This Hero is invincible but too cautious – Volume 2 – Chapter 69

Chapter 69: Another Goddess of War

The goddess wearing camouflage clothes scratched her messy hair. Her hair became messier than before.

…The…The Goddess of War, Zeth…! It seemed that this goddess knew how to break through the limit of Seiya’s status… Ah…What? She disappeared?

Suddenly, I noticed that Zeth was moving like an animal on the ground.

「*shouts crazily* For the Armagezedah Second! Exercises are essential…!!!!」

Who…Whoa…! She was the same as Adenela…No, actually, I felt that this goddess was more abnormal! We have to be careful around her!

However, Seiya spoke normally while looking down on Zeth, who crawled in hysteria.

「Hey. She is an “insane person”. 」

「How can you say it so bluntly!? 」

Even if it were true, how could he say it out loud on their first meeting!? There was something abnormal about him too!!

「My level is MAX and I can’t go further up. Do you know a way to overcome the limits of my ability value?」

「…I know a way. 」

Zeth stood up quickly and placed her face next to Seiya’s eyes.

「If you want to go beyond the limits of a human, then you must stop being a human yourself! Your physical power, except your magic, will double up if you become the non-human “Berserker”!」

Do…Double his status!? Was there a dream-like way to achieve double status, was this even possible!? If…If this was true, then there’s no way that it will be easy to accomplish!!

However, Zeth smiled at Seiya.

「I’ll teach you because I have free time! 」

「Really!? You’re kidding!! Is that simple!? 」

「I’ve been trapped in a well for too long now. I’m getting bored. You can go out and return freely from this place. But, I won’t be able to do that because of Isister’s powerful barrier.」

「I have a question before we start. Who has mastered it before? 」

「Hmm. Well…There was only one person who did it so far. 」

「Is that skill dangerous to learn? 」

「Hmm. Well…At least you’re not going to die. 」

This…This was suspicious…!! Actually, it was too good to be true!! Doubling his status would be impossibly great…!!

I called Seiya and whispered on his ear.

「Li…Listen. It seems that this practice won’t have any guarantee of your safety, am I right? Isn’t it better to stop it now and go back?」

「According to Isister, the Six-Hexagram can only be used once for a certain target. If that ends up a failure, then I’ll need to have a second option in order to defeat the Grand Lion.」

「But! You don’t know anything about the risks of this practice! You might not even be able to master it on time!」

「Valkyrie recommended this to me. She perfectly knew what I was getting into. In other words, I decided that it was safe to learn. It’s worth a try.」

He mentioned Valkyrie once again… huh!? The overly cautious Seiya was really…trusting her completely…

Seiya told Zeth clearly.

「Tell me how to accomplish the power that could defeat Adenela, the “State Berserk Phase 3rd”.」

Zeth shook her nose after hearing Adenela’s name. There was no doubt that there was a feud between the two by the flow Zeth’s the story so far.

「Phase 3rd can quadruple up one’s ability value. That’s impossible for human beings to accomplish. It’s even impossible to learn the Phase 2nd where it would triple up the ability value. Therefore, I will teach you how to master the first stage of State Berserk.」

Zeth ventured into the dark tunnel and beckoned Seiya to follow her.

Seiya entered the tunnel to chase after Zeth. But, before going further inside, he looked back at me only once.

「Lista. Don’t tell anyone that I’m training here. 」

…I went back to the temple as I passed through the forest at night.

State Berserk…Was it really that necessary to learn such a dangerous skill? I wondered if it wouldn’t be possible to defeat the enemies with just the Six-Hexagram that the Great Goddess Isister taught him.

Still, it was what Seiya decided to do. Besides, his training probably had already begun by now. So, there wasn’t anything I could do to avoid it anymore.

At that time. Unexpectedly…

『This way…』

I heard someone calling me in the forest during the darkness of the night.

『This…This way…』


I got scared, closed my ears and ran away.

After returning to the temple, I started to think carefully about the voice I heard in the forest. Perhaps, it was Mithis’ voice. Seiya tied her up to a tree with a rope.

…I’ll have to break her rope tomorrow.

The next day.

I made a lunch pack and headed to the well of no return.

As I descended through the rope ladder, I saw that Zeth was walking in front of the tunnel.

「Ex…Excuse me…Where is Seiya? 」

「Ah, are you asking where Ryuguuin is? He is inside the “remodeling experiment chamber”…He is working hard in order to sustain his “mental concentration”.」

「Didn’t you say something outrageous just now!? 」

「I didn’t say anything at all. 」

Zeth spread her arms wide when I tried to go inside the tunnel.

「You’ll be a hindrance to his training if you step inside. 」

I had no choice but to give the lunch pack to Zeth.

Two days later.

I made another lunch pack for Seiya. I decided to pass in front of the cafe when I headed back to the forest. I heard Aria’s voice. There was also Adenela and Celseus in the cafe.

「Hey, Lista. What kind of god is Seiya training with this time? 」

「Eh! Well…about that…you know…it’s a great god indeed…it’s teaching Seiya about a powerful skill!」

Then, Adenela’s eyes shined terrifyingly.

「Wh…Why…are…your words…a bit…too vague? Whe…Where is…Seiya now? 」

「Tha…That’s right! Sorry to bother you! Do you have a private room? 」

Celseus looked at me with a stunned face.

「What’s that? If you’re talking about a toilet, I don’t have one in my cafe. 」

「Yeah, that’s right, a toilet! I’m busy now! I’ll see you around! 」

I was sweating so much because of my nervousness. I had to run away from there immediately.

…Ah, that was dangerous! From now on, I’ll do my best to avoid taking the path in front of the cafe!

…I went to the well of no return. But, I didn’t see Seiya on this day too. Zeth was in front of the tunnel with a bamboo spear.

「Come on, it’s a revolution! The dawn is near!!!! 」

I became anxious when I saw Zeth acting paranoid again. But, I noticed on the corner of the tunnel that the lunch pack I’ve brought yesterday was empty.

It seemed that Seiya ate the meal. I became a little relieved.

Then, the following day.

I came back, but I didn’t see Seiya again. I waited for a while in front of the tunnel. Nonetheless, it looked as if he wasn’t likely to come out soon, so I decided to return reluctantly.

However, after leaving the well of no return, I realized that I brought the chopsticks with me. Therefore, I returned back to put the chopsticks on the lunch pack.

I went inside the well in a hurry…And, I saw something unbelievable.

「Yummy! Yummy! This food ration is quite good! 」

Zeth was eating the lunch pack that I brought for Seiya!

「Hey, wait right there!! What on earth are you doing!? 」

「Oops!! I know this is rude!! But, Ryuguuin is training! I didn’t want the food to get rotten, so I was flattering myself with it!」

「Wa…Wait a second!! Don’t tell me that you’ve been eating his lunch packs all this time!? Seiya has not come out of that tunnel for three whole days!?」

I became angry, so I ran into the tunnel.

At the end of the dark tunnel, there was a glass-covered door. It had a plate that said the following words “remodeling experiment chamber”.

When I approached that door…

*roaring sound*

「What!? 」

That was a very huge scream! It sounded as if a fierce animal was standing behind that door!

On the other side of the glass-covered door stood a demon with fangs and a vivid red hair. No…It wasn’t a demon. Based on the clothes he was wearing, he was definitely…

「Seiya!? 」

「…Oh my, oh my. It’s about time. He worked hard to transform in such a fine Berserker.」

I heard Zeth’s voice from behind my back. I turned around and I glared hatefully at Zeth.

「Wha…What the hell is this!! What did you do to Seiya!? 」

「Well, this is exactly what he wanted. A crazy warrior. It’s time to take a look at Ryuguuin’s ability value…」

Ryuguuin Seiya

Profession – Magic Warrior (Earth Attribute) / State – Crazy Warrior

Level – 99 (MAX)

HP – 643920

MP – 88155

Attack – 586824

Defense – 575288

Agility – 537750

Magic – 58751

Potential – 999 (MAX) …

「See! His status has doubled, am I not right? 」

「But…But, even so!! Is Seiya even conscious!? 」

「Naturally. Well, but I guess he isn’t neither conscious nor rational. Right now, Ryuguuin is my own obedient puppet.」

「Wha…What the hell did you say!? 」

Zeth smirked while holding the key of the glass-covered door.

「You are a foolish goddess. You didn’t wonder why Isister hasn’t mentioned this method even though the ability value could double this easily? No one is immune to the gruesome mental contamination after transforming into the crazy warrior. Even those who endured this training have become completely insane. Well, I didn’t tell any lies. No one dies from this after all.」

I was at a loss of words. Then, the door opened.


Seiya, who turned into a crazy warrior, slowly appeared from the opened-door! The aura coming from his body was slightly different from an evil aura…It was “Madness”!

「Now, Ryuguuin has become a fighting machine that is only interested in battles!! Okay, let’s destroy Isister’s barrier and get out from this well for good!! And with this, I will officially start the Armagezedah Second!!!!!」

Oh…Oh…Oh dear lord!! The Goddess of War, Zeth…she was really imprisoned on this well because of her disobedience and, now, she wants to be free!! This became a catastrophe after we asked for her help!!

My head hurt! Zeth laughed maniacally!

However, the crazy warrior was…


He groaned furiously, but didn’t move at all.

「Ah, oh my? You have to destroy the barrier! C’mon! Hurry! 」

「*roars* …I refuse. 」

After a moment of silence. Zeth yelled aloud.

「You turned it down while groaning!? Do you still have a rational consciousness!? 」

「*roars* …Crazy warrior release. 」

He spoke while groaning. Before long, Seiya’s hair color returned to normal. His fangs were gone and his maddening state disappeared as well.

I was amazed. On the other hand, Zeth pointed to Seiya with her trembling finger.

「That…That’s weird!! How is this possible!? He can’t go back to being a human after he transformed into a “crazy warrior that is only interested in battles”!! 」

After hearing Zeth’s words, I scratched my cheek awkwardly.

「Ah, well…Seiya was already interested in battles before meeting you… 」

Ever since we met, it’s been only practice, practice, practice and more practice. I remembered that, even though Seiya was human, Celseus called him “Super Berserker” once.

「You were interested in battles as a human too? There is no such person! The opposite sex, play, food, sleep…There are many things that humans like! Don’t you have any fun hobbies?」

「…What is she talking about? 」

「Ehhhhh!? 」

Seiya ignored Zeth’s complains and turned to me.

「Let’s go, Lista. There’s no use in being here anymore. 」

「Ye…Yes! 」

We left the tunnel and tried to climb up the rope ladder of the well. Zeth chased after us.

「What’s wrong with you!! What do you still want from us!? 」

「That…That’s not it! I came to give an advice for Ryuguuin, as a comrade of that only exists for battles.」

Zeth spoke with a serious expression.

「Comrade Ryuguuin. Please, remember this. You won’t be able to use magic or special skills during your Berserk mode. And, you should avoid increasing the phases. Especially the Phase 3rd, because your brain will surely collapse if you do. Only the Goddesses of War can achieve that fearsome phase.」

When Seiya snorted his nose, Zeth changed her mood.

「You’re thinking, “I can do it”, right? There are “boundaries that cannot be crossed” by a human being. If a human reaches the Phase 3rd, he will cease to be a human being forever! The Berserk mode scars will be engraved in the soul, and even if you return to your original world, the aftereffects will certainly remain within you! I am telling you everything about this because I recognized you as my fellow comrade!」

「…I’ll remember it. 」

「You mustn’t do it, you really mustn’t do it, got it? 」

Then, Zeth raised the corners of her mouth.

「Well then, comrade Ryuguuin! With the State Berserk, I shall hope that you’ll crush that world completely!」

「Yeah. I intend to do that. I’ll crush it. 」

「No…You mustn’t crush it…You have to save it… 」

We got out from the well and went through the forest. Yet, we could hear Zeth’s strange loud words from behind our backs.

「Alas! I’m looking forward to meet you again! When we meet, we’ll celebrate our own battles in a “twisted time-space”! Be fine until then…」

In the temple’s dining hall, I smiled at Seiya when he took a third piece of bread.

「It would’ve been nice if you met Zeth when we tried to save Geabrande, right? Things could’ve been much easier back then!」

「No. Madness swirled in that tunnel, and I almost lost consciousness several times. I was able to endure the mental contamination because I had the destructive aura. Moreover, I’ve experienced the consequences of the Celestial Prison-Gate twice. Valkyrie knew that. So, I think she suggested me to meet the Goddess of War, Zeth, based on my experience.」

「Is…Is that so. It was a tough training after all… 」

Seiya drank a cup of water. Then, he spoke with determination…

「I want to practice a little more and be able to fully master the Berserker State. 」

After saying that, Seiya got up and headed to the cafe. Adenela was sitting on a chair while she drank her coffee tranquilly. On that instant, Seiya grabbed her as if he was grabbing a cat by its neck.

「Adenela. Let’s practice. 」

「Ye…Yes! Let…Let’s go! Let…Let’s practice! 」

It seemed that they were headed to the summoning chamber. I wanted to follow the two of them, but Aria touched my shoulder.

「Lista. Lady Isister wants to see you. 」

「Eh? 」

Did…Did she find out that Seiya acquired Zeth’s fearsome technique? Is…Is it going to be all right? Because the depths of the forest were said to be a place where the powers of the Great Goddess Isister couldn’t reach.

「…So, Zeth ended up teaching him. 」

My heart stopped when I heard the words of the Great Goddess…

「Regardless of the success or failure of the Six-Hexagram, he wanted to acquire a sustainable power to go against the Grand Lion…He is cautious as ever.」

It seemed that she wasn’t that angry.

「Even so, Listarte. Please, remember this. Even with Zeth’s forbidden technique, his power will still fall short when compared to the power of the Grand Lion. I will say it again. Please avoid direct combat with the Grand Lion.」

「Ye…Yes! 」

「But if he utilizes Zeth’s technique on a weakened Grand Lion after the usage of the Six-Hexagram, then things could change. The probability of success would be much higher than before.」

After smiling, the Great Goddess Isister tightened her expression a little.

「What happened in Galvano with the Cursed Sphere will happen again once you go to Tarmine. That place has become the home of the Grand Lion. That means you won’t be able to return to the God’s realm as long as you remain in Tarmine. Actually, you can use the portal to come and go to Tarmine as you please. However, the enemy will detect your presence once you do that. So, try not to use the portal as much as possible.」

「I understand! 」

「Finally. The Tarmine Kingdom is your home from when you were a human. There will be painful memories. But, I hope you’ll have a disciplined behavior as a goddess…」

I gave my respects to the Great Goddess Isister and left her room.

…Painful memories. Aria was also worried about me. Still, I didn’t have any memories of when I was Princess Tiana. Therefore, I didn’t worry that much…

I arrived at the summoning chamber. I noticed that the door was open. When I ventured inside, I saw Seiya sweating a lot.

「What? Seiya, have you finished your practice already? 」

「Yeah. I tried to fight against a serious Adenela. And, I got a useful feedback from that practice. I’ve had enough for now.」

「Eh!! Don’t tell me that you showed to Lady Adenela your State Berserk!? Even though you told me not to tell everyone else!?」

「I just didn’t want anyone to disturb my training back then. There’s no problem if they find out about it now.」

Then, Adenela peeped from the door with her creepy face.

「He…Hey, Lista. Co…Come here.」

After the door was tightly closed and the two of us were alone, she turned her dreadful eyes to me.

「Did…Did Zeth taught…Se…Seiya about…the crazy warrior skill? 」

「I…I am truly sorry!! 」

I bowed my head, but Adenela only exhaled a large sigh.

「Sorry, but…How was it? Did Seiya become stronger? 」

「Yeah. He…He became…ridiculously…strong. I…I won’t come…across such a human…ever again.」

「Does that mean that he surpassed the power of your “double consecutive gunshot sword”!? Whoa!! Seiya is amazing after all!!」

I was shouting in admiration. But, Adenela had a face that didn’t seem that pleased.

「No…No. Seiya was doing his best to protect himself from my Divine sword “Gliding Eagle”.」

「Eh… 」

「Li…Lista. Se…Seiya is strong. Still, he is a hu…human. If…If there really…is…an enemy called Grand Lion that its ability value…equals…my power in full mode, then…Seiya will need…to…increase a phase of his crazy warrior state…but, that will be impossible to…accomplish…because he is a…human being.」

And then, Adenela told me a cruel truth.

「Se…Seiya won’t be able to win. 」

「…Have you finished talking? 」

Seiya went outside of the door and asked me if I was done.

「Ye…Yes. 」

「Let’s leave now. 」

「Seiya. Are you really ready? 」

After a moment of silence, Seiya spoke with confidence.

「Perfectly Ready. 」

…After hearing Adenela’ words, I felt that our situation went from a positive hope to a dark disheartened scenario.

I wondered if Seiya knew that he was in a disadvantageous position on the fight against Adenela. No…It’s Seiya we’re talking. Maybe he knew exactly what was going on then. When he said “Perfectly Ready”, he probably meant that the “Six-Hexagram will definitely succeed”.

…However…If by any chance, the Six-Hexagram fails…what will happen to us…? No…No!! What was wrong with my thoughts!? I’m sure he decided we’ll definitely succeed!!

Before negative thoughts spread any further inside my mind, I made the portal to Exfolia appear.

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