This Hero is invincible but too cautious – Volume 2 – Chapter 71

Chapter 71: Enlistment Test

We transformed back into a dog and fish-man beasts respectively. We emerged from a secluded location and went directly towards the town’s square.

When we approached the square, I saw a big crowd of beast men. Everyone was waving their fists in a very exciting way. Their voices were loud and rough.

I slipped through the beast people and headed to the center of the square. Soon, I could see the whole picture. They were standing in a circle that surrounded an open space with four piles stuck in the soil. Ropes separated these piles. Apparently, this was the place where they made the enlistment test. It looked like a one-on-one fighting sport on a ring that resembled a wrestling ring. Many of the beast people around me were enthusiastic spectators.

On one of the piles, a crow-headed beast man began to yell aloud.

「Caw! Caw! Attention! Attention! Who are the challengers for today’s fight? 」

Seiya approached the crow beast man and raised his hand.

「Let us join. The challengers are this fish-man and me. 」

「Okay, understood! All right, let’s start the enlistment test now! 」

Then, a large tiger beast man appeared from the other side of the diagonal of the pile. He walked with a fearsome attitude towards Seiya and I. I wondered if he was our opponent.

However, the situation was a bit strange. The tiger beast man brought someone with chains, whose head was covered by a linen bag. We couldn’t see his face because of that bag, but his foot was chained with an iron ball.

The tiger beast man pushed that prisoner to the ring. Because of that aggressive push, the prisoner stripped and his linen bag fell from his head.

…Eh!? It…It can’t be!!

I was dumbfounded. It was a “human”. He was tall and had a short hair. He probably was between his late thirties or early forties. His arms and legs were robust and muscular. He looked like a warrior, but his eyes were lifeless and his skin-color was brownish like soil. His legs were quite damaged and his body was full of patches. Moreover, I noticed something weird that overflew from the body of that human being…

…The smell of death!

「…An undead, I see. 」

When Seiya muttered that next to me, the crow-headed beast man screamed “Caw! Caw!” extremely high as if it were laughing.

「This thing was once the famous general of the Tarmine Kingdom. Well, right now this thing is a “toy that doesn’t die”.」

…Te…Terrible! They transformed the Tarmine general into a zombie…!

「Humans are food or toys. 」

After laughing wickedly, the crow beast man pushed Seiya’s back into the ring.

「C’mon now, just go and beat him! If you do that, then you’ll pass the test! I’ll put you in the Beast Emperor’s party!」

The beast people started to scream and cheered extremely high when they heard the crow beast man’s words. Everyone was waiting for the Seiya-Dog beast man to start the fight in the ring.

Nevertheless. Seiya shook his head.

「Don’t get me wrong. I said that “I wanted to join”, but I didn’t say that “I want to take the test at this precise moment”. I’d like to watch first.」

「Is…Is that so. Well then, shall the fish-man over there take your place instead? 」

「No. This guy is watching with me. We’ll do it later. 」

…There was a slight booing from the crowd, but Seiya did not seem to bother. He sat down near a pile and watched the match attentively. I sat next to Seiya.

Meanwhile, a new challenger was determined. Unlike Seiya, a gray-brown rat beast man dived below the rope and rushed to the ring without hesitation.

I tried to see the status of the rat beast man. The attack and defense powers were both more than fifty thousand points. He had a fairly high status when compared to the thirty thousand points from the beast men that we’ve encountered in Galvano.

「Let’s start with the enlistment test! 」

The crow beast man declared the start of the fight. At the same time…

「Gigigi! 」

The rat beast man stripped his fangs with a killing expression, and attacked the undead. And then, the beast ripped the bottom of the opponent’s throat. The neck was cut more than half and black blood spilled from the body of the undead.

I thought it was a wresting game, but this was…

「…I caught you. 」

The undead muttered in a low voice even though he received a brutal and mortal wound on his neck. The undead’s right hand grabbed the face of the rat beast man.

On that instant, we heard a…“smashing” sound. It sounded as if a juicy fruit was squeezed by someone’s hand. The rat beast man’s face was crushed on the spot and he was defeated immediately.

…Stro…Strong! That undead…was extremely strong!

The former general turned-undead looked up at the sky and roared.

「For the Tarmine Kingdom…and for that person’s sake…I will kill as many beasts as I can…!」

His eyes were full of determination even though he was dead. I activated my clairvoyance ability to see the status of the undead that stood victoriously inside of the ring.

General John Dae

State – Undead

Level – 59

HP – 172234

MP – 0

Attack – 119874

Defense – 98111

Agility – 82

Magic – 0

Potential – 698

Resistance – Poison, Darkness

Special skills – Decay Regeneration (Lv 3)

Skills – Death Squeeze

Personality – Honest

…What a formidable ability value! How can someone win against that!

The crow beast man spoke at my side after we witnessed the fearsome fight.

「Even if he is a toy, you shouldn’t underestimate him. The Beast Emperor’s party is made of powerful elite beasts. With that said, the enlistment test won’t be an easy feat to pass obviously. The failure of this test will be…death for the loser.」

When I looked at the ring again, I noticed that the ripped neck of the undead general was restored back to its original place. Besides his strong ability value, he also possessed a very terrifying special skill called “Decay Regeneration”. The power of that skill didn’t activate immediately during the battle, but over time, his dead body gradually healed.

The crow beast man looked directly at Seiya’s face.

「What’s wrong? Are you scared? 」

「No. My decision to take this test remains unchanged. 」

「Caw! Caw! What a great spirit! C’mon, go fight now! 」

And then, the crow beast man moved the rope for Seiya to get inside of the ring, yet he didn’t move one inch.

「…Hey. What are you doing? You are fighting now, aren’t you? 」

「No. I’d like to observe a little more. 」

「Do…Do you want to watch again! I thought you wanted to participate in the enlistment test right now by the flow of your conversation…!」

「That’s what you decided yourself. I’m not going yet. 」

I…I thought that he was going to fight now as well…! But…it was actually fine! It was a good idea to observe a little more of the upcoming fights!

Seiya and I started to watch the next enlistment test. The second challenger was a snake beast man. His neck extended and wrapped around the body of the undead general. The beast man tried to strangle the opponent. However, the undead grabbed the snake’s head and smashed it as he did with the rat beast man.

The crow beast man spoke then.

「Originally, the undead are beings that move slowly. But, in that thing’s case, he doesn’t possess much agility because of the iron ball chained on his foot. Even so, you’ll be smashed if you get caught. The key of this test is to defeat him without getting near to him.」

「Yeah. I guess you’re right. 」

Then, the crow beast man moved the rope and tried to call Seiya to step inside the ring. But, Seiya shook his head again.

「I want to observe a little longer. 」

「How long do you plan on watching!? You sure lack a lot of motivation, don’t you!? 」

The crow beast man screamed violently, but still, Seiya did not move.

Even if the opponent was strong, Seiya could win without problems based on his powerful status…! Still, this hero was cautious as ever…!

…After the third challenger, a sheep beast man, was destroyed by the undead general, Seiya finally moved forward after standing by for a long time.

「All right. I should go now. 」

「Really? Are you finally going to fight? I was beginning to think that you were teasing me…」

Seiya, disguised as a dog beast man, walked to the ring where the undead general awaited.

「Great! Let’s start the new enlistment test! 」

After the crow’s declaration, Seiya shook his right arm and aimed directly at the undead. The chest of the undead became torn the moment Seiya punched it. In fact, the attack was probably efficient due to the altered Platinum Sword disguised by the art of change.

The undead, who couldn’t move because of the chains, didn’t avoid the attack. Instead of continuing with the offensive stance, Seiya stepped back after hitting him only once. The undead almost fell when he tried to grab Seiya.

After that, Seiya approached him again and hit the undead. As soon as he made that offensive strike, he stepped back immediately…This procedure was repeated a few more times. The undead’s body became gradually chopped up. This ordeal took him to exhaustion…

「This…This damn dog…! 」

The undead general muttered words of hatred. Meanwhile, Seiya shook his nose.

「For an enemy like you, I only have to attack once and retreat immediately…“Hit and Run” is the most effective strategy against you.」

「Ugh! Don’t take me as a fool…! 」

The undead general tried to grab Seiya desperately. Somehow, it looked like a play between an adult and a baby. I didn’t want be Seiya’s opponent at all.

「It’s useless. Your movements are no longer efficient. 」

Seiya spoke confidently. I was not that surprised though.

…All I had to do was wait until this match was over for good…

After a while, the undead got on his knees as he lost all of his physical strength. Seiya slowly approached him after he confirmed his ineligibility state.

「Did you say “for the Tarmine Kingdom” moments ago? Nothing will change if an undead like you defeats just a few beast men.」

On that moment…

*spitting sound*

Seiya spit on the undead general!

「Scre…Screw you!!!!!!!!! 」

He was enraged, but the little freedom his body possessed was long lost by now. He still had his regenerate skill, but it would take some time until he healed completely.

After beating and spitting on the undead general, Seiya looked down on him with icy eyes and said the following harsh words.

「Such a trash undead. 」

The winner was quite obvious in everyone’s eyes. Soon, I could hear buzzing cheers! The undead general was looking at Seiya with hateful eyes as if he was looking at his fearsome enemy! Meanwhile…I trembled inside!

Absolutely no…no mercy!! I guess he had to be a ruthless enemy in order to pretend to be an authentic beast man…Even so, he was too harsh!!

When the crow beast man saw Seiya’s battle strategy, he became excited and touched Seiya’s shoulder.

「Hey, you’re amazing! In addition to your overwhelming victory, your evil personality is also impeccable! All right! I’ll recommend you to His Majesty the Grand Lion!」

Oh! He could easily get the hair for the Six-Hexagram if he approached the Grand Lion! This was exactly how Seiya planned it to be!

My heart beat in excitement. Suddenly, the crow beast man stared at me.

Well then, the next challenger will be this fish-man.

 「Ugh…Glu… 」

I switched with Seiya and stood in the ring. Just a few meters away from me was the undead general. He was emitting some weird smoke out of his body and his injuries were gradually healed by the power of his disturbing skill.

「Beast man…! Beast man!!!!!!!!!!! 」

He became so angry because of what Seiya did to him!!

I was so scared, but…

「Caw! Caw! Okay then, let’s start the next enlistment test! 」

The undead general’s regeneration was complete! Oh no! The enlistment test had begun!

「You bastard fish-man…! 」

The undead general was staring at me with a demonic face!

This should be fine, right!? The earth snakes will do something for me, correct!? I just had to stand up still, right!?

The recovered undead general rushed towards my direction in a fury!

「I’ll turn you into a baked fish!!!!!!!!!!! 」

*screams inside of her mind* What the hell was he talking about!? Seiya told me to stand still, but I’ll be killed if I remain immobilized in this spot!!

The undead general was about to reach me.


I heard a weird sound coming from my feet.


When I looked below, I saw that a big fish fell from my body.

Do…Don’t tell me that this thing was once the earth snakes that Seiya wrapped around my body!? It became a figure of a big fish with the power of the art of change!?

*boing boing*

In addition, another fishes dropped from my crotch without notice! The beast people, that watched this fight as spectators, screamed at the sight of this spine-chilling occurrence!

「Wha…What’s up with that guy!? He gave birth to babies that fell from his crotch!! 」

「But, fishes give birth to eggs, isn’t that right!? 」

「Either way, why did it give birth during the enlistment test!? 」

「That creepy fish-man!! That is disgusting!! 」

What’s this!! I was feeling very embarrassed by all of this!!

But, apart from my feelings, the situation had to be resolved. On that moment, a couple of other fishes fell from my crotch and began to crawl in the ground with an astonishing speed! They went crawling in the undead general’s direction! They grabbed the undead general’s legs and began to bite furiously without mercy!

*excruciating screams*

I thought he wouldn’t feel any pain because he was an undead. Nonetheless, it was too painful to see what was happening to him. It looked like he was in a pond full of carnivore piranhas. His legs were being scraped off at a tremendous speed. The surrounding area was full of meat pieces that were ripped from his body. The undead general shouted in vain.

「Ba…Bastard…You filthy bastard!!!!!!!!!!! You damn fish!!!!!!!!!!! 」

Before long, the undead general’s legs were completely devoured and he fell to the ground.

「The undead is unable to fight! He is finished! 」

「That fish-man was incredible! He didn’t even get his hands dirty! 」

「Ah! The fish that gave birth ended up winning the fight! 」

The spectators were looking at me with eager eyes as if they were expecting something.


I looked at Seiya and he nodded slightly in silence.


「Glu!!!!!!!!!!! 」

I waved my hands to the sky and roared with a sound of victory. After hearing my high fish voice, the spectators gave a grand round of applause and cheered massively.

…It was brief, but I felt a good little feeling inside of me.

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Glu!!!!!!!!!!! Glu!!!!!!!!!!! Glu!!!!!!!!!!!


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