It Is a Different World and Yet I Am Cultivating Monsters – Volume 1 – Chapter 28

Chapter 28: Did I forget about the scheduled event that I was supposed to attend?

*splashing sound*

「Oh my, this hot water feels so nice. 」

「You’re right, Master. 」

「I also feel good, as my pumpkin body is boiling hot. 」

So, we were now in a small village in the country called Arthmi. It had famous hot springs. We were in a very special hot springs called Muddy Hot Springs to heal our fatigue from the trip. It really felt like paradise.

「However, brother. There’s about one month left until the grand cooking tournament. Have you discovered any new monsters or ingredients yet?」

「Well, I still have long ways to go. 」

Not too long ago, I received a seed of the World Tree, from Mo-chan who was the Goddess of this world, and I agreed to grow it.

Well, I couldn’t refuse the request from the goddess herself. Apparently, four of the six missing fruits were found. Mo-chan knew their whereabouts. The first one was in the possession of the Demon King from this world. The second one was in the hands of the Empress from the Valkyria Kingdom. The third one was with the Emperor of the Alburs Empire. And the last, the fourth fruit was going to appear on the grand cooking tournament in the central continent. In which we were also going to participate. Moreover, the winner of the competition would receive the fruit of the World Tree as the supreme food prize.

「It seems that some adventurers found the fruit in the depths of the ruins. They bet it for an auction without knowing what the fruit really was. The organizer of the grand cooking tournament ended up buying it for the event. The fruit is something that many people are searching for. Therefore, after hearing that the fruit was the winning prize, all famous chefs from around the world announced that they would be participating in the tournament.」

I just explained everything that Mo-chan told me about the fruit. Well, it was quite a coincidence because we were going to the tournament because Mina and I won our regional cooking contest.

That’s why we began to search of a variety of monsters. We wanted to select a generous amount of different ingredients from all over the world. We were securing seeds and cultivating them ahead of the tournament, which was going to be held next month. By the way, since we were travelling around the world, we visited many different places during our journey.

「Papa! 」

That was the reason why we stopped at a famous hot spring village. A little and adorable girl with silver hair came running and went inside the water. It created a big splash and wave.

「Calm down, Rock. I told you many times not to enter the hot water in such a hurry. 」

「Ehhh. I’m sorry. 」

This child apologized to me while putting out her tongue. Yes, that’s right, I ended up raising Shemurg the Rock.

After the meeting with the goddess, the growth rate of Rock became extremely intense. It was now bigger than the old hut that I lived in. Because of that issue, I faced quite the problem to manage since it became too big. That was the original problem. Rock’s father, Semar, came to visit Rock one day and spoke privately with Rock. From that moment on, Rock acquired an ability to turn into a human figure like Semar. When it was time to fly, Shemurg the Rock would transform back to its original form, so I could fly on its back as well.

Moreover, Rock still thought of me as its parent. No matter if it transformed into a human or a bird, and sometimes it was clingy.

「Papa. Where are we going after this? 」

「Hmm, let’s see. I think it’s time for Mina and I to seriously prepare for the upcoming grand cooking tournament.」

「That’s a very good choice, Lord Kyou. The next grand cooking tournament will be a competition in which the culinary heroes from the four conrners of the world will compete against each other. No matter how special you are Lord Kyou, preparation is essential.」

「Yeah, yeah, you’re right. I have to be cautious because seven veteran heroes from Fitis’ class will be joining the competition…」


「Ah no, please don’t flatter me. But, it is a great honor for me that my Lord Kyou has acknowledged my potential.」

The Gourmet Hero approached me with her naked busty chest and looked attentively at me with rosy cheeks. Heyyyy, what’s going on!!

「Why are you here!? This is the men’s bath!! 」

「Oh my. Don’t be like this. Rock-chan and Dora-chan are together with you. Why am I the only one left out?」

「Rock is like my daughter, so that’s fine! And, Dora is a Mandragora! 」

Rock and Dora came to my side immediately. Both of them were looking at Fitis in a very weird way. Well, these two were like family to me. So, it was acceptable to have them with me in the bath. But Fitis. Absolutely not.

「That’s mean, Lord Kyou. Why are you so dissatisfied by my appearance… 」

And then, Fitis began to cry.

「No, no! I’m not complaining about you! But, in your case, I see you differently than a family member. I am conscious of you as a woman…! 」

「What do you mean? 」

「In other words, brother doesn’t mind to take a bath with his family. But, you are a full grown woman. Meaning that he will become aware of yourself as a person of the opposite sex. Your nakedness is too intense for my adolescent brother. That’s it.」

Jack explained everything. But, it created more misunderstandings with the detailed way he described it.

「If that’s the case, then I’ll gladly try to satisfy my Lord Kyou’s adolescent desires with my own body…」

「What! Just stop it already! 」

I swam in the hot water to escape from an approaching Fitis. I heard someone’s laugher on my ears.

「Ah, ah, ah. I’ve heard rumors, but you guys are more interesting than I imagined. 」

When I looked at the other side, I saw a woman having a drink at the corner of the hot spring’s bath. It was a beautiful woman with a bewitching smile and a glossy black hair.

「Fitis. I came to see what kind of man stole your attention, but it seems he is a pretty exciting man. Certainly, I got convinced by this person charms, no wonder you got charmed Fitis.」

Hmm? Was she acquainted with Fitis? I thought so, and then, I turned my gaze towards Fitis and noticed that she had a surprising expression on her face. Before Fitis said something, that woman stood up and introduced herself.

「Oh, listen well. You’re late for the party, boy. But, I’ll let you know who I am. My name is Katherina. I am the same as Fitis. Likewise, I am a participant of the grand food tournament.」

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