war, tactics changes constantly. There is a possibility that the enemy could manufacture a flying type. Perhaps, they have already succeeded in creating new forms of attack.」

「You…You always think too much… 」

Seiya changed his profession to Earth Magic Warrior again. Then, he stretched his hands forward. A huge rumbling happened immediately.

「Se…Seiya? What did you do this time? 」

「I made a new rock wall beyond the first rock wall that I’ve created before. 」

「An outer wall!? Is this place surrounded by double walls now!? 」

「That’s right. 」

The Queen, I, and John Dae as well, were amazed by Seiya’s precautions against external threats. We laughed awkwardly at first, but before long, we no longer laughed anymore.

…Because, Seiya created another wall beyond the double walls.

「Hey, hey, hey! Didn’t you say that the hardness of the Great Iron Wall was comparable to steel?」

「I have to make as many as I can. It will be safer that way. 」

「But, if you surround this area with too many walls, won’t it be difficult for us to watch the outside from the lookout towers?」

「We have the earth snakes. I put them outside of the walls and between each wall as well. The earth snakes’ eyes are connected with my own eyes. So, we have no problem with that.」

…After making five-layered walls, Seiya took a deep breath.

「Okay. Next, I’m going to create golems. 」

On this moment. Many of the survivors, who were watching Seiya from afar, ran on his direction immediately upon seeing how strong he were. A woman wearing a robe and a man wearing an armor stood in front of us.

「Excuse me! I’m Charoy! Hero, please let me help you with my magic! 」

「I’m Presco! I can help you too! My strength is formidable you know! 」

There were many Tarmine survivors behind us. Many of them were injured because of the beast men’s mistreatment. Yet, their eyes shined brightly.

…A…Amazing!! We were getting lots of support from the people!! Our new comrades!!

A few of them still blamed Seiya for the fact that the beast men ruled Tarmine. However, many others said that past was the past. Therefore, they were grateful to the person that defeated the Grand Lion. They truly wanted to lend their power to Seiya. I was deeply moved by these people’s earnest feelings.

And then…Seiya looked at everybody that gathered around him and said the following.

「I don’t need you. 」

「What!! 」

I shouted aloud.

「You shouldn’t be saying that!! These people are finally on our side!! 」

「The enemy are machines that move with magic. It will attack endlessly even without sleeping nor eating. Humans are at a disadvantage against such opponents.」

「That…That might be true. But, there must be something useful they can do! 」

Then, Seiya nodded slightly.

「Yeah, farming. No one will be able to get out of Tarmine for a while. Therefore, it’s crucial to set up a self-sufficient system like the one in the Light of Hope. Everyone here should work hard on agriculture from now on.」

However, the man in an armor called Presco disagreed with Seiya’s suggestion.

「No! I want to use my strength to fight against the Imperial Machine Corps! 」

「Can you fight well without eating, drinking nor sleeping during a full week? 」

「Ugh! It…It’s impossible to fight energetically on those conditions…! 」

「Of course. Then, just do farm work. 」

「But…But, with my fire magic… 」

「I don’t need it. Use it for farming. 」

「I…I could fight against the enemy using my bow and arrow… 」

「I don’t need it. Focus on agriculture instead. 」

Seiya stubbornly recommended agriculture to everyone no matter what they said. He sounded like a “stubborn farmer uncle”. The survivor residents, who were trying to cooperate with us, eventually returned back after Seiya destroyed their enthusiasm. Soon, they disappeared from our sight completely.

「Se…Seiya…!! You…You chased away everybody…!! 」

「No problem. Now, I can focus on creating golems. 」

I sighed deeply after I saw how the hero created golems from the ground continuously…

「We…Well, are you doing this to avoid unnecessary human deaths? Hero. It looks like you’re trying to take this entire burden by yourself.」

「I wonder… 」

I heard the Queen’s voice. Still, Seiya was staring at the golems with fixed eyes.

「These golems are better choices. As long as the core of their heart is not destroyed, they will run semi-permanently. Even if all of the living organisms in Exfolia end up dead, they will continue to move regardless of that outcome.」

「Do…Don’t say such a horrible thing…! 」

「Besides, golems don’t act selfishly like humans do. And, since I’ve made them myself, they will never betray me. Golems are better.」

「C’mon!! I’m sure those people wouldn’t betray you!! 」

「That might be true. But, golems won’t betray me no matter what. Golems are better. 」

I couldn’t say anything anymore after I saw how Seiya declared his absolute confidence in golems.

Afterwards, Seiya continued to make golems without taking a break. After a long while, the whole area became jam-packed with golems.

Twenty golems created a single line. Next to this line, more were assembled. I could count thirty lines of twenty golems each.

As expected, John Dae was stunned at such sight. He asked the following after Seiya created six-hundred golems himself.

「He…Hey. How much more are you going to make? 」

「If the enemy attacks in large numbers, then, we have to counterattack it with large numbers as well. If the Imperial Machine Corps are tens of thousands, then I’ll have to create tens of thousands of golems.」

「To create tens of thousands!? Tarmine will become the Golem Kingdom by this rate!! 」

「What’s wrong? In my world, there are more sheep than humans. So, I don’t see any problem if there are more golems than humans.」

「No…No…But…Even so…! 」

The Queen smiled at John Dae, who had a puzzling expression on his face.

「John Dae. Tens of thousands of golems won’t stay in Tarmine indefinitely. The hero is creating this large Legion of golems to invade the northern region.」

「Ah, yeah…Is that so. I see. 」

Nonetheless, Seiya spoke differently to Queen.

「Not quite. I’m not going to leave Tarmine for a while. 」

「Eh!? Are you not going to attack the northern region!? Then, why are you planning to create tens of thousands of golems!?」

「All golems will be used intercept the invading enemies. Besides the threat of the Imperial Machine Corps from the north, we have to deal with the Emperor Ceremonic from the south. We might have to deal with these two simultaneously. The worst-case scenario will be if they have already contacted each other at this point.」

「But, both of them are conceited Emperors. I don’t think they will get in touch with each other. Besides, they are on opposite directions, aren’t they?」

「No. There is a precedent. Bunogeos contacted with the Grand Lion by using a crystal ball even though he was far away. As long as there’s a possibility of a joint attack, I won’t be moving away from here immediately. Once the preparations for Tarmine become complete, I’ll head for Galvano. I’ll build a fortress near Galvano with earth magic to deal with the threat from the Emperor of the south. I have to make sure that I prepare everything in advance.」

The Queen was astonished. After a short moment, the Queen finally muttered the following.

「That…That really took me by surprise…! 」

John Dae also took a deep gulp.

「You…You are creating golems all by yourself, without having any ally nor comrades…Is…Is this really the work of a hero?」

John Dae and the Queen couldn’t hide their dumbfounded faces at the cautious hero that equipped himself with tremendous preparations in order to be ready for the enemy invasion.

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